Everyone has had that one vacation that forever changed the way they looked at the world. Living every minute of every day with a smile on their face as they experienced wonders they knew they would never forget, wishing their time in the sun had no end, and coming home with memories they would hold close to their hearts with joy. For those who have yet to experience this type of life altering getaway, perhaps it’s because you have yet to visit our southwestern haven of peace and tranquility, the red rock village known as Sedona. The moments you experience under blue skies are destined to make your heart beat faster as you explore the history, the mystery, and the charms of our magical hometown, and because you have also chosen Sedona.Org for shelter, comfort, and the little luxuries that make life special, there is every reason to be that THIS will be the vacation you talk about for years to come. Our guide to planning the ultimate Sedona vacation in 2022 will ensure that your time in Arizona will live on in your heart and become a part of your soul.


Soothe the Spirit

Sedona is known for its red rocks, its western influences, and the joy it brings all who visit, but did you also know about its immensely popular spiritual side? Maybe it’s the energy from the vortexes that dot our landscape or perhaps it is the residual energy of early inhabitants who made Sedona their home, but the mystical and spiritual side of Sedona ensures that your own flagging spirits will be lifted, and whatever ails you (spiritually) will be healed. Below we have listed a few of our favorite spiritual experiences that are guaranteed to add luster to your Sedona vacation.

Chapel of the Holy Cross, 780 Chapel Road

Sometimes all your soul needs is a visit to a place where you feel closer to the heavens, and Chapel of the Holy Cross can be that place for you in Sedona. Built into the rocks high above the Arizona landscape, it already has a location that is closer to the heavens, and as you walk inside for the first time and see that wall of windows that gives a panoramic and spiritual view of the red rocks that surround our town, you will find your peace. This is an active Catholic church, so be respectful of the services that may be taking place, but as you slip into one of the pews and feel the peace settling around you, you will know that your Southwest getaway has already begun to change you.


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Aura Photography, Center for the New Age, 341 State Route 179 (Across from Tlaquepaque)

What is an aura? The technical definition revolves around electromagnetic fields that emit colors, colors that reveal your strengths, your weaknesses, and even your mental, physical, and spiritual balance ratios. Perhaps you are sensitive and have perceived the auras of others at different times throughout your life, or maybe you have never even given the simple aura a single thought but are open to discovering what you could learn. There are many places in Sedona that offer the opportunity to experience aural photography, including the Center for the New Age. Offering an aural photography room in which the pictures taken will reveal the colors of your soul, you will learn more about yourself as you experience a new adventure and whether you believe or not, isn’t that what vacations are all about?


Spiritual Readings, Center for the New Age, 341 State Route 179

We always wish that those around us could understand us a little better, but maybe the reason they can’t is we don’t really know ourselves. A spiritual reading in Sedona, whether it is a reading of the aural photographs taken earlier or is performed by a professional reader is destined to help on both fronts, as well as put a little extra spice in your life. The Center for the New Age offers a variety of experienced readers that can help you understand you that much better as they probe into your past, your future, and the spiritual world that surrounds you!


Healing Workshops, Western Spirit Enrichment Center, 50 Willow Way

As you continue your Sedona explorations and your personal journey of enlightenment, you may discover that that are parts of your soul that could do with a little extra healing. The traumas of our past leave marks that are difficult to remove, but your journey in Sedona is about to change all that. Offering the opportunity to dig deep and explore your inner self, these workshops will have a major impact on your health and wellbeing and the Western Spirit Enrichment Center has the tools to help you heal.


Jeep® Tours

You can’t be in Sedona long before noticing the variety of oversized jeeps making their way through the streets! Coming in pretty much every color of the rainbow, they are always filled with laughing and happy tourists on their way to or on their way back from exciting adventures in the red rocks. There are many tour companies available, but for the purpose of brevity, we will stick with the big 3: Pink Jeep® Tours, Safari Jeep® Tours, and A Day in the West Tours. Each company provides a day of excitement exploring the natural, and in some cases, the supernatural, landscape of Sedona. Each company offers a variety of tours, some of which we will speak about below, but remember, they all offer many ways to explore Sedona.

A red jeep in the Sedona mountains

Learn More About Jeep® Tours

Pink Jeep® Tours, 204 N State Route 89A

Immediately recognizable from the distinctive pink color of the vehicles they offer, our Pink Jeep® Tours will take you over the red rocks, through the valleys, and to many of the psychic vortexes that can be found in the area. Enjoy panoramic views of Sedona as the jeep bumps and crawls over rocks and trails and learn the behind the scenes secrets that talented guides will provide. The Ancient Ruin tour they offer never fails to fascinate, as you visit the sites where ancient people once lived, loved, and worked.


Safari Jeep® Tours, 355 Jordan Road

The Safari Jeep®s don’t stick to a single color scheme, offering red, black, green, and even silver jeeps, and the adventures they offer are equally colorful. Locally owned, this company really knows the region as only people who have grown up in the area can, and every tour is filled with the hidden secrets that red rock country offers. Their Call of the Canyon tour reveals the beauty of Oak Creek Canyon and takes guests along one of the most scenic roads in America, all paved so bouncing is minimal!


A Day in the West Jeep® Tours, 2900 W State Route 89A

Offering private tours that are made more enjoyable simply because you will be surrounded by family and friends, not strangers, A Day in the West jeeps are as bright and cheerful as the sun overhead. Take city tours, red rock tours, canyon tours, and of course, vortex tours, and if you are feeling extra daring, take advantage of their combo tours that combine sightseeing and wine tasting tours!


Vortex Tours

There has been a lot of talk about vortexes lately, but do you really know what a vortex is? Simply put, a vortex is a unique spot vibrating with energy and are often found in the most sacred places in the world. Sedona is known to have four major vortexes (and possibly quite a few smaller ones) and vortex tours are amongst some of the most popular vacation activities for travelers. Take a jeep tour, a guided tour, or a self-guided tour to the places below and see if you can feel the energy and excitement that accompanies a vortex!

Boynton Canyon Vortex

Vortexes are known to have masculine and feminine sides, and the Boynton Canyon Vortex is one that provides an equal blend of masculinity and femininity. Considered the most powerful vortex and reached by hiking the Boynton Canyon Trail and the Vista Trail. The 30-foot-high heel at the apex of the trail is where the energy is the strongest and the views of red rocks and green trees will take your breath away.


Bell Rock Vortex

The Bell Rock Vortex is probably the second most recognizable vortex in Sedona, known for its strong energy, problem solving abilities and extreme serenity and is also offers a feminine/masculine balance. Located on Bell Rock (You know, the rock that looks like a bell!) between Sedona and Oak Creek, it is included on mediation tours and most of the jeep tours that traverse the region.


Airport Mesa Vortex

Late evening is the best time to visit the Airport Mesa Vortex, accessed via Airport Road. The energy here is masculine and is a great spot to sit, meditate, and explore your inner serenity. The views from Airport Mesa are expansive ones, so daylight visitors should definitely keep their cameras at the ready.


Cathedral Rock Vortex

Undeniably the most recognized spot in Sedona, if you have ever spotted pictures or postcards from our red rock town, Cathedral Rock is most likely the one depicted. Looming large over the Sedona landscape the strong energy and vibrations emitted from the vortex will leave you feeling forever changed. Hike to its base or climb to its peak and see if you can notice that the strongest energy is felt on its east side along the creek. Feminine energies will send your spirits soaring and the views of Chapel of the Holy Cross will bring peace to your soul. This vortex is the easiest to find and the easiest to hike but it is also the one that will bring you the most happiness, so be sure to add it to your list!


The Verde Valley Wine Trail

Now that you have gotten in touch with your spiritual side, it is time to explore a different side of spirits, and by that we mean wine! The Verde Valley Wine Trail has long been a part of our Sedona town, but did you know that the wines that are created in this region of Arizona compare nicely with those from Napa Valley? The wine trail itself leads travelers through the small towns that make up this part of Arizona, starting in Jerome and Clarkdale and ending right here in Sedona, not far from your Sedona.Org vacation escape! Today we are going concentrate on the wonderful wineries found in our red rock village, but here’s a link to a map of the wine trail, should you decide it is a trail you want to conquer! The printable map version can be found at this link.

Winery 1912, 320 AZ-89A #3

Wine has a long and extensive history dating back to the days of Pharaohs and Kings and although Arizona is famous for red rocks, cowboys, and Old West adventures, wine has been a part of our heritage since the Jesuit priests brought the first vines to our state back in the 17th century. Today, Winery 1912 offers wines that are exclusively created at the Dragoon Vineyards in Willcox and the flavor they bring to your Sedona adventures can not be beat! Sit in front of a wall of windows that reveals the beauty of the landscape, sipping and sampling wine flights of fun.


Vino Zona, 336 AZ-179

Although you may notice that Vino Zona does not have a place on the trail map, we think it is definitely worthy of visiting during your stay in Sedona. Offering a tasting room that is cozy and comfortable, wines that are local, and a prime location in Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, the grape served here are destined to become your favorite. And when you’re done sampling? You can spend a few hours exploring the shops and galleries that make Tlaquepaque the areas most popular shopping center!


Outside Adventures

The amazing weather in Sedona makes it a popular getaway spot for outdoor adventures and as you hike the trails through the red rocks, dip your toes in the cool waters at Slide Rock, and try your hand at fly fishing in the creeks that run through our town the sky will most always be blue, the sun will certainly be shining, and the peace and serenity that Sedona is known for will surround you like a warm blanket on a cold day.


Fly Fishing in Sedona

The most relaxing of all outside experiences, fly fishing, is a sport that you may have not tried before and the guides at Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures are available to help you figure out a new way to cast! Taking visitors to the spots where the fish are always biting, the guides are personable, knowledgeable, and as you may expect from most fishermen and women, patient, ensuring that your fly fishing trip on Oak Creek will be a successful one! If you are one that prefers to play on your own, just remember that Oak Creek is a stream you can fish in every season of the year and the Verde River is perfect for catching bass!

Learn the Best Fishing Spots

Slide Rock State Park, 6871 AZ-89A

Summer visits to Sedona are made cooler with a visit to Slide Rock State Park, where the waters are always cold, and the landscape will take your breath away. Once a homestead with a 43-acre apple orchard, today visitors from all over the world flock to the banks of Oak Creek for the chance to, well, slide down the rocks in its cool waters (hence the name!)


When the Bell Rings for Mealtime

Every meal promises to be your favorite meal when sampling a taste of the town in Sedona. Offering a variety of fine restaurants, casual diners, and of course, Mexican restaurants serving authentic dishes from the old country, your biggest problem will be choosing which restaurant to frequent during your stay! Breakfast at the Coffee Pot Restaurant that stands in the shadows of Coffee Pot Rock is a tradition for Sedona residents and visitors, offering a massive omelet menu that could be overwhelming if you didn’t immediately catch sight of your favorite at the top of the page. Lunch at Creekside American Bistro, located at 251 AZ 179, promises to offer hearty dishes and views that will definitely aid in the digestion of your meal, while the Cowboy Club Grille and Spirits is another traditional favorite of Sedona diners.

When dinner rolls around, the list of places you can try starts with the old school Sedona pleasures found at Oaxaca, 321 N Highway 89A, where habanero salsa and their Mexican specialties menu brings a taste of tradition to your epicurean adventures. For adventurers seeking an elegant experience with updated versions of their traditional Mexican dishes, Elote Café, 350 Jordan Road, under the ownership of local celebrity chef Jeff Smedstad, does his research, studying South of the Border dishes and adding his own delicious and creative touches to the meals. When cost is of no concern and a dining experience that awes is your only request, L’Auberge Sedona, 301 L’Auberge Lane, is the first, last, and only restaurant you should try. Offering candlelit tables by the creek and a prixe fixe menu that is impressively chef driven, every bite will be an exercise in pure deliciousness.


Sedona Night Life

If you are seeking night clubs with DJs and dance floors crammed with dancers, Sedona may not be the vacation destination for you, but if you are looking for comfy pubs and breweries, some offering live music, some not, the list is quite long! The Sound Bites Grill, 101 N State Route 89A, encompasses the best of all worlds, offering live music, cold beverages, and views of the red rocks that will touch your soul. Also featuring an expansive menu of your favorite dishes, this could be the one place you return to again and again. Oak Creek Brewery and Grill, 336 AZ-179 Suite D201, offers award winning beers brewed on the premises and a second story patio that reveals the charms of its Tlaquepaque location.


At Home with Sedona.Org

Sedona is a magical and enchanting village, surrounded by red rocks and offering a spiritual vibe, all of which is reflected in the comforts and luxuries found in our Sedona.Org sanctuaries. Enjoy breathtaking vistas, comfortable furnishings, and a peace and tranquility that can only be found in Sedona. Reserve your favorite today and experience the ultimate vacation, the one you only dreamed could be possible.

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People Also Ask

Before you go back to your real life, there may be a few questions we have left unanswered and our People Also Ask section helps us resolve that. Here are a few of our more popular questions and the responses that go along with them.


What is the Best Month to Visit Sedona?

There are advantages for visiting in almost every month of the year, depending on what you are looking for. Holiday activities and perfectly cool weather in the winter months attract visitors in droves, all eager to experience the magic of Sedona. Spring months are popular, especially the later months, as winter visitors have left for their own homes and the streets become less crowded and restaurants are more accessible. Summer is the quietest season in Sedona, and as prices go down, clearance sales hit the racks, and the homes with the best views becomes more readily available, June, July, and August could be the time all of your vacation dreams come true. And last, but definitely not least, the fall months are about as close to perfect as they can be. Cool temperatures, fiery landscapes, and the biggest influx of visitors are still back home, ensuring that Sept, October, and November will be the best months to visit!


Is Sedona, Arizona Worth Visiting?

Sedona is unlike any place you have ever visited before. Offering magic and mystery and a landscape that promotes calm, peace, and tranquility, your visit will change you as a person. No, there aren’t theme parks filled with costumed characters and overpriced foods, and no, there aren’t clubs where the beautiful people go to see and be seen. But the vortexes vibrating with energy and the red rocks shaped like coffee pots, bells, and cathedrals will sneak into your heart and capture your soul. Sedona offers a spiritual journey that answers life’s questions and promises to be the vacation destination you will never forget.


How Many Days Do You Need to See Sedona?

Sedona is not a very large town, offering an expanse that is just above 18 square miles, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to see or do during your stay. Exploring the mystical vortexes, hiking through the red rocks, shopping till you drop, and dining your way across town can take at least two full days, although three is optimum, and four might be just about perfect. Time moves a little slower during a Sedona vacation, however, and if you become accustomed to the slower pace, sleeping late, researching a little deeper, and venturing a bit further out (following the Verde Valley Wine Trail, for example) it is quite possible that spending five luxurious day in our mountain village will be the perfect length of time to see it all.


What Is So Special About a Sedona Vacation? Planning the ultimate Sedona vacation in 2022

Upon your arrival in town for the very first time, it will immediately become apparent as to what makes our town surrounded by red rocks so very special. Wakening early in the mornings, watching the sky change from inky black to dusky gray to pink, and finally the clear blue that signifies morning has truly arrived. Standing in the footsteps of those who walked before us, ancient peoples who carved out their lives in an environment that could often be harsh and unwelcoming, listening carefully for the echoes of their voices. Psychic vortexes, spiritual awakenings, and healing workshops that erase the marks of past traumas committed on your soul. These moments, interspersed with shopping trips in swanky boutiques, haute cuisine meals in exclusive restaurants, and of course, all the luxuries experienced in your Sedona.Org sanctuary combine to make Sedona just about the most special destination spot in the nation. Contact us today!