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There are a lot of things that have been written about Sedona Arizona over the years, and although you may have tried to read as much about it as possible, we think we can find a few things that may just blow your mind! Every day is a new adventure in our red rock village, and your adventures here will be ones you remember forever. This guide to our secrets and Sedona facts that aren’t widely known will help you enjoy it just a little more.


The Turquoise Arches Are Tastier!

Although the food isn’t the healthiest, we all have found ourselves in the drive thru on a Saturday morning indulging in a McMuffin, and although we don’t recommend it every day, we do suggest you at the very least do a drive by! Our McDonald’s is the only one in the world where the arches are turquoise and not golden; the powers that be felt the neon gold would clash, and everyone came to an agreement that turquoise complements the scenery so much better! And while there have been no studies as to such, we do firmly believe the turquoise arches make the Big Macs taste more delicious!


The Mystery of the Sinagua

The Sinagua people who once roamed the region were not as unsophisticated as earlier hunter/gatherer types; they created communities run by agriculture needs and invented games that are still the base of many of today’s games. They created the first irrigation system, they developed trade routes, and they even kept pets. (Dogs and parrots were the pets of choice for these sophisticated peoples.) One day, after centuries of living, working, and playing in Sedona, they suddenly disappeared! It is known as the Great Abandonment, and while no one really knows why they left, you can see how they lived when you visit Montezuma’s Castle and Well, located just a short distance from town.


Home to Slide Rock

Slide Rock is a natural waterslide created by the combined efforts of Oak Creek and the red rocks that are the mainstay of our town. Although you wouldn’t want to experience it in the spring, fall, or winter, in the summer it will be your favorite way to cool off! Located where there were once apple orchards, this popular tourist site is a much-welcomed reward when the mercury soars.


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