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Stepping into the past is the best way to get to understand our red rock village, and as you might expect, Sedona has a rich and colorful history, one we at Sedona.Org are proud to share! Discovered back in the late 1500s by Spanish explorers, the peace and tranquility of this beautiful region was not settled by Europeans until nearly 300 years late when JJ Thompson utilized squatter’s rights on a parcel of land, located in what is now Oak Creek Canyon, that he named Indian Gardens. Today, Sedona appears far different than it did back then, but the heart of the Wild West still beats strong within it and this brief guide to Sedona history will make you fall in love with its story!


Even Longer Still

Although it was the 1500s before this region was first discovered by outsiders, the Native American history of Sedona AZ in the area dates back thousands of years, with the most well known of inhabitants being the Sinagua, (meaning without water) who built stone pueblos and lived, loved, and worked here until disappearing by around 1400 AD. The Sinagua influence, however, is still apparent, and if you want to take a peek into their lives, Montezuma Castle National Monument is located in nearby Camp Verde and is where examples of their homes and some artifacts of their lives can be viewed.


Early European Settlers

As stated earlier, JJ Thompson was the first settler in the region, but it was the Abraham family who decided to make their home in Sedona proper, and upon doing so, went about naming some of the very places you will be visiting during your stay, including Bell and Steamboat Rocks. Zane Grey was fond of the still desolate region, hunting, fishing, and later writing about the area in his book Call of the Canyon, a story that still thrills today, but it was Thompson and Abraham’s tales of the region that enticed other settlers to make their homes in Sedona and Oak Creek. The excellent weather in Sedona was another draw to the region, attracting those who suffered from lung ailments, and farming was the first venture that succeeded—apple orchards once filled the area we call Slide Rock today!


Explore Sedona History Today

The magic of Sedona attracts visitors from all over the world, and although we offer more in the ways of modern conveniences, the heart of our red rock village beats strongly in the past, remembering those brave settlers. Books have been written here, movies have been made here, and the next chapter of your vacation life will be experienced here when you choose Sedona.Org to host your getaway. Reserve your favorite property with us today!

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