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Sedona is rated one of the top vacation spots in the world but although everyone knows about its red rocks and its energy vortexes, not many travelers know the story behind the magic. Complex and richly layered this part of Arizona has been called home by many peoples over at the centuries and when your journey brings you to our beautiful hometown, these facts all about Sedona Arizona will bring you a greater understanding of its charm!


It Started with the Sinagua

The first Native Americans who lived here were an industrious people known as the Sinagua, and although Sedona is nowhere near as hot as the southern areas of the state, we imagine it still must have been a hard live surviving a hostile climate in which water was hard to find. Today, you can capture glimpses of the way they lived with visits to the ruins that still exist in the Verde Valley. Montezuma Castle National Monument, located just a few miles outside of Sedona in Camp Verde, offers one of the best examples of Sinagua Ruins in the region.


The European Settlers

The 1500s were an incredibly prolific time for explorers discovering what yet wasn’t known as America and it was a Spanish explorer by the name of Antonio de Espejo who is credited with settling in Arizona on the hunt for gold. No gold was ever found, but plenty of copper has been mined over the years and is the cornerstone of our economy! Much of the nation’s copper comes from Arizona, and as such, guests shouldn’t be surprised to find art pieces in the shops that line our landscape created with copper.


Speaking of Art

As with most scenic spots, Sedona is a virtual art’s colony and when you first arrive in town you may be intrigued to see all the galleries that call our red rock town home. Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village is one of our favorite “art spots” and could very likely take an entire day to explore during your visit!


From Orchards to Movie Sets

For a long stretch of time, Sedona was basically one large orchard, mostly apples and peaches, but grapes soon began to be harvested as well, but it is its history of movies that may fascinate travelers. Nearly 100 Westerns were filmed here, and chances are if you are a Western movie aficionado, you will recognize many locations in town!


Bonus Fact

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