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Your fabulous Sedona vacation begins with a journey that can be completed in a variety of ways, and because we at Sedona.Org want to make your trip an easy one, we have created this guide on getting to Sedona!


Flying the Friendly Skies

As you might expect, the most popular way to get to Sedona is via airplane, and although our town doesn’t have its own airport, nearby Flagstaff offers a smaller regional one (Flagstaff Pulliam), or you can experience the road trip of a lifetime by flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Sky Harbor is one of the largest commercial airports in the nation, which will help keep prices down, keeping your vacation budget in check. The drive from Phoenix to Sedona takes just under two hours, taking travelers along some of the most scenic roads in the state.


On the Right Track

Many of Amtrak’s stations have closed throughout most of the state, but the one in Flagstaff, located just 45 minutes from Sedona, allows travelers to see the country in ways people rarely do these days. See the country through the windows of a fast train, and when you reach Flagstaff, fall in love with the charms of the brick train station that will be your almost final destination. A train ride cross country will take a few days of your time, so this way of travel is best experienced by those who have an extended vacation, but trust us, this will be the trip you remember forever! Renting a car to get you from Flagstaff to Sedona will also ensure you have transportation while in Sedona.


Road Trip

Once upon a time, road trips were the primary way of getting to our vacation destinations. Mom would fill a cooler with ice, sodas, and sandwiches (restaurants were too expensive and slowed down the journey) and dad would get behind the wheel, turn the radio station to his favorite channel, and put the pedal to the metal, trying to make the best time with as few stops as possible. Today, we don’t often drive cross country, but if you choose this way of transportation, it can be an ideal way to see the country before arriving in paradise.


You Have Reached Your Destination

Whatever means you are using in terms of getting to Sedona, staying in one of our Sedona.Org abodes will give visitors the perfect way to relax after their travels. Reserve your favorite today!

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