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If you have never been west of the Mississippi, you may not know what to expect from your wild west visit to Sedona, but because you have chosen Sedona.Org, that will soon change! We have created this quick guide to the magic of our area, giving some of the top tips that we think will help you acclimate to the uniqueness that is our red rock city. The first tip is of course to choose Sedona.Org for your vacation accommodations; keep reading to see the rest of our Sedona vacation tips!


Packing for the Seasons

It is always a bit of a shock to visitors taking trips to Sedona AZ how mild the climate can be in Sedona but remember; summers can get hot here with temperatures reaching the low 100s, so if you are a summer visitor, pack shorts, tees, and sunscreen! The good news is that winter months are cool to chilly, so your suitcase should only need clothes you can layer and perhaps a warm jacket for when the sun disappears behind the red rocks.


Start Early

Winter is when our town reaches its maximum capacity, so shops, restaurants, and activities may be crowded if you wait until afternoon to play, while in the summer months the heat can be a bit much for those not used to triple digit temperatures, making the mornings the best time for your Sedona adventures. In spring and fall, however, you can play all day without crowds, without heat, and without fail!


The Magic Is Real During Your Sedona Vacation

You have probably heard about vortexes, UFO Tours, and the indescribable beauty of the red rocks at sunset—or any time of the day, really—and although it may seem too good to be true, we are here to tell you that everything you have heard is absolutely true! There are tours you can take to see the vortexes. We are a Dark Sky Community, which means light pollution is minimal and at night you can see all the possibilities of this world and the others that surround us. As for the sunsets, they light up the sky with a red fire that shines down on the red rocks, and words do not do them justice; our sunsets will change your life!


Sedona.Org Is the First Name in Comfort

One night with us and you will be spoiled forever! Reserve your favorite property with us today and discover what it means to be appreciated and welcomed.

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