Our Opulent Luxury Sedona Rentals

Supreme Sedona Experience

With Sedona’s natural beauty, every visitor feels privileged to be there. For a supreme Sedona experience though, you need the finest property around. Our luxury rentals will make you feel like royalty, the manufactured wonders of your living space complimenting nicely the natural wonders of Sedona. Offering fantastic and thorough amenities and often offering upgraded views, our luxury hotel and home rentals are the place to go for the best Sedona stay.


Luxury Hotel Rentals

Amenities really separate the satisfactory from the luxury—where standard amenities make life easy, luxury amenities make you feel pampered. Going beyond the basics of heating, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, these hotel properties also come with TVs and either cable or satellite access to extra channels. Some hotel properties offer casitas, where you can find ample kitchens, equipped with all you need for your stay. Furniture detail is a hallmark of luxury hotels. Finishes and fixtures are upgraded in these hotel properties as well. Everything from the cabinets’ finishing to the stone countertops will envelope you in sumptuous quality. Many luxury hotel rentals come with multiple bedrooms, making them ideal for families or even large gatherings for friends or wedding parties. The mattresses and linens are top-notch as well. The properties are decorated gorgeously with art that compliments the Sedona landscape. Speaking of which, a major selling point of the luxury hotel rentals is their view. Most of the luxury rentals boast exceptional views of the marvelous Sedona landscape, some even offering entire glass walls. Decks and pools are also common features of luxury hotel properties, so you can have even more options for how and where you soak up Sedona’s lovely climate and geography.


Luxury Home Rentals

The best part of vacation is the chance to relax—that’s why luxury home rental properties are so popular. Many people enjoy having their own kitchen, private pool, and personal washer and dryer. Rentals offer all these and more, without adding any hassle! It is the landlord’s obligation and commitment to keep the property clean and inviting, while also taking care of upkeep and maintenance issues. This means that your luxury rental home is a great option to consider, professionally kept up just for your enjoyment. Look at our luxury home rentals and find the size and particulars that fit you.