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The annual family vacation is important for so many reasons, not just the relaxation and fun ones! It’s about spending time with your children and realizing how cool they are. It’s about teaching them the importance of flexibility as we expand their thirsty minds with new experiences. Traveling with children isn’t always going to be easy, but it is probably the most important thing you will ever do for them, and this guide to your family trip to Sedona will help make it a tad easier!


The Right Vacation Home

Keeping our children entertained is a full-time job, and by choosing the right home, you can take a break while they entertain themselves! Older children will appreciate private pools and high-speed internet, while younger kids may just need a large fenced-in yard to roam freely, perhaps with their favorite pooch at their side. Many of our escapes offer game rooms and game consoles, putting greens and even golf courses on the edge of the properties, ensuring every minute at home will be their most favorite minutes of all.


Kid Friendly Hikes

We love the outdoors in Sedona, and the hiking trails that lead throughout our natural landscape are popular ones, many of which are child friendly. This means you can bring your 3-year-old on a hike to Bell Rock, the 10-mile walk with only a moderate elevation gain will probably not end with a hitchhiker on dad’s back! Other popular trails during family trips to Sedona include Cathedral Rock Trail and the Devil’s Bridge Trail, with the latter being one that is most engaging to children!


Slide Rock State Park

Offering a natural waterslide on which to cool off on during a hot summer’s day, Slide Rock is a “playground” unlike any other you have come across. Located on land that used to be an apple orchard, the water stays not just chilly, but cold year round and we can promise you will have difficulty getting your child to leave, even if their lips are blue and trembly!


Sedona Jeep® Tours

If your child is able to sit still in car rides for longer than 5 minutes, any of the colorful Jeep® Tours offered in Sedona will be great ways to introduce them (and yourselves!) to the area. Knowledgeable guides will drive guests to the most scenic spots in the region, talking about the fascinating history of the Wild West Days and even further back to the times when the only inhabitants were the Sinagua people!

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