When it comes to planning a kid-friendly and fun family vacation in Sedona, Arizona, it’s sometimes a bit over-looked. Little do people know, that Sedona offers a variety of fun things to do with your family. No matter how old or young, there is fun to be had for all.


Fun Family Vacation in Sedona

One of the “must-do” activities when you’re in Sedona, is the Sedona Jeep® tour. It is a fun activity for those of all ages (even those five and younger if your guide has a car seat) and it can be beneficial to do it earlier in your vacation, because your tour guide will be able to give you information on rock formations, plants, animals, and more. They’ll be able to give you the lay of the land as well as some helpful tips on hikes as well as some great ideas for local favorites, whether it’s favorite hiking trails, restaurants, or other various things. They’ll guide you in the right direction while showing you the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.


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If you’re not ready to take a Jeep® tour, or if you want something more for the sights rather than adventure, you can always take a trolley ride through Sedona. These rides allow for more sight-seeing and on your own schedule and terms. You can hop on and off, wherever and whenever you’d like, or for local dining and shopping opportunities. Another bonus is that you have to worry about needing a car seat, in the event that you have children younger than five traveling with you. It’s definitely one of the best things to do when you’re having a fun family vacation in Sedona, Arizona!


If you’re looking for some fun in the water during the hotter months, there are a multitude of options around for you to choose from. Visit Grasshopper Point or Slide Rock State Park. They are both fun options for easy hiking along the creek. At state parks like Red Rock and Slide Rock, children between 6 and 12 can complete a Junior Ranger program. There’s also a trout farm available in the canyon that provides guaranteed fishing success for even the youngest little anglers.


Book a Stay and Enjoy a Fun Filled Family Vacation in Sedona

Whether it is shopping, hiking, camping, fun in the water, or a delicious place to eat that you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Sedona. There are so many options available that you won’t know where to start! So get your family together, pack your bags, and come to Sedona, Arizona for a fun time, regardless of age!