The magic that is Sedona can pale for travelers not used to our moderately extreme summer temperatures, but that is no reason to skip the adventure of a lifetime. Summers are quieter, the crowds are practically nonexistent, and costs are generally lower than they would be during a high season visit, and when you choose Sedona.Org for your seasonal sanctuary, air conditioning and swimming pools can ensure that a vacation in the height of the summer will be as chill as you could ever dream it would be. This guide to how you can beat the heat during your Sedona summer adventures in Red Rock Country will change the way you look at travel forever more.

Hike in the Early Morning Hours

The good news is that on average, our temperatures very rarely exceed 100 by more than a few degrees and the dryness of our heat index will make it feel much cooler. With that being said, however, it is best to keep your hiking adventures to the early morning hours, when the coolness of the night lingers, especially as our night time temps will dip down more than 30 or 40 degrees. As a matter of fact, you might want to dress in wear a jacket when you start your morning hike to Devil’s Bridge, tying it around your waste as the sun rises higher and the mercury follows. And although there are many places you can hike in the world without having to carry more than a water bottle, Sedona is not one of them and a hydration pack is recommended for all hikers; drinking at least 8 to 10 ounces for every mile hiked.

Chill Out at Slide Rock

Slide Rock is an 80-foot natural waterslide carved out of sandstone by the rushing waters of Oak Creek and because the water comes down from the mountain it stays chilly in the summer months ensuring that your fun times will not come to an end before you are ready for them to end. For centuries locals have utilized the cooling properties of this fun swimming hole and if the sun’s rays still get a little intense for you, just dip under the canopy of the trees that surround the creek and feel the relief instantly. Don’t be surprised if the little one’s teeth begin to chatter even as temps rise to the triple digit zone, and make sure to bring a dry towel to wrap around them for extra warmth.

Take an Air Conditioned Tour

If early mornings don’t appeal but you still want to explore the beauty of our red rocks, Red Rock Magic Trolley Tours are exactly what the doctor ordered! Offering large windows that keep the air conditioning in without blocking any of the stunning views, tours start at $22 for an hour escape into the Sedona countryside and the pictures you take are sure to be frame worthy. Red Rock Magic Trolley Tours can be reached by calling (928) 821-6706. Another option for an air-conditioned tour can be found at Sedona Jeep Tours, (928) 382-3264, offering a bus tour they call Sedona-Hi Points Tour, lasting about two hours, and yes, you guessed it, providing a peek into the more popular tourist sites in Sedona.

Feeling Lucky?

n a hot summer day you may want to spend the warmest hours testing your luck at Cliff Castle Casino, located just 30 minutes south of Sedona at 555 Middle Verde Road in Camp Verde and providing a Las Vegas style experience without all the crazy that often takes place in Sin City. In addition to slot machines and gaming tables visitors will also find world class entertainment taking place in their Dragonfly Nightclub, and as you while away the hours playing one-armed bandits and listening to live music, by the time you are ready to get back to your Sedona adventures, the sun will have set and the night air may even feel a bit chilly!

Family Gatherings in Your Sedona.Org Seasonal Sanctuary

Our homes are designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience and when it is time to chill, there’s no place more comfortable to do so. Reserve a home with a private pool and discover the magic of swimming under the stars, learning that a nighttime swim will chase away the deepest seated heat or release your inner child while playing games in our fully equipped game rooms where the air conditioning can be as cool as you need it to be. Enjoy all the comforts of home combined with the modern conveniences travelers crave (including air conditioning) when you choose Sedona.Org for your summer escape. Reserve your favorite home sweet vacation home today!