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Most vacations are fun, exciting, and can also be anxiety ridden as you try to figure out how to navigate roads that you are completely unfamiliar with, but when you decide that Sedona is your ideal vacation destination and that Sedona.Org is the only place you want to rent from, you can all but eliminate the anxieties! We try to think ahead, figuring out in advance what vacationers not just want, but what they need, and this guide to getting around Sedona falls into both categories, something you want AND something you need.


The Verde Shuttle Bus

As you might expect, there is a bus system that travels all over Sedona, getting you everywhere you need to go for just about a dollar. (Per person) running every day of the week, you can also use it to get back and forth from Cottonwood to Sedona, which is a good thing if you plan on hitting any of the wineries in either place! You may have to do some planning and transferring, but the Verde Shuttle is relatively easy to navigate and can eliminate the need to drive.



The Sedona Main Street area is one of the most walkable regions in town, so park your car and spend your time in town exploring the shops, restaurants, and fudge shops without having to maneuver through traffic. If you want to explore the vortexes or go further out into the red rocks, there are jeep tour companies that are based right here on Main Street, so you can accomplish both a walking tour of the town AND a more in depth exploration of the countryside without having to get in your car and drive!


Ride Share

Uber and Lyft are both firmly ensconced in the Sedona lifestyle, making it easy to plan a night on the town without having to worry about finding a designated driver and, of course, it works just the same as it does in your own home town. If you aren’t currently using either pieces of Sedona transportation, it is simple to download the app and is a lot easier and usually less expensive than a taxi service, as well as being more convenient during travel.


Designed for Travelers Getting around Sedona

Ride home to Sedona.Org after a day of playing in beautiful Sedona. Offering comfort, style, and a magic that reflects the town in which they reside, our homes are destined to be your favorite part of your vacation. Reserve yours today!

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