Planning your annual vacation is an important activity. You want to get the maximum amount of fun out of the adventures you enjoy, you need to ensure that the destination is one that everyone in your travel group wants to visit, and of course, you want to be comfortable while exploring places that may be out of your comfort zone, which is why we think a vacation in Sedona should be the destination you choose! Offering stunning scenery, Western style adventures, and all the comforts of home in our Sedona vacation sanctuaries, when you go west to Sedona, you may never want to return home again, and this guide will help you fill all the moments of your Arizona journey with fun, excitement, and relaxation.

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10. Something for Everyone

The problem with a family vacation is that when the youngest ones like something, it is pretty much a sure thing that the oldest will not, but because we are mature and everything, we are required to play along. (Sure, honey, we would love to play another thousand games of Candyland, said no parent ever.) And if the activity in discussion is something we old travelers can’t wait to try, we can also pretty much guarantee that the tinier travelers will not be as generous in their dislike, digging in their toes and loudly proclaiming their disinterest to anyone within earshot! But a Sedona getaway could almost be considered the unicorn of getaways, providing fun for the toddlers, tweens, teens, AND their parents, without being too frenetic, too loud, and too emotionally exhausting. One perfect example, Arizona Safari Jeep Tours, blends off road adventures with fun moments outside the jeep as well, with their Outback Trail providing a Mild, Mild West exploration of the beauty of the Sedona red rocks, good for guests 2 and older.

9. Your Taste Buds Will Thank You

The best vacations generally involve the most memorable of meals, and nowhere is that truer than right here in Sedona. Our town truly is a foodie’s paradise, offering restaurants you will wish you could tuck in your pocket and bring back to your own hometown, starting with the Mexican delights that will introduce you and your family to spice done right. Not every Mexican meal has to be fire in your mouth, if that is something you worry about, and a visit to the Javelina Cantina, located at 671 AZ-179, will be your favorite example. Blending fun, family, and fabulous food to create a menu of perfection, their elevated approach to downhome Mexican food will bring tears of joy to your eyes, especially when you try their Rotisserie Chicken and Goat Cheese Enchiladas!

8. How the West Was Amazing

Not so many years ago, this part of the world was inhabited by rugged cowboys scratching out a living in an environment that wasn’t always easy to survive in. They lived in tiny shacks without air conditioning, (try and imagine that during your summer visit) they tried to grow food in earth that was hard and forbidding, (Slide Rock National Park was once an apple orchard) and their mode of transportation was always horse driven. The covered wagons had no radios, no climate control, and no shocks, but we are thinking that galloping across red rock country on horseback was pretty cool and is also an adventure you too can enjoy with a visit to Wild Western Horseback Adventures, found at 3885 Old Highway 279. Located in nearby Camp Verde and offering a variety of horse rides through the countryside, their moonlight rides available during the full moon are destined to be our honeymooning guests most favorite romantic activity but families traveling with little cowpokes might want to stick to the daylight tours that can last an hour or an hour and a half.

7. The Most Artistic of Towns

All beautiful vacation destinations seem to attract the most talented of artists, but in Sedona, it almost feels as if the entire town is an artist’s colony, something that will be apparent within your first moments within city limits. Driving along Highway 89A, the businesses you will pass will mostly fall into three categories: metaphysical, food related, or artist galleries filled with all the colors of the state. Your white walls at home will come alive with the addition of a painting of the red rocks, your shelves will stand out when you pick up a piece of sculpture to remind you of your Sedona vacation in red rock paradise, and even your gardens will benefit from the addition of a piece of metal artwork; suns are popular, but so are little aluminum geckos and figures of cacti and coyotes.

When you are seeking something unique to bring back to your midwestern home, Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Shopping Village (located at 336 AZ-179) will have everything you ever dreamed of and so much more. Any of the shops and galleries in Sedona will offer wonderful wares, but this village provides the opportunity to explore art of many different mediums, all within in one contained area, and the wall that surrounds the village will give your visit a uniquely Southwestern feel.

6. You Can Shop ‘Til You Drop, Then Shop Some More

Sedona offers so much to so many people, but the one thing that often surprises our guests is the sheer volume of unique shops and boutiques that line the streets. We have already discussed the art galleries, so we will just continue this discussion with a peek at some of what you can expect during your explorations of our hometown. The metaphysical is big in a place where vortexes can be found and all manner of weirdness is accepted, and the shops of Sedona are a reflection of our beliefs.

The Twisted Alchemist (235 N State Route 89A, Unit 3) offers crystals, stones, minerals, and even some fossils, and their handmade jewelry will be an ideal gift for those you love, but it is their psychic readings and healing services that may make you want to take a second look at this wonderful store. Gypsy Jenny’s (321 AZ-89A) offers a bohemian selection of women’s clothing, colorful, unique, and designed to make every woman look her absolute best, and when you want to experience a truly Wild West shopping adventure, be sure to stop by Ol’ Bills Mercantile (333 AZ-89A Suite #4), which will make you feel like you have stepped into the General Store from Gunsmoke.

5. The Best Hikes You Will Ever Take

The hiking trails that meander across Sedona play a big part in the popularity of this region, taking hikers to some of the most beautiful parts of town, and whether you just like to take long walks that are easy and relaxing or you prefer pushing your limits with hikes that offer extreme elevation changes with the reward of panoramic views, your Sedona hikes will be some of the most fulfilling you have ever experienced. The Chapel Trail starts and ends at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, taking about 30+ minutes to complete, and is one hike that will be easy for your children. For the overachievers amongst our guests, the Gibraltar Summit Trail leads hikers to the top of one of Sedona’s highest peaks, offering an elevation gain of over 1600 feet and taking at least four hours to complete the round-trip trek. Obviously, we have only mentioned the extremes here, but we can assure you that whatever hiking skill levels you hold, there will be a trail that suits you just fine.

4. The History of the Region

For the history buffs in our midst, your attraction to our red rock town may lie in the history of the region: the days when the West was still wild and cowboys roamed our streets, the more recent history of all the Western movies that were filmed here, and the way back days when the Sinagua lived in sandstone dwellings carved out of the cliffs. Our history is a rich one, just waiting to be explored by those who love history best, and Sedona Heritage Museum can help you learn everything you want to know, especially about the days when cowboys ran wild and Slide Rock National Park was nothing more than an apple orchard that thrived thanks to waters of Oak Creek. Want to learn more about the Sinagua, that ancient people who disappeared as suddenly as they appeared in our history books? After 400+ years of existence, those ancient people disappeared from the face of our Earth, but they left signs, and you too can walk in their footsteps with a visit to Montezuma Castle State Monument in nearby Camp Verde.

3. Where the Wildlife Roams

The natural beauty of our Sedona landscape is also home to the many different types of wildlife that hail from this region, including mule deer, coyotes, javelina, and a large selection of native birds, but if that kind of wildlife is a little too accessible, there are a couple of places in the area where you can “meet and greet” the animals while staying safely in your comfort zone. Harmony Acres Ranch, found at 13347 Elizabeth Lane in nearby Cornville, offers a sweet little petting farm that your children will love, and parents will love being able to buy fresh produce, jams and jellies, and even meat to take back to their Sedona.Org family escape. Like your animals a little less tame? Out of Africa Wildlife Park (3505 AZ-260 in Camp Verde) was once a little further south of us, located in Fountain Hills in the Phoenix area, but in 2005, the owners moved it to nearby Camp Verde, and now we can’t stay away. Offering everything from American black bears to beautiful striped zebras, you may get up close and personal with more than a few of them thanks to their animal encounters.

2. Those Red Rocks

We’re sure you were wondering when we would finally get around to the star of this town, the red rock formations that draw people from all over the world to our doorstep. For those who enjoy the technical stuff, the red rocks were formed over 300+ million years of changing landscape and erosion, and the red color comes from a layer of iron oxide that permeates the surface of the formations. And although it is pretty fascinating information, these dry facts won’t change your initial impression when you drive into town. Adding an otherworldly charm to the region and offering many opportunities to explore, that beautiful creek that meanders through the area is also why the rocks are shaped the way they are—erosion from its tranquil waters. But when you first stand under Devil’s Bridge, waiting for your turn to climb to the top or you come out of the Coffee Pot Restaurant, noticing that the rock formation the restaurant stands in the shadow of really does resemble a coffee pot, you won’t really care how they came to be formed, you will just be glad they exist and you are here to witness their beauty.

1. The Sedona.Org Sanctuaries That Bring Comfort and Relaxation

The number one reason you may choose Sedona as your next vacation destination, however, may be as simple as having the opportunity to make yourself at home in our Sedona.Org vacation sanctuaries. Comfort reigns supreme in these charming homes and condos, and after a day of Arizona adventures, coming home to your home sweet Sedona vacation home promises to be the highlight of a day filled with wonder and joy. Our properties offer the luxury amenities that hardworking travelers deserve, including game rooms, pools, hot tubs, and theater rooms furnished with leather recliners all pointing at the main attraction, the super-sized movie screen mounted to the wall. Cool nights will feel warmer with fireplaces inside and firepits outside, and only happy dreams are acceptable in our bedroom retreats. Reserve your favorite Sedona sanctuary today and start making your own list of reasons that Sedona has become your favorite vacation destination.

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