Although normally we take these pages to talk to travelers who are considering a vacation in Arizona, revealing the beauty and secrets of what we consider the most beautiful place in the world, today we want to take a few minutes to talk to you, our friends, our neighbors, our fellow Arizonans! You already know about the wonders of our state, you may even have been to all its beautiful corners, exploring with your family and never taking it for granted, but chances are it has been more than a minute since you have enjoyed a visit to the magical city of Sedona, or if you are one of the lucky ones who live here, you may have forgotten some of its more stunning attributes. When you drive by Coffee Pot Rock, do you still even notice that it resembles a coffee pot, or did you ever know how the Cowpies got their name? Today, we want to invite you to take a little break from your real life and live like a tourist in Arizona’s most magical town, exploring its attractions and charms while also exploring the comforts and luxuries of our Sedona sanctuaries! This guide to an Arizona staycation in the most stunning town in the world will give you a greater appreciation of home and a chance to step back from the chaos of real life, if only for a few days.


How DID the Cowpies Get Their Name?

Actually, it’s quite obvious as to how they got their name, and we wish we knew who first had the thought to name them as such, but did you know that the Cowpies offer one of the most powerful vortex sites in Sedona? Located in the middle of Bear Wallow Canyon, the trails that lead to the Cowpies are actually quite easy, and when you reach them, the views of the canyon will reignite the fire of your love for Sedona’s landscape of magic!


Exploring the Verde Valley Wine Trail

You love a glass of wine, and your time in Sedona has definitely made you appreciate the finer wines in life, but when was the last time you explored the Verde Valley Wine Trail? This region of Arizona has become the home to many wineries that are rivaling the ones in Napa Valley, and since your staycation means you don’t have to get up in the mornings, now is the perfect time to taste your way across the Verde Valley! There are 22 wineries to examine in the Valley, including two right here in Sedona, Winery 1912 and Javelina Leap. If you have never done so before, you can go here to download a “passport,” getting it stamped at every stop, and go here to upload it and win some cool prizes when you have completed your tour. (As if all the wine you taste isn’t enough of a prize!)


A Taste of the Town

When we live someplace, we tend to narrow down our dining out to a few choice restaurants, often forgetting about the variety of flavors offered in the area, and during your sensational Sedona staycation, it will be time to venture out of your comfort zones! Try Elote, the upscale celebrity chef driven restaurant for the first time, and discover an haute cuisine dining experience with a distinctly Mexican flair! Explore comfort food options created with a twist in the form of bison pot roast and elk chops at the Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits or enjoy an incredibly romantic dining experience by the creek with a special meal at Cress on Oak Creek.


Why Sedona.Org?

At the end of every day, coming home to the style, comfort, and luxury found in our Sedona.Org escapes will be the highlight of your exciting staycation, but you may be wondering, “Why should I spend money to stay somewhere else when I have a perfectly good home right here in town?” A valid question that is quite easy to answer, all we have to say is look around your own home first! Staycationing at home has some very “dangerous” pitfalls, as you wake up each moment and realize that you can’t handle the dishwasher that forces you to wash every dish before you load it, that you have hated that mustard color on your bedroom walls since day one, and that it is time to fertilize and prepare the lawn for summer!

With Sedona.Org, you are encouraged to take a long nap on the soft sofas in the living rooms, enticed to toast the sunset from the porch and then bring the bottle to the firepit and gather around telling ghost stories and dad jokes late into the night! We invite you to savor every minute in a home that is sparkling clean, superbly decorated, and designed to spoil every human who resides within. Reserve your favorite staycation sanctuary today and relax; the chores you have waiting for you at home will still be there upon your return! Contact us today!