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If you haven’t quite yet pinpointed a destination for your upcoming getaway, we at Sedona.Org are inviting you to head west to the red rocks and stay in one of our Southwest sanctuaries! This guide to the top reasons to visit Sedona should help convince you that there is no place you would rather see.


Red Rock Vistas

The landscape of Sedona is a complex blend of green trees and red rocks, and the rugged beauty of the red rocks is destined to make you fall in love! Our properties are located where the views are best, and as you sit on the back deck, letting the sun warm your bones, the ever-present rock outcroppings will make guests feel warm, protected, and in awe of their presence.


The Weather Is Beautiful

Although the southern areas of our state suffer from sweltering temperatures in the summer, everyone knows that Sedona offers the perfect respite from the heat. The summer months still get hot, but nowhere near as sweltering, and our Sedona.Org seasonal sanctuaries often have large pools in their backyards. In winter, there may be a light dusting of snow that melts by lunchtime, but huge snowstorms and subzero temperatures are unheard of. Spring and fall, of course, are absolutely the seasons that will make guests wish they could pull up stakes in their hometowns and land here forever!


Fun Festivals

There are always fun and exciting festivals taking place in Sedona, ranging from simple art shows held in parking lots to full blown ones with rides, food, beverages, and live entertainment. The beautiful weather Sedona offers year-round encourages guests to get out and play, perhaps spending as much time as possible outside, soaking in the rays of the Arizona sun!


A Shopper’s Paradise

For many travelers, spending their vacations dipping in and out of local shops is the highlight of their visit, and Sedona is a shopper’s paradise. Offering fine art galleries, charming boutiques, and souvenir shops that are more than a few steps above the average store, your Arizona adventures will be fulfilling and fun, especially when you choose a few hours exploring the treasures of Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village!


It’s Magic

The energy vortexes that can be found throughout our town, the stunning landscape, the friendly people, and the history of Sedona all combine to create a world-class vacation that will change your soul. Reserve your favorite Sedona.Org sanctuary and visit Sedona today!

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