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It can be a bit overwhelming to visit a place as beautiful and vast as Sedona, Arizona. Where do you start? When you find yourself facing that question, consider embarking on one of the many guided tours available in the Sedona area. Depending on which attractions you want to see and how you want to get there, there are a number of tour options that are sure to satisfy your cravings for adventure and sightseeing in Sedona’s rust-hued red rock panorama.

From outdoorsy tours to quaint and informative rides on the Sedona Trolley, there is a wide selection of tour charters that are more than happy to help visitors experience the best of Sedona. Read on to find out how these seasoned guides can add to your Sedona vacation!

Tour Providers and Pricing

Below, we’ve compiled a shortlist out of the myriad of tour guide companies based in Sedona. These businesses represent just a few of the immense variety that exists, so don’t feel limited to what you see here!

Red Rock Balloon Adventures

Soar gently over the expansive landscape of red rock formations and desert mountain vegetation in this unique tour offered by Red Rock Balloon Adventures. Departing at sunrise daily, this tour allows visitors to witness the spectacular display of the sunlight as it illuminates the shimmering, multi-hued striations of minerals and rocks embedded within the enormous natural structures that characterize Sedona’s otherworldly scenery. Enjoy the scenic views offered by this one- to two-hour aerial flight, with the entire outing lasting three to four hours. Prices are $195 per child ages twelve years and under and $220 per adult.

Sedona Trolley

If you’re not up to traveling in a hot air balloon or on another extreme tour, the Sedona Trolley is a calm and peaceful way to explore the city and a few of its scenic vistas—particularly those in Dry Creek Valley and at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. With two different tours available throughout different times of the day, you could potentially see most of the town in a single day and learn your way around to see other sights. Prices begin at $10 per child and $15 per adult, though you can take both tours combined if you pay a little extra.

Arizona ATV Adventure Tours

Control the power of an ATV and race across the Sedona landscape under the guidance of a veteran of the Sedona area. The tours here encompass the West Sedona Canyon area and span over the course of three hours. Customized according to the age, skill levels, and interests of the group, these tours can take place on any of over one hundred miles of trails, many of which have been the filming sites of upwards of forty movies, such as Skeleton Bone Mountain, which is over eight hundred feet above the floor of the valley. There are also great opportunities for seeing wildlife, particularly along the valley floor.

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