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Travelers on a whole have a love/hate relationship with the winter season. We love the look of winter, the sight of snow blanketing the ground, and we love bundling up in our colorful winter clothes, staying warm while looking stylish, but then there is all that other stuff that accompanies this frigid season. Icy streets filled with bad drivers extend the time it takes to get from place to place and after so many months of cold, you begin to think you will never feel warm again. And that is when you start to turn your interest to warmer locales, places that the sun shines brightly, and you rarely need more than a lightweight jacket to keep you warm. Add in touch of magic, red rocks, and you have handily figured out that Sedona is the perfect vacation destination when you desperately need to escape the winter blues! This guide to the fun you can have and the comforts you will experience during your Sedona getaway is designed to help you make the most out of every minute of Sedona in winter.


Will There be Snow?

We can’t promise that there won’t be any snow, but we can tell you that other than a light dusting of snow on the red rocks that will be visible in the morning and may melt away before lunch, you won’t have to deal with the repercussions of a snowstorm. Winter low temperatures rarely fall into the snow zone, tending to hover at the 34 to 37 degree marks and highs that top off in the 60s make this season one of our favorite times to get outside and play. Hiking and biking are popular winter activities as are shopping and dining, giving visitors PLENTY of activities to keep them busy, entertained, and happy during their stay!


Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Shopping

Although winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21, bad weather doesn’t always follow the rules of a calendar, and you may be ready to get away by the middle of December. If that is the case, you can experience all the joys of the holiday season, shopping on Main Street and participating in the Holiday Sweet Stroll that takes place in Tlaquepaque on Saturday, December 18th from 3-7 PM. The village comes alive at Christmas, decorated to resemble a village straight out of the pages of Dickens novel, and as you dart in and out of the shops, restaurants, and art galleries that make Tlaquepaque the most popular area of Sedona, you will be serenaded by Carolers dressed in Victorian Garb, catch glimpses of the Grinch, meet Santa, and enjoy traditional holiday sweets!


Starting the New Year Beautifully

New years that start with beauty are destined to be the best years and when you explore the offerings at the Oak Creek Arts and Crafts Show on January 2nd, well, you are guaranteed to have the best year EVER! The village of Oak Creek, located just outside Sedona, is known for its artists and crafts people and the Arts and Crafts Show is one of our favorites. Pick up something for yourself that you didn’t get for Christmas or start birthday shopping early; there is guaranteed to be lots to fall in love with at this special event.


Lose Yourself in the Movies

The Sedona International Film Festival comes to town the week of February 19 through the 27th and we can’t think of a happier way to get rid of the winter blues than spending your days and nights losing yourself in stories told by the best independent filmmakers in the world! Featuring films that come from every genre, including shorts, student films, and even animated extravaganzas, this festival is fast becoming the hottest event in town and if you think you can manage it, watching every minute of the 90 films on display is guaranteed to be a memorable experience that may become your newest winter tradition!


The Longest Month of the Year

Although it isn’t any longer than August or January, March often seems like the longest month of the year, especially in colder climes. You are so ready to be done with Sedona in winter, but last minute temperature drops and unexpected blizzards may make you feel as if the season will never end. Of course, in Sedona and the surrounding areas, March is actually one of the most beautiful months, as the temperatures creep out the near freezing zone and the Camp Verde Wine & Pecan Festival comes to town! Taking place on March 19 and 20th in nearby Camp Verde, visitors can enjoy a day of nutty treats and sweet drinks and forget that winter is still going strong in their own home towns!


Play at Home with Sedona.Org

Baking cookies in fully equipped kitchens, warming yourself in front of a roaring fire as you watch holiday movies on state of the art televisions, and sleeping deep and hard in bedrooms designed to be tranquil and peaceful; these are just a few of the winter activities you can enjoy in the comfort of our seasonal sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite Sedona.Org escape today!

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