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How We Get You More Revenue Drive more property rental revenue with us

Powerful Property Distribution Technology

Best-in-Class Software Distribution
Experience best-in-class distribution to a wide range of third-party channels, ensuring your property reaches a vast and diverse audience of potential guests.

Listing Optimization
Our in-house team optimizes third-party listing content to showcase your property in its best light, capturing the attention of potential guests and driving bookings.

Account Status
Our dedication to upholding Superhost and Premier Partner statuses boosts guest trust and confidence that they will receive unmatched service and have an exceptional stay.

In-House Revenue Management Team

With our in-house revenue management team, property owners can expect a collaborative, informed, and adaptive approach to pricing that maximizes revenue while maintaining a personalized touch.

Dynamic Software Management
Our team actively manages the software, adjusting pricing in as needed for a competitive edge that goes beyond automation.

Tailored Pricing Collaboration
Our in-house revenue team partners with you to create custom pricing, combining your insights with our expertise.

Human-Centered Data Analysis
We analyze data personally to ensure pricing decisions are informed by both market trends and property specifics.

Direct Bookings

As the industry consolidates, new competition arrives, and distribution channels continue to scale – it’s important to keep lead generation diversified. This is why we continue to invest heavily into digital marketing strategies that drive direct bookings and maintain a stronghold on our localized brands.

Search Engine Optimization - Driving organic search traffic leveraging a proven blueprint for success. The strategy composition consists of website architecture, technical SEO, localized SEO, content development, backlink development, and reputation management strategies.
Paid Search - Monetizing properties utilizing advanced Paid Search tactics and advanced ”data-blend” reporting. Each Paid Search account drives exposure to prospective guests with high intent to book. The strategy consists of A/B testing ad copy, bid management, time-of-day, proximity, and keyword targeting.

Email Marketing - We believe in consistent brand exposure for our “guest retention” strategy. Exposure to the right guest, with the right message, and at the right time is the overarching goal. Each email is leveraged to promote new units, help struggling inventory, and educate about upcoming events.
Social Media - Social presence and messaging are critical for guest retention. The ultimate goal is to drive social adoption from our guests and attempt to bring them back via emotional responses from strategic posts. The posting strategy consists of education, alignment with vacancies, peak season, and announcements.

Intelligent Algorithms

Our website is optimized with AI technology to enhance guest satisfaction and streamline the user interface. Through intelligent algorithms, we provide personalized property recommendations, helping visitors find their ideal accommodations quickly. The adaptive nature of our AI ensures a dynamic and efficient platform, making the booking process smoother and ultimately elevating the overall user experience.

Preferred Choice

With over 20 years of dedicated service, we've cultivated a vast database of loyal return guests who consistently choose our properties in Park City, Arizona, Montana, Texas, and beyond. This enduring commitment to hospitality has established a trusted bond, with guests returning year after year, making our accommodations their preferred choice.

Better Property Care

Our in-house maintenance team conducts meticulous preventative maintenance, providing owners with a reassuring peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that your property is consistently cared for and kept in impeccable condition.

Investment Property Transparency Get the transparency you need in your investment property

Enjoy hassle-free property management with our Owner's Portal – your one-stop destination for rental history, owner and guest reservations, vital updates, and tax insights. Experience effortless control and stay informed, all in one centralized hub.

All From Your Device

  • Make owner reservation blocks
  • Revenue performance statements
  • Check occupancy performance
  • Accounting documents
  • Check active work orders
  • Important documents & announcements

Technology Driven We make investment into the latest vacation rental management technology


Our cutting-edge technology drives revenue by maximizing property visibility, optimizing pricing strategies, and enhancing the overall guest experience.

Enterprise Software

Our technology enhances operations through streamlined task management, seamless communication, and real-time insights, optimizing property management processes.

Property Care

Our technology enhances property care with proactive maintenance, timely inspections, and swift issue resolution, ensuring a pristine guest experience.

Owner Transparency

Our technology fosters transparency with owners by providing real-time access to rental data, financial reports, and reservation updates, ensuring clear communication and informed decision-making.

The Sedona.Org Rental Properties Difference

No Hidden Fees

We do not charge extra fees for linens, property set up, professional photography, travel agent fees, credit card fees, concierge fees, or any of the other fees you will find other property management companies charge.

High Repeat Customer Base

Repeat guests and guest referrals are a paramount part of our business. We boast a 45% guest return/referral rate. We know the importance of loyal customers and we go the extra mile to ensure we have customers for a lifetime.

Concierge Services For Owners/Guests

We have full-time, in-house concierge and owner services departments available 7 days a week. These teams are dedicated to going above and beyond for our owners and guest.

And Just Incase You're Still On The Fence...

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What Our Guests Have to Say Don’t just take our word for it

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week at the Sedona Dream Estate with a handful of girlfriends for my birthday celebration. I could not have had a more fantastic time. We spent the week hiking, sightseeing, zip-lining, shopping, eating at great restaurants and spending quality time together. The home was a perfect retreat. We spent most nights under the stars in the hot tub if not out in the back yard near the fire pit enjoying a glass of wine! I can’t recommend this place enough. You won’t regret staying here—whether it is a family reunion, a girls/guys week away or a work function—it is perfect!

Wendy Bailey

Had a wonderful time. The house was pristine and in a great location. Lots of room for everyone and the backyard was a lot of fun with the firepit at night. I would definitely come back to visit again!

Kasia Johnson

I had a fabulous time in Sedona! We went zip-lining, wine tasting, hiking and ate at some great restaurants. Relaxing evenings at the house on the deck and in the hot tub. I love the meditation garden in front! Such a fun and relaxing girls trip! The house was beautiful and immaculate. My bed was super comfy. Can’t wait to go back!

Linda McAlister

Wow! What an amazing experience. I recently took my first trip to Sedona and fell in love with the town. Sedona.org is definitely the way to go! From the beautiful accommodations to the exceptional customer service, they made my first time in Sedona such a wonderful experience. I can't wait to come back.

Heather Hearne