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The joy of exploring new places should be open to everyone, not just the people that can easily walk, climb, and hike, and Sedona is a town that welcomes the differently abled. Offering wide sidewalks that make it easy for wheelchairs to cruise and many attractions that anyone can enjoy, we at Sedona.Org have created this guide to traveling to Sedona with disabilities, helping guests fill in the blank spots on their itinerary.

Getting Around Town

If you don’t feel comfortable driving in new areas, Sedona is a very walkable town, but you don’t have to be limited to only visiting spots within walking distance. The Red Rock Magic Trolley offers affordable tours of the most popular sites and attractions and is wheelchair accessible and air conditioned for your convenience. Also offering private tours, the colorful trolleys will be a great addition to your vacation journey.

Wheelchair Accessible Trails

We are a very mountainous town, and although most trails may be difficult for wheelchairs to navigate, the Oak Creek Trail is a concrete path that takes people of all abilities on a tour of Crescent Ranch Park. Featuring picnic pavilions, exquisite views of Cathedral Rock, and wheelchair accessible restrooms, this trail is one that should not be missed. If you want to get closer to Cathedral Rock and the energy vortex for which it is famous, the Oak Creek Trail leads visitors to the Red Rock Trail. This trail offers three spots that can be troublesome for wheelchairs, involving small rocks and roots, but they are navigable with a little help and extra effort.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

As a functioning church, you would expect the Chapel of the Holy Cross to be accessible, and you would be right! With the only potential issue being a steep ramp getting into the church requiring an extra set of helping hands to push a manually operated chair up (power chairs can easily manage it), the chapel and the incredible views inside are definitely something that should be added to your travel bucket list.

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

Shopping is almost a required activity in Sedona and Tlaquepaque is a walled-in open air mall that offers accessibility and awesome merchandise to purchase! Elevators lead to the second-story stores, increasing accessibility and giving visitors a perfect day of shopping in one of the most iconic spots in town.

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