Sedona Jeep Tour

Between the rust-colored rocks, lush and dense forests, vast canyons, and striking mountains, there’s a lot more of Sedona to be seen than what’s in town. Sedona has breathtakingly gorgeous sights that are unique to this desert mountain region, secluded away from the beaten path and nearly impossible to get to.

Fortunately, in areas where it might be too dangerous or take too long to hike, a jeep tour will often get you there. Sedona has a myriad of jeep tour providers available to visitors that offer different types of tours. Read on to learn more about just a few of these jeep charters and how you can make your vacation to this exotic desert locale even better than you could ever imagine.

Jeep Tours and Pricing

Jeep tours can take you into the most remote and picturesque places you could possibly dream of, all for a reasonable price!

Red Rock Western Jeep Tours

With the unique privilege of being the only local jeep charter allowed by the U.S. Forest Service to give tours of the historic and rugged Soldier’s Pass Trail, a voyage made into the desert with this company is sure to delight. Other tours include Bear Wallow Canyon (just below the Mogollon Rim), Dry Creek Basin, a tour of Sedona’s vortexes, Doe Mesa Overlook, an on-road tour of Cathedral rock, and a combination of Soldier’s Pass Trail and a helicopter tour.

Hours: 7:00am – 7:00pm Daily (March – October)
7:00am – 6:00pm Daily (November – February)
Closed on Christmas Day

Price Range: $45 – $239 (Adults)
$33 – $239 (Children)

Sedona Offroad Adventures

This company offers scenic tours of Bear Wallow Canyon, as well as the vortex sites at Courthouse Butte, Chapel on the Rocks, Bell Rock, and the Mogollon Rim. Additional tours include a rugged tour of the area’s western canyons, a tour behind Thunder Mountain that covers local lore and legends in the area, a tour and hike into the ruins of Montezuma’s Well, a tour that combines jeep and horseback riding, and a combined jeep and winery tour.

Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm Daily

Price Range: $37 – $165 (Adults)
$32 – $145 (Children)

Pink Jeep Tours

Notable for their distinct and recognizable vehicles, Pink Jeep Tours offers a number of options for exploring the mystical desert panorama around Sedona. They are the only charter permitted by the National Forest Service to conduct tours on Broken Arrow Trail. Other tours take you to the Mogollon Rim, the Camel’s Caravan, Honanki Heritage Site, Chimney Rock, Diamondback Gulch, the vortexes at Mystic Vista, and the Rock of Gibraltar. Jeep and hiking tour combos are also available.

Hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm Daily
Price Range: $55 – $114 (Adults)
$46.75 – $96.90 (Children)

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