As the days grow longer and the temperatures begin to rise, Sedona returns to its small-town roots, offering shorter lines in restaurants, emptier streets, and hiking trails that are only used in the morning hours, creating a peaceful escape for someone seeking a 4th of July getaway in the red rocks. Unlike the big cities further south, however, once night falls, the temperatures do as well, and your nighttime Sedona Independence Day adventures are destined to be memorable ones, especially when you choose one of our Sedona.Org summer sanctuaries for your holiday hideaway. Offering comfort, luxury, and a Southwestern style filled with color and warmth, there is no better place to come home to after a day of participating in the fun adventures we have listed below!

Sunrise Over the Red Rocks This Sedona Independence Day

Although you won’t want to wake this early every day of your stay, we do recommend that you rise with the sun at least once, and because there are a lot of adventures you will want to squeeze into the holiday, 4th of July is the perfect time to do so! Roll out of bed and step out onto the private patio of your vacation escape, perhaps pulling on a light sweater or robe to keep the chill away (temps will be in the 60s) and then sink into one of the comfortable chairs to watch Mother Nature’s greatest show. Seeing the velvety sky turn from midnight black to gray, before setting the landscape on fire with a cornucopia of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows, is a sight you will never forget, and you can choose to go back to bed for a couple of more hours of sleep or head over to Miley’s Café for a hearty breakfast.

4th of July Wet Fest, Sedona Community Pool, 12:00 PM- 4:00 PM

It is summer and Arizona, and although our town will be nowhere as hot as Phoenix or Tucson, the annual 4th of July Wet Fest, held at the Sedona Community Pool, is always appreciated and looked forward to every year. Offering music, food trucks, and a chill way to celebrate our nation’s 247th birthday, just remember to reapply your sunscreen so you feel comfortable at the fireworks shows taking place later in the evening!

Fantastic Family 4th of July, Cottonwood Kids Park in Cottonwood, 4:00 PM- 9:30 PM

More than likely the first words out of your children’s mouths when told about your 4th of July vacation in Sedona had something to do with fireworks. Fireworks are loved by everyone, (except maybe our pets, who could be quite happy without the big booms) and although the town of Sedona doesn’t offer any due to being a Dark Sky Community, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the best part of the holiday. The Fantastic Family 4th of July held in nearby Cottonwood at the Cottonwood Kids Park offers everything you could hope for and so much more, including the events and activities listed below.

• Free Food – Surprise! From 4-6 PM the local Walmart of Cottonwood is providing free food, and because the town is all about community collaboration, the food will be cooked by the Knights of Columbus and served by the Kiwanis Club—and enjoyed by all who get to eat the free meal, of course!

• Games, Vendors, and Family Friendly Activities – 9 hours is simply not enough time to truly enjoy all the fun activities that will take place during our favorite all-American holiday, but we at Sedona.Org and all our guests who are planning on attending will definitely give it the old college try, and if we don’t get to finish it all, we will still consider today a fantastic success.

• Fireworks for the Grand Finale, 9:00-(9:30 PM) – There is just something wonderful about the way our children’s eyes shine so bright as they take in the magic of a sky lit up with colorful fireworks. Feeling each explosion in our heart and never losing the joy we take in this simple activity, the oohs, the ahhs, and the “oh mys” will be plentiful, even if you can’t hear them above the noise in the heavens! The show will start off with a patriotic salute performed by the local VFW, a reminder of all the sacrifices our forefathers made to ensure that hundreds of years later, we could be sitting here on a lawn chair in the park as the sky lights up with hundreds of colorful explosions.

Your Sedona.Org Holiday Heaven

The houses and condos we offer become homes when you and your family step inside, offering all the comforts, luxuries, and entertainment options that tired travelers adore. Rent a space with a crystal-clear pool in its backyard and experience one of the cooler summer experiences, that of a nighttime swim. Reserve your favorite Sedona.Org sanctuary today!