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When it is time to start planning your annual vacation, there are a lot of little details involved. From picking a destination to choosing your favorite vacation home, your decisions can lead you to a getaway you will never forget. There’s one detail, however, that you may not have considered, and that is about the timing of your visit. Are there times for visiting Sedona that are better than others? Are there times that you absolutely should not consider visiting the most beautiful town in Arizona? This guide to the best times to visit Sedona will help you complete the final step in building the perfect Southwestern vacation!


Can You Take the Heat?

Although Sedona is not as hot as some southern Arizona towns, summer temperatures can still get up there pretty high, so if heat is not your friend, you may want to consider another season for your visit. However, if you can take the heat, during the summer months, the crowds lessen, the stores start offering big sales, and Slide Rock Park provides the coolest way to stay chill, making summer the best time to visit!

The Promise of Spring

In the spring, the temperatures of Sedona stay mild, with temps at night dropping even further, making it a very popular spring destination spot. The Celebration of Spring Festival, however, is what may convince you that spring is the best season for your visit, offering rides, an Easter egg hunt, petting zoo, delicious food, and so much more. For 13 years this festival has helped residents and visitors make the most out of the season of promise and may be the convincing factor in choosing spring as the time you want to visit most.


Winter Wonders

The winter holidays bring added charm to a Sedona vacation and even as there may be a sprinkling of snow on the red rocks, it rarely gets so cold that a jacket won’t keep you warm. Seeing downtown Sedona “dressed” for the holidays will impress, and Feliz Navidad Sedona, a Christmas store located in Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, will give visitors the chance to bring a little holiday cheer home with them.


Falling for Fall

There’s a special place in our heart for autumn, perhaps the only time of year when the red rocks seem to be less bright, if only in comparison with the vibrancy of the fall leaves. Cool days and cooler nights, fewer crowds, and a variety of seasonal festivals make this season the most popular time for a vacation.


In Short

Every season is the best time to visit Sedona, especially when you choose Sedona.Org for your seasonal sanctuary. Reserve your favorite today!

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