Chances are you have heard about the town of Sedona and its red rocks, and there is even a chance that at one point in your life you have even considered a vacation in red rock country. We are one of the top vacation destinations in the world, offering breathtaking scenery and a quirky vibe that combines otherworldly mystique and rustic Western charm, but you may not have known that we are a great family vacation spot as well. Today, we at Sedona.Org would like to provide a more complete picture of our hometown, exploring everything that makes a Sedona vacation the vacation destination that could quite possibly change the way you look at vacations forevermore.

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Kids Love Us

One of the most difficult things about vacations is trying to find something that your children will love to do. What interests your toddler, for instance, can bore your tween, and embarrass your teens, but Sedona is different. Sedona and the small towns that surround our beautiful red rock community offer an appeal that is appreciated by travelers of all ages, ensuring that everyone will find something that makes them thrilled your family chose Sedona for this vacation experience. The Science Vortex, located at 301 N Willard Street Room 202 in Cottonwood, for example, is a children’s museum offering a variety of interactive exhibits that will excite toddlers and tweens and don’t be surprised, if you happen to have a too cool teen in your life that they will find the experiments and exhibits mildly interesting as well.

Something for the Entire Family

Of course, the Science Vortex, while appealing and fascinating, is not exactly something that will make parents’ hearts skip a beat, but there are things that the entire family will enjoy during their Sedona journey. Slide Rock State Park offers a unique experience for summer visitors: the opportunity to frolic in the frosty waters of Oak Creek while sliding down a waterslide that is 100% natural. No human intervention was needed to create the slippery red rock surface of this waterslide, bringing cooling relief and fun adventures to travelers of all ages. Pack a picnic you made yourself in our fully equipped kitchens or stop by Indian Gardens Café & Market, 3951 N State Route 89A, and grab takeout to enjoy at any of the 15 open-air picnic areas found in the park.

A Tour of Tastes

The best vacations are the ones filled with the flavor of the region we are exploring, and Sedona is known to be a foodie paradise. Offering an authentic taste of the Southwest, travelers can enjoy the Mexican dishes served at the Javelina Cantina, 671 AZ-179, and if you are staying in one of our pet friendly escapes, bring your sweet pooch along for the meal, as this local restaurant isn’t just family friendly, it is pet friendly on the patio as well. Not all vacations are family ones, and if this getaway is a romantic one, couples love the laidback vibe and haute cuisine options found at Elote, 350 Jordan Road. Named after a popular Mexican street food, celeb chef and owner travels south of the border on a regular basis, seeking classic recipes that he can add his own distinctive twist to, and yes, we recommend that you do try the namesake appetizer, elote. And because there is no greater pleasure than a delicious breakfast prepared, served, and cleared away by someone else, we suggest that you add HP Café to your vacation meal bucket list. Located at 269 N State Route 89A and offering a flavorful blend of Mexican and American classics, this sweet café will provide the perfect beginning to a beautiful Arizona day.

Experience the Wild West on Your Terms

Long gone are the days of dirt roads, stagecoach transportation, and streets lined with loosely tied horses attached to hitching posts, but the echoes of those wild and wooly times can still be heard if you listen closely. Sedona was once a movie town, serving as an ideal location for filming Westerns, and between 1923 and 1995, about 50 movies were filmed in red rock country. Make a game out of figuring out which movie was filmed where while you are out and about, and if you don’t remember the movies, plan a movie night binge of Sedona-filmed movies and then start your game the next day. If you want to enjoy an Old West experience, however, Blazin’ M Ranch, found at 1875 Mabery Ranch Road in Cottonwood, offers chuckwagon dinners and shows, a Western town, and mechanical bull riding, taking guests on a wild ride back to the days when cowboys were the good guys and shootouts in the streets were a common occurrence.

An Artist Community

The most beautiful places in the world attract the most talented artists, and a Sedona vacation is no exception. You can’t walk far without witnessing the results of their creative genius, with art galleries appearing far more frequently than fast food restaurants appear in most towns all over the nation. Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, 561 State Route 179, is Sedona’s largest and most unusual gallery, exhibiting the work of over 100 artists in a gallery that stretches out over 20,000 square feet in size. Zonies Galleria, 215 AZ-89A, has been a Sedona tradition for over 30 years, providing shoppers with the opportunity to pick up a piece of the Southwest to enjoy in their own homes; their décor pieces range from petite to extra grande, so you are sure to find something sized just right to fit in your carryon. And if you don’t want to gallivant all over town, Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, 336 AZ-179, is a walled artists’ “commune” filled with shops exhibiting the best works of a huge selection of local artists.

Outdoor Adventures

Sedona experiences nearly 300 days of sunshine every year, and although summers can get a bit warm, we never reach the temps you may have heard that our southern cities often reach, enabling visitors and locals to get outside and play as often as they like. Open air jeep tours are popular, allowing tourists to enjoy a taste of the red rocks, learning the spots they want to return to and explore more in depth. Hiking is popular in Sedona and the best trails lead hikers to the most popular red rock formations, including Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Devil’s Bridge. Mountain biking is a thrilling adventure, and if you want to test your skills before hitting the mountain biking trails that traverse the area, Sedona Bike Skills Park, 525 Posse Ground Road, is the perfect place to do so. Fishing in Oak Creek and golfing at world class courses are more outdoor adventures you can enjoy during your unforgettable Arizona vacation in our favorite place on earth.

Our Rich History

While Arizona is a relative newcomer to the United States—we were admitted into the union on February 14 in 1912—our history dates back thousands of years, with the Sinagua people once making this region their home. Evidence of the life they led is apparent all around us, and their cliff dwellings can be viewed in a variety of places, including the Palataki Heritage Site (located closer to Flagstaff), Montezuma Castle National Monument (located in Camp Verde, about 30 minutes outside of Sedona), and our hometown fave, the Honanki Heritage Site, found right here in Sedona. The Honanki Heritage Site, 11450 N Loy Butte Road, showcases the sandstone cliff dwellings these ancient people lived in while also providing a peek into their art in the form of rock art drawings and is an amazing example of the strength and fortitude of the Sinagua while also making us wonder why they disappeared from the landscape as quickly as they appeared. Honanki and Palataki feature the largest cliff dwellings in the area, but all three sites are worthy of visiting.

Mystical Charms

If you have done any research in anticipation of your Sedona journey, you have probably read more than a few articles on the vortexes that can be found here, but do you really know what a vortex is? They are described as “swirling centers of energy” that can help us tap into our hidden selves, aiding in meditation, healing, and self-exploration, and when you visit these sites, you may discover that the energy brings you peace and inspiration to be the better you. It’s not just the red rocks that offer mystical charms, however, as the shops that line the streets of Sedona reflect the magic that surrounds us and can provide psychic readings, crystals that resolve your issues, and healing in ways you never knew you needed. Shops like The Twisted Alchemist (235 N State Route 89A unit 3), Peace Place Gifts & Reiki Center Sedona (355 Jordan Road), and Sacred Elements of Sedona (1456 AZ-179) all offer an interesting peek into the metaphysical world.

The Sedona Landscape

Honestly, we could have used a lot less words to convince you of all the reasons Sedona should be your next vacation destination just by providing you with the three words you see here: the Sedona landscape. Offering magic, color, and a beauty that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world, it is almost impossible to ignore the call of the red rocks. Jutting out of the landscape, the names we call them—Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Coffee Pot, etc.—come from the form they take, and yes, Coffee Pot Rock does resemble an oversized adobe-hued coffee pot, and when you see them for the first time, you will know. This part of Arizona, unlike the arid deserts south of us, is all about color, and the reds of the rocks will seem richer, the green of the trees more verdant, and the blue of our skies will shine bright, bringing joy to all who are lucky enough to be witness the colors that are a feast for the eyes. And because the words we use here can’t paint a complete picture, we encourage you to come check it out for yourself.

The Sanctuaries of Sedona.Org

If you have followed us long enough, you may have noticed that we tend to toss out words like sanctuary and haven to describe our vacation rentals, but there really is no better way to describe them. Walking in for the first time, our guests feel welcomed and at home, and when they catch their first sight of the walls of windows and the views that lie just outside, they also fall madly and passionately in love. Our furnishings will be soft and plush, our modern amenities will be state of the art and a joy to use, and the entertainment options will be plentiful, but it’s those views that will cement the beginning of a love affair with Sedona that we know will last a lifetime. That doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t continue to extoll the virtues of our serene and luxurious escapes, partly because we are so proud and partly because they are designed to be an integral part of your Sedona vacation experience. Located all over Sedona and in the surrounding communities of Cottonwood and Cornville, the list of amenities included will ensure that every moment of your time “at home” will be filled with comfort, fun, and luxury.

Did We Convince You?

Our vacation time is very important to our health and wellbeing, and we at Sedona.Org understand the importance of the rentals we offer. We love our hometown and can’t imagine living anywhere else, and as such, we consider ourselves lucky that we can share it with people from all over the world, hopefully also sharing many reasons as to why Sedona is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the nation. Reserve your favorite escape today and plan to be amazed. This is one place you have to see to believe!

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Summer is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: It is time to start planning our summer vacations! It also brings to mind all the things you need to do to prepare for that trip, including choosing your accommodations. During the “dark ages” of vacationing, (days that weren’t all that long ago) it meant visiting travel agencies and hoping that the hotels they recommended matched the glossy brochures they handed us with such enthusiasm. Today, we may do all our searching via the internet, and it isn’t hotels we are searching for—or is it? If you are still making the choice of hotel over vacation rental and your summer getaway is going to be a magical one in Sedona, we at Sedona.Org have created this guide to all the reasons our vacation rentals are so much better than Sedona hotel rooms.

Comfortable and Relaxing

If you have said it once, you may have said it a dozen times or more, but the phrase, “It is just a place to rest my head,” should be permanently banned from your vocabulary! Your entire vacation experience begins and ends at the doorstep of your vacation escape, and if the hours you spend resting and recuperating aren’t comfortable, you will feel the difference. Our beds are designed with the perfect amount of bounce, our sofas and chairs invite you to sink into their depths and forget that your feet are exhausted from all the walking you have been doing, and when you realize that you deserve this comfort, you will never accept anything less ever again!

Stylish and Luxurious Alternatives to Sedona Hotel Rooms

Ok, many high-end hotels can be stylish and even luxurious, but when you experience the magic of a Sedona.Org sanctuary, you will recognize the difference. Designed to make families feel at home, the style won’t make you feel as if you are living in a museum. Prop your feet up on the coffee table, snuggle under that colorful throw, and as you peer around at your surroundings, perhaps feeling envy that the vibrant painting over the fireplace isn’t yours, understand that while our art is not for sale, much of it has been purchased right here in Sedona, and you will probably be able to find something similar (if not exactly the same) during your shopping expeditions.

All the Amenities

Yes, we will agree that many hotels have stepped up their amenity game, offering more than a questionably sanitary pool and hot tub on their premises, but even with their upgrades, they really can’t compare to our Sedona havens of fun and comfort. Standalone homes with large backyards may provide private pools, hot tubs, and the occasional putting green as well as firepits or fireplaces that will be most appreciated on chilly nights. Game rooms, theater rooms, and televisions in the living rooms and all the bedrooms allow the fun to continue inside our homes, and yes, many offer fireplaces for extra warmth and romance. Wine chillers for the wines you purchase during your exploration of the Verde Valley Wine Trail and all the small appliances, including coffee makers, blenders, and toasters, will give you the opportunity to snack and sip well without leaving the boundaries of the abode you chose.

The Space Makes All the Difference

If you have ever shared a single hotel room with parents, siblings, and maybe the family pet, you will appreciate the difference a condo or standalone home makes. Being forced to share a bed with your baby sister who has just graduated from diapers to training pants is a form of torture that should not be forced upon anyone, and when four or more people are sharing a single bathroom, no one is surprised when World War III breaks out amongst the not-so-happy travelers! Every space we offer is designed to give you the space you need to retreat to when the kids are too kid-like, the spouse is being way too spouse-y, and the world seems to be closing in all around you. Head to the master bath, lock the door, and fill a deep tub with hot water made fragrant by the oils you have added, stream your favorite soothing music, and lose yourself in the magic of the book you are reading. You could do this in a hotel room, for sure, but how much would you be inconveniencing the rest of your traveling party?

And Then, There’s the Money You Can Save

Vacations can be costly, and even though a hotel room may be cheaper by the night, when you factor in the costs of being forced to eat out for every meal, we think you will definitely see the light! Our fully equipped kitchens are furnished with gourmet appliances, helping to bring the joy back to your cooking experiences. Reserve your favorite escape today!

Every vacation offers a new and exciting chapter to our autobiographies, filled with the adventures we enjoyed and the memories we made. But a Sedona vacation? Well, we at Sedona.Org believe this is a vacation that deserves its own book, with each chapter detailing all the fun and joy you experienced during your Arizona adventures. And perhaps the best chapter of all will be the one that documents all the meals you devoured while under the spell of the magic of our red rock town and because we want to make sure this is the most well rounded chapter of all, we have compiled this ultimate Sedona dining guide for our guests perusal, offering a full list of the best restaurants in town!

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Mornings Filled with Memories

If you are like us, many of your vacation memories are detailed recounting of the meals you enjoyed, many of which will be the morning meals found in the restaurants we have listed below.

The Coffee Pot Restaurant, 2050 W State Route 89A, 6 AM- 2 PM

Every visit to Sedona must include at least one meal from the Coffee Pot Restaurant, resting in the shadows of Coffee Pot rock. Open every day for breakfast and lunch, this very reasonably priced diner offers an extensive menu of breakfast favorites, including the largest selection of omelets in the state—101, to be exact! We can’t stress enough that THIS will be the breakfast you will remember forever and if you want a more concrete memory of your visit to the Coffee Pot, those uniquely shaped mugs in which you are enjoying your coffee? They are handmade and are for sale.


Indian Gardens Café & Market, 3951 N State Route 89A, 8 AM- 4 PM

Secret gardens tucked away in quiet areas are something else you can enjoy during your stay in Sedona and the Indian Gardens Café & Market is the perfect example. Offering a small market at which you can pick up a few things to help stock your Sedona.Org kitchen, it is their café that will make you a fan of farm fresh food and beautiful settings. Each table outside is in its own garden niche, surrounded by low bushes and flowering plants, making you feel as if you are enjoying a private morning (or midday) meal all on your own. The menu is filled with a combination of Southwest favorites (breakfast burritos) and country cooking (biscuits & gravy.)

The Rascal, 2250 W State Route 89A, 7 AM- 10 PM

We had to think long and hard about adding this modern diner to our breakfast list, especially as it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, but because they also offer brunch, so here it is. If you are staying in one of our pet friendly sanctuaries, the pet friendly patio will make this your favorite breakfast spot, and their dedication to your dog’s comfort goes as far as to provide cold-filtered water for every pooch that walks onto the patio. The menu features everything from a morning parfait to a toasted bagel topped with truffled egg salad and smoked salmon, ensuring that everyone in your traveling party will find something that appeals.


Ready for Lunch?

No matter how large the breakfast you just enjoyed may have been, after a morning filled with hiking, shopping, or even hanging out at Slide Rock, you will be ready to enjoy an equally hearty lunch, something all the restaurants below will provide.

Sedona Memories Café, 321 Jordan Road, 10 AM – 2 PM

Speaking of memories, the ones you will make at Sedona Memories Café may feel a bit more urban in nature. This bakery/deli is known for providing sandwiches piled high with your favorite meats, and its menu is a simple one, listing a variety of breads, meats, and cheeses for your dining pleasure. You get to choose the combination that makes you happiest but do yourself a favor and at least consider the special of the day!

Senor Bob’s Burgers, Hot Dogs, & More, 2015 W State Route 89A, 10 AM – 6 PM Most Days

For those days you just want something casual, quick, and delicious, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Senor Bobs! Their menu isn’t fancy but is filled with your favorite lunch foods, some prepared with a unique twist including nacho fries, a Bob-a-loo sandwich made with pork and pickles, and their Senor-an Dog, topped with jalapeños, pico de gallo, refried beans, cilantro aioli, and crumbled bacon! Even better, the cost of this charming spot offering an outdoor patio is so reasonable, you will be able to save a little something extra to put towards all the art and souvenirs you won’t be able to avoid purchasing.


Butterfly Burger, 6657 AZ-179 Suite B1, Open at 11:30 AM

You may not have expected the elevated tastes found at Butterfly Burger, but this chef driven restaurant never fails to surprise. Featuring the culinary creations of Chef Lisa Dahl, every burger offers something unique and extraordinary and after your first bite you may never be satisfied with ordinary burgers ever again. Seriously, try the Butterfly Burger, topped with Manchego Cheese, Peppered Bacon, Guacamole, and Chipotle Aioli. It will change your life, especially when washed down with a boozy burger!

When the Dinner Bell Rings

For our tour of the dinner menus of Sedona’s best restaurants, we are going to break the category down even further, beginning with family friendly restaurants that parents are going to feel comfortable visiting with their sometimes feral children. (We are parents too, we get that even the most well behaved children will have moments in which their behavior is less than stellar!)

Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits, 241 N State Route 89A, 11 AM- 9 PM

Can you really say you were in Sedona if you didn’t visit the Cowboy Club at least once? The Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits offers a long history that is intertwined with the history of Sedona, with its earliest incarnation, the Oak Creek Tavern being the IT spot for celebrities visiting in the 50s and 60s. Today, its menu is a creative one, filled with burgers, entrees, and wild game dishes that will make you remember simpler times. Open every day for lunch and dinner, it doesn’t matter which meal you attend at the Cowboy Club, it just matters that you try it at least once. Its Lil’ Buckeroos menu is designed to appeal to immature palates, but its adult menu is as sophisticated as a fine dining restaurant, without featuring inflated prices. Try the Elk Chops and be swept away!


Moondog’s Pizza and Dinner, 2481 Route 89A, 11 AM-9 PM

Pizza is a meal that everyone can get behind, being the one that ends squabbles and promotes peace, especially when that pizza comes from Moondog’s Pizza and Dinner. Offering a pretty large delivery area, tired travelers can spend an evening at home relaxing and recuperating from the day’s adventures. The restaurant itself is a cheerful space, featuring warm red walls and lots of wood table and chairs, each table offering enough space to hold the largest pizzas for hungry diners. The menu is a large one covering not just pizza, but calzones, burgers, subs, chicken, and pasta, so if for some obscure reason you don’t like pizza, there is sure to be a meal that you will fall in love with.

Maria’s Restaurant & Cantina, 6446 AZ-179 #212, Open Various Hours

We’re surprising ourselves by the realization that until now we haven’t mentioned a single Mexican restaurant. We will be remedying that shortly, with its own category, but for the moment, we want to concentrate on Maria’s Restaurant & Cantina. Offering traditional Mexican fare in casual surroundings, it is impossible to be unhappy when sitting at heavy wood tables with a bowl of chips and salsa in front of you! The menu offers no surprises, filled with spicy and cheesy goodness, just don’t ask us to choose our favorite, because EVERY dish should have its day and depending on our mood, our favorite changes on a daily basis!


Special Occasion Restaurants

Sedona is a magical town and if you are celebrating something special, a meal at these special occasion restaurants will give you something more to celebrate!

Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante, 2321 AZ 89A, 5 PM – 9 or 10 PM

Offering a Tuscan ambiance in the heart of Sedona, Dahl & Di Luca features white tablecloth topped tables, an extensive wine menu, and classic Italian dishes, this special spot was also voted one of the nation’s top romantic restaurants. If you really want to up the romance value, their prixe fixe menu elevates your dining experience.

Elote Café, 350 Jordan Road, Closed Sundays & Mondays, Open 5 PM-9 PM

Local celeb chef Jeff Smedstad has made a career out of traveling the deep south of Mexico and bringing variations of the best meals from those regions back to the US. Elote Café is an award-winning restaurant that has never delivered even a so-so meal, every bite is guaranteed to be your favorite. Named after a popular Mexican street food, (elote is actually on the menu if you want to sample it) the meals are farm to table and locally sourced whenever possible. The Duck Carnitas are something everyone should try, and if you are interested in trying out some of the recipes you may have tried during your meal to remember, Chef Jeff offers a featured recipe on his webpage, allowing guests to try his best work at home.


Che ah Chi, 525 Boynton Canyon Road, Open Various Hours

Serving breakfast and lunch from 6:30 to 3:30, and then closing until 5 PM and opening again for dinner, Che ah Chi also offers live music in the evenings for a dining experience you will love. Mangalista Pork Chops, Braised Elk Osso Bucco, and Venison Mole are just a few of the elevated dining options offered at this restaurant that overlooks the canyon. Sitting in the shadow of the red rocks, be sure to save room for their “Journey of Flavors through Chocolate,” taking a tour through life’s sweetest treat that will make you fall even deeper in love with the candy.

Savoring the Spice

The best part of any vacation is being able to enjoy a taste of the region and in Arizona that cuisine, is, of course, Mexican food. We were raised on quesadillas in a nation where most people are still eating grilled cheese sandwiches and once you sample this delicacy (assuming you haven’t already) we think you will want to make the cuisine of Mexico a regular addition to your own menu at home. Here are a few restaurants to try.

Javelina Cantina, 671 AZ-179, Open at 11 AM Every Day

Offering a dog-friendly patio overlooking the red rocks, the menu of Javelina Cantina is as joyful and welcoming as the restaurant itself. Vegans love this flavorful spot providing an extensive list of vegan and vegetarian dishes and if you can’t figure out which margarita you want to try, order a flight of them, and try them all! Their Chicken Mole Enchiladas are truly special and their Vegetarian’s Choice combo dish is hearty and filling enough that even die-hard carnivores won’t miss the meat.


El Rincon Restaurante Mexicano, 336 AZ-179, 11 AM – 8 PM

Authenticity matters to us in Sedona and the authentic flavors of El Rincon shine through every bite. A Sedona tradition since 1976, this restaurant features a menu that blends Mexican favorites with native Navajo food, presenting a taste that is unique to the region, one that will be your next obsession. Located in the heart of Tlaquepaque Arts Village, the serenity of its surroundings is embedded in the ingredients that make up every meal on the menu, and because there isn’t a meal that isn’t prepared with attention to all the details, we aren’t recommending a single dish, we recommend them all.

Come Home to Sedona.Org

There will be some nights when you want to stay in, feeling the need to rest, relax, and explore the amenities of your Sedona.Org vacation escape, and our fully equipped kitchens will ensure that no one needs to skip a meal! Make your own restaurant quality meals on professional style appliances and bring back the joy in cooking; reserve your favorite escape today, and take this Sedona dining guide with you on your next stay!

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Travelers know that when you visit popular attractions or towns, there will be crowds, there will be lines, and often, there will be elevated prices. However, you can still enjoy a vacation to a popular destination by exploring the activities, attractions, and restaurants the locals all know, love, and populate, creating a vacation experience that shines brighter than all others. This insider’s guide to Sedona is one we at Sedona.Org put a lot of time, thought, and research into and will help you fill your vacation hours with fun and excitement while also introducing you to the comforts and luxuries that come standard in all our Sedona sanctuaries.

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Day 1: Arizona Adventures Await

First, let us welcome you to Grand Canyon State, home of sunshine, red rocks, and of course, the Grand Canyon, which, coincidentally, is just 113 miles away from your Sedona.Org Arizona abode! On this first full day in town, travelers are sure to be excited to begin their new adventures, but first, breakfast. Your choices are plentiful in Sedona, starting with preparing something in the luxuriously appointed kitchens, filled with high-end appliances and a cheerful vibe. But for those that may have forgotten to stock up on some essential food items upon arrival, a visit to Miley’s Café, 7000 AZ-179, should be your first stop of the day. Offering a flavorful blend of American and Mexican favorites, this café is where the locals go to eat well and savor beautiful mornings on their patio and is open from 6:30 AM until 2 PM Tuesday through Saturday.

A Hike to Remember

With nearly 300 days of sunshine and because the temperatures are quite a bit cooler up north than in the central parts of Arizona, we try to play outside every chance we get, which means we do a LOT of hiking. However, tourists are of like mind, and the most popular trails will get crowded and less serene during the height of tourist season—but don’t let that stop you. The most popular trails do bring you to some of the most beautiful spots in Sedona, (Bell Rock, Devil’s Bridge, and the Fay Canyon Trail, to mention a few) but you may want to check out the Roundabout Trail. Meandering through an isolated section of west Sedona, most travelers haven’t quite discovered this part of paradise yet, giving the hikers that have the feeling of being the only ones in the world. Stretching out about 2 miles in a loop, spring hikers may find themselves in an enchanted garden, as wildflowers bloom profusely after the typically wet winters. Well-marked and easy to find, simply drive West from the Y intersection State Routes 179 & 89A on 89A for about 4.2 miles, turning right on Cultural Park Place.


Secret Adventures

For those who may have grown up in farm country, you already know the joys of picking wild raspberries, blackberries, and the occasional strawberry while roaming the pastures and forests of your hometown. What most people don’t know, however, is the Oak Creek area is one of our favorite places to pick blackberries in the last months of summer. Juicy, ripe, and bursting with flavor, one of our favorite places to pick can be found just north of Slide Rock, near the house with the big letter R on the gate. We aren’t going into the house on this Sedona travel guide, however, but are taking the trail that is to the left of that gate, leading explorers to the creek where the blackberries are the most abundant. Want to enjoy blackberries without all the work of picking them? This is the time of year when many local restaurants offer blackberry pie and cobbler, including Layla’s Bakery Café, located at 3190 W State Route 89A. Also serving a limited lunch menu, it may be the perfect midday break for tired adventurers.

Day 2: So Much More to Explore

Chances are your first evening at home with Sedona.Org consisted of pizza ordered from Hideaway House and an early bedtime after the hike and the blackberry picking. And now that you have a good night’s sleep (Our beds are so comfortable!), it is time to head out again, starting with breakfast at the Coffee Pot Restaurant. Located at 2050 W State Route 89A, if you have followed Sedona.Org for any amount of time, you may have noticed that we recommend this restaurant a LOT! Offering an extensive menu in surroundings that remind us it is the food that is the star of this show, you just can’t beat the downhome goodness of a Coffee Pot Restaurant breakfast, especially when your plate is filled with one of their 101 omelets!


Sedona International Film Festival, February/March

The Sedona International Film Festival celebrates 30 years in February/March 2024, and this year’s celebration promises to be bigger and better than ever before, perhaps giving Sundance a run for its money! This 9-day festival is jam packed with activities and events, including the showing of over 140 films, workshops, competitions, and the possibility of rubbing shoulders with some of your favorite celebrities; we love how the big superstars are discovering the beauty of independent films and Sedona is practically teeming with well-known faces during festival time, making it the perfect activity for travelers who love the magic of movies.

Didn’t Make It in Time for the Film Festival?

It can be sad if the event you really wanted to see just wasn’t in your schedule, but this can also provide the perfect opportunity to drown your sorrows in some local wine! The northern part of Arizona is fast becoming competition for Napa Valley, without all the elevated prices, and Sedona is actually home to one of our favorite wineries, Winery 1912, 320 AZ-89A #3. This local winery is a hotspot for tourists and residents alike, never appearing too busy and providing absolutely stunning views of the red rocks, so be sure to drop in during some of your spare moment and sip your way to serenity. Want to take your sipping and sampling to the next level? Dog-friendly Wine Tours of Sedona, while not a hidden gem, offers a tour of the Verde Valley Wine Trail and lets you bring your most loyal traveling partners along for the ride!


After the Sun Sets

In the summer, temps can become a bit toasty, making us more than ready for the night, and when you are looking for a dining/drinking experience that is strictly local, just point your rental car in the direction of the Sundowner. Located at 37 Navajo Drive, there is nothing fancy about this local’s only establishment, but the food is the stuff dreams are made of. Burgers that are twice the size of your hand, plates of crispy fried chicken, and fish tacos they call appetizers but can be an entire meal for those with smaller appetites. Open from 10 AM until 11 PM Monday through Saturday and 11 AM until 8 PM on Sundays, Sundowner will make your taste buds weep tears of joy.

Day 3: Finding Joy in the Red Rocks

There is nothing we love more than waking up to another sunny day in Sedona, and as you settle into the rhythm of the Southwest, you will find yourself feeling the same way. Day three looms ahead, filled with possibilities, magic, and possibly some more relaxation and fun at home in your Sedona.Org sanctuary. This may be the day you choose to explore the amenities we offer in our sumptuous properties, perhaps lazing around the pool, soaking in the hot tub, or playing pool in the properties that offer game rooms. By now you have probably made your way to the local grocery stores, stocking your shelves with boxes of cereal, your refrigerator with milk, beer, and eggs (the necessities), and if the property you rented offers a wine chiller, we are sure you purchased a few bottles of your favorite during your wine tour. Sleep late on day three and find joy in scrambling eggs on name brand ranges. There’s no rush for you to go anywhere today, and if midafternoon finds you napping on plush sofas in our living rooms, all the better! Today there are no rules, just a plethora of opportunities for relaxing and reveling in the magic that is Sedona and the comforts that are a standard amenity in our Sedona.Org homes.

Ready for a Night Out?

After spending the day relaxing, you may be experiencing a bit of cabin fever, and although Sedona is by no means considered a party town, there are a few spots that you might want to explore. Sound Bites Grill, 101 N State Route 89A, offers live music every night from Wednesday through Sunday. They offer a full menu made with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. (Sorry, the lobster & crab nachos are NOT locally sourced; the closest ocean is hundreds of miles away from us, but it is certainly worth ordering nonetheless!) As with many restaurants and even bars, Sound Bites closes at 9 PM, allowing visitors to enjoy an early evening and perhaps wake up early for the sunrise in the morning.


Something Extra

So far, everything we have mentioned is located in Sedona proper, but what about the fun things you can experience in nearby towns? The Verde Valley Wine Trail, mentioned earlier, takes visitors on a wine tasting tour through outlying towns, all of which may offer something extra to enjoy during your visit. Below we have mentioned some of the top attractions or activities in a few of those towns.


This former mining town located just 27+ miles outside of Sedona very nearly disappeared until local artists began to move in, revitalizing the potential ghost town. Today, Jerome features shops and galleries in historic buildings and one of the weirdest things you can see is the Sliding Jail. A key attraction on the Jerome History Tour, the jail has slid over 200 feet since construction in 1905 and although it is merely a concrete ruin, it is fun to imagine the bad guys who may have resided within and who knows? Maybe their spirits are still hanging around!


Camp Verde

The oldest town in the Verde Valley, Campe Verde’s history is clearly apparent, especially when you visit Montezuma Castle National Monument. Home to the ancient Sinagua peoples, the cliff dwellings were once a vital and thriving community, lasting approximately 300 years from AD 1100 through 1425. Located 27 miles from Sedona, the cliff dwellings are fascinating structures that provide an interesting glimpse into those long-ago days.


Home to the Verde Valley Railroad, Clarkdale is Arizona’s first planned community, created as a company town for the United Verde Copper Company, located just 23 miles away from your Sedona.Org sanctuary. If you do nothing else while visiting Clarkdale, RIDE THAT TRAIN! Offering a stunning tour of the most beautiful parts of the Verde Valley, the railroad offers special events including a Polar Express tour at Christmas that our kids have never missed.



Despite the name, no corn has ever been grown in Cornville. The name comes from a misinterpretation of a local family, the Cohns. Home to Harmony Acres Ranch, located at 13437 Elizabeth Lane, the farm breeds, sells, and rehomes farm animals often found in petting zoos. Kids love this place for all the animals which are allowed to be petted and adults love the organic veggies sold here as well as the gourmet jams they make and sell.

Arizona Adventures for Everyone

Every adventure in Arizona will make you wish you never had to leave, especially as you can come home every night to Sedona.Org during your stay. Our homes offer that feeling of family, of welcoming, and spoil all who reside within. Reserve your favorite escape after reading our guide to Sedona today!

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There’s a special kind of joy found in the spring in Sedona, a magic that reflects the mystic qualities of our red rock town, and when you plan a spring escape to Arizona, we can promise that every minute of your stay will be filled with wonder, especially when you choose Sedona.Org for your seasonal sanctuary. As we enter the waning months of winter, you may be wishing for warmth and sunny days and adventures that make you happy to be alive, and all that can be found right here in our hometown. Because you can never have to much wonderful, we have created this guide to the top spring events in Sedona, helping you fill every moment with fun and excitement.

Sedona Yoga Festival, April 14-17, Sedona Performing Arts Center

If downward facing dog, tree pose, and happy baby pose are words that mean something to you, we know you will appreciate all that is offered by the Sedona Yoga Festival, a three-day event that is making its 10th visit to Sedona this year. Offering classes, workshops, and performances that will make you marvel at the flexibility of the yogis who don’t just take classes on a regular basis, they truly live the yoga lifestyle. Tickets cost $289 for the entire three days.

Piano on the Rocks International Festival, April 26-28, 3511 Verde Valley School Road

This free event provides a serenity that your soul will appreciate and as you listen to the stories told by man and the 88 keys, we think you will find yourself wanting to come back for every day of the festival. Featuring the top pianists from all over the world, admission is free but donations are welcome.

Sedona Community Farmers Market, Sundays in the Fargo Bank Parking Lot

Farmers markets have a history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, and when something survives for that long, you know there is a reason behind it. Nothing compares to a casual stroll through a local farmers market, examining the fresh produce, sampling sweet handmade baked goods, and exploring the artistic endeavors of local vendors and artists, and our Sedona Community Farmers Market, while not offering a 5000-year-long history, should definitely be added to your itinerary. Open on Sundays from 11 AM until 3 PM, the last farmers market before summer takes place on April 28.

Free to Be Me Drum Circle, May 18, Pavilion at Posse Grounds Park

This next event costs nothing and is destined to free the souls of all who participate. The Free to Be Me Drum Circle takes a page from the book of many beach towns, offering drums to all who are interested (to be used at the drum circle only) and providing a family-friendly experience that is also budget friendly, costing nothing, even if you borrow their drums! Release your inner musician and learn the skills your parents probably tried to keep you from learning as a child; the drum circle begins at noon and ends at 2 PM.

Dance Around the World, May 19, Pavilion at Posse Grounds Park

The Sedona Dance Academy presents this international dance showcase, taking the audience on a graceful tour of the dance styles of a variety of countries. Talented and entertaining, the beauty of dance in the shadows of the red rocks can never be overrated, and with ticket prices ranging from $5 to $10, it is a budget friendly activity that will enhance the beauty of your stay in Sedona.

Spring Events in Sedona on Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-27

This spring holiday serves as the kickoff to summer, and although there aren’t going to be any organized activities on this wonderful weekend, there will be plenty to do and explore. Swim at Slide Rock, eat an all-American breakfast at HP Café, or simply hike to any of the vortexes, letting their magic feed the need you never knew existed. As our country pays homage to all those who sacrificed everything for our freedoms, you can be celebrating, relaxing, and discovering the beauty of summer a full month before it occurs!

The Family Barbecue

The most memorable events may be the ones that take place in the comfort of your Sedona.Org Spring Break escape, and we are happy to be able to provide the homes that will feel like home. Plan a family barbecue, lounging poolside as the scent of hotdogs and hamburgers grilling waft through the air. April showers will bring more than May flowers, providing the opportunity for guests to binge watch movies on state-of-the-art televisions or participate in marathon board game sessions at our dining room tables built for families. Every minute of your spring vacation will be filled with fun and frolic when you choose to come home to Sedona.Org every night of your stay. Reserve your favorite today!

The magic of Sedona is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives and if you have been looking for something special to do over Valentine’s Day, a holiday journey to Arizona and a stay in our Sedona.Org vacation escapes may be just the thing. Offering sunny days, exciting adventures, and cozy love nests that will be most appreciated in the dark depths of winter, this guide to the top reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Sedona will help you fill all the minutes of your stay!

The Sun Always Shines in Sedona

On average, the sun shines 278 out of every 365 days, and for couples flying in from colder and darker places, the only thing brighter will be the sparkle in your Valentine’s eyes! The temperatures may still be cool in the winter months, tiptoeing into the 60s, but as the sun shines down on your Sedona adventures, it will be impossible not to feel warm and happy. Dress in layers for any hikes you may take, as mornings may be cold and the heat of the sun vanishes quickly when it drops behind the red rocks. Some mornings you may wake up to a dusting of snow, but as in every Hallmark movie, the snowfall is gentle and romantic, and will melt before the sun sets again.

A Hike Is More Than Just a Hike

The couple that hikes together, stays together, and during your Valentine’s Day in Sedona, you will soon discover that a hike is more than a hike when the red rocks are in the backdrop. Energy vortexes are rare in the world, occurring when a buildup of spiritual energy takes place and our red rock town comes in second behind Stonehenge as being the most powerful in the world. The major vortexes can be found along four beautiful trails, Cathedral and Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa, all four trails offering stunning views that you will never forget. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is also rumored to be a vortex, but that spiritual energy may just be residual from the prayers and energy released by worshippers at the church on the site.

The Wine Tastes Better On Valentine’s Day in Sedona

You and your valentine are about to discover that Napa Valley has something to worry about. The Verde Valley Wine Trail runs through Sedona, with a variety of wineries selling delicious Arizona wine, and as you sit in front of the floor to ceiling windows that reveal a panoramic view of the red rocks and the landscape they are planted in at Winery 1912, 320 AZ-89A #3, your romance will take on a starring role in your holiday celebrations.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a romantic meal, and the restaurants of Sedona are eager to offer dining experiences that you will never forget. Share secrets and dreams over an Italian feast at the Hideaway House, where views of Oak Creek and the canyon below will change your life or stick with the traditional favorites served at Tii Gavo; their truffle guacamole will spoil you against anyone else’s guacamole forevermore. Cress on Oak Creek offers outdoor dining and candlelit meals, accompanied by the babbling music of Oak Creek meandering its way through town.

The Views from Above

If you think Sedona is lovely from the ground, just wait until you are viewing it from the basket attached to colorful balloons flying above the magical landscape. Hot air balloon tours are perhaps the most romantic way to enjoy a tour of the town and Northern Light Balloon Expeditions is one of our favorite ballooning company. Offering sunrise flights that are followed by champagne breakfasts in celebration of your exciting adventure, the pictures you take as you fly high above the red rocks will be the ones you can’t wait to hang on your walls.

Our Sedona.Org Love Nests

Of all the reasons you should spend Valentine’s Day 2024 in Sedona, perhaps the best reason will be staying in our Sedona.Org love nests. Offering comfort, warmth, and quiet luxuries that make travel all that much better, your love story will add a comfortable new chapter when you reside within. Hot tubs under the stars beg to be enjoyed with a glass of Arizona wine, fully equipped kitchens give young lovers the opportunity to stay in for the night and prepare the foods they love best, and in many of our properties, a romantic evening spent cuddling together in front of a roaring fire will bring yet another element of magic to your Arizona Valentine’s Day vacation. Reserve your favorite Sedona.Org holiday hideaway today and discover all the reasons that February 14th should always be spent in the shadows of the red rocks!

The sun shines brightly upon all Sedona vacations, but somehow it shines brighter on the charms and luxuries of one of our most popular Sedona.Org vacation sanctuaries, giving it a name that is most apt. Sedona Illuminated harvests the light of the sun and the glow of the moon, reaping comfortable days, luxurious nights, and peace and joy for everyone who resides within. This guide to the home destined to be the happy place of travelers from all over the world will set the course for a vacation filled with tranquility, serenity, and all the magic of the red rocks of Arizona.

Welcome Travelers to Sedona Illuminated

You may feel like pinching yourself when you walk inside Sedona Illuminated for the first time, unable to believe that the comfort and luxury found within is yours for the stay, but we urge you to save yourself the pain. We can assure you that this vacation escape that may have jumped out of your dreams and onto the red rock landscape of Sedona is absolutely real, and even if you have chosen to enjoy a 30-day stay at a discounted rate, your stay will never be long enough. Follow wood floors into rooms that are bright and filled with light, illuminated as it may be with the light of the Arizona sun streaming through generously sized windows in every room. Outside, a cobblestoned driveway leads guests through a desert paradise, ending at the entrance of the three-car garage, but maybe ending is the wrong word, as your adventures are just beginning! Offering 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and room for up to 12 guests, all the magic of a Sedona getaway begins just inside the doors of Illuminated.

Comfort Blends with Luxury

Luxury homes don’t always offer comfort, but we at Sedona.Org think we have managed the perfect blend in this spacious sanctuary. Wood floors create paths that lead to rooms filled with the art of local artists and all the comforts of home, and today, we start the tour with the living room offering more windows than walls. The red rocks will be your backdrop as you lounge on soft leather sofas, watching the super-sized television mounted to the wall above the beautiful stone fireplace. The weather in Sedona is mild, but nights in the winter can be cold and being able to turn on the gas fireplace with a click of the switch, something that will be very much appreciated. The dining room of Illuminated offers more chances for comfort, providing a large wood table surrounded by four of the cushiest cobalt velvet-topped chairs you will ever sit in, and its proximity to the kitchen ensures that you don’t have far to walk carrying a Christmas ham. Additionally, a unique center island with circular breakfast bar attachment provides seating for four more guests, enabling every guest to have a seat at the table!

Gourmet Kitchen and Spa-Like Baths

It is rare for travelers to find a vacation property that offers everything but we think Illuminated comes pretty darn close and the kitchen and bath spaces are where many travelers dreams will come true! The expansive kitchen is fully equipped with all the accoutrements needed to create a family feast and also includes the small appliances you don’t want to live without. An electric tea kettle, coffee maker, toaster, blender, all in stainless steel to match the gourmet appliances, ensures that every beverage and snacking need will be met. Whip together a frothy margarita to enjoy on the wraparound deck and we can promise you will never want to move from your spot on the blue cushioned sectional surrounding the firepit.

The bathrooms, however, may be where our luxurious tendencies shine brightest, offering deep and jetted tubs in windowed alcoves, and walk in showers with powerful showerheads destined to make washing even the thickest and curliest hair a breeze.

Time to Relax

Real life is hectic and chaotic, but during your Sedona vacation, you will have plenty of time to relax and play. The wrap-around deck is where your favorite moments will take place, offering multiple levels and a variety of seating options, including a large dining table placed at one end next to the gas grill. Also providing a bonus room that features a day bed, air hockey table, another television, and bookshelves lined with books, games, and movies, will there be any need to leave the boundaries of this serene escape?

Peaceful Nights and Happy Dreams

There is so much more to this incredible property, and we could go on and on and never describe it all. But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the bedrooms, anchored by the comfiest of beds, some offering private patios where morning coffee can be enjoyed, others featuring en suite baths, and all containing the perfect atmosphere in which to sleep deep and experience happy dreams. A vacation in Illuminated is destined to be one you never forget—reserve this beautiful home today!

When the gloomy days of winter get you down and the cold and icy streets make you look back on your summer adventures with longing, it may be time to start planning a winter trip to someplace with warmer temperatures and magical adventures, such as the kinds you can have in Sedona. Our winter days can be slightly cool, our winter nights can be colder, but the sun is always shining down on visitors from all over the world. Spend your days exploring vortexes, restaurant, and historic locations and your evenings and nights coming home to our Sedona.Org seasonal sanctuaries filled with comfort and luxury. This guide to planning your winter trip to Sedona will help you create a vacation you will never forget!

Light Jackets Only On Your Winter Trip to Sedona

As the snow buries your hometown in a blanket of white, the sun will be shining here in Sedona, and although nights and mornings can be cool and there may occasionally be a dusting of snow on the red rocks, but by afternoon the sun will encourage you to take off the light jacket you threw on in the cooler morning hours. Layering your wardrobe is the key to staying comfortable in the chilly months, and as you slip into your walking shoes, pull on sweaters and jackets, and fill up a water bottle or two, the beautiful weather will entice you to get outside and play, perhaps with a hike through the Red Rocks and a visit to one of the four vortexes in town!

A Tour to Remember

The best way to start any vacation to a new place is with a tour of some sorts, getting your bearings and showing you the activities or sites that may interest you enough for a return visit. The many different jeep tours in Sedona, Red Rock, Pink, or Safari Jeep® Tours provide exciting expeditions into the red rocks that will be enjoyed by all who partake. The best thing about these off road adventures is that everyone can participate, so even if you aren’t capable of walking long distances, you will still be able to be a part of the beauty and magic of our local tours. Choose the company, they are all great but perhaps the Pink Jeep® Tours are the most well-known, choose your tour (their sunset tours never fail to impress!) and sit back in comfort as knowledgeable guides drive you to the most scenic spots in town.

Road Trips

The Red Rock Scenic Byway offers one of our most famous rides, taking guests through breathtaking vistas including Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and the Chapel of the Holy Rock. Take your time along this journey, pulling off the road where the views are the best to take pictures you will want to frame, or pulling into the parking lots of galleries that line the road, exploring the art created by the most talented artists in the world! AZ 179 will bring visitors to a famous walled artist community, Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, so be sure to plan extra time into your road trip, giving you the opportunity to explore this renowned walled village.

Winter Holidays

If you’re visiting in the winter, there’s a pretty good chance that you will be here during one of the winter holidays, and these fun activities will help make your getaway all that much more special. Shopping for Christmas will be so much more fun when you combine it with our Festival of Lights event at Tlaquepaque, held on December 9th and offering a southwestern favorite, the lighting of 6000 luminarias! Featuring live music, visits from Santa, and free cider for everyone, this holiday festival is one we hold close to our hearts. Christmas in the Park, also on December 9th but held at Sedona Heritage Museum is a gift presented to visitors and community regulars from the museum and provides more cider, cookies, music, and a peek into the past with vintage decorations and “old-timers” telling stories. Our New Year’s Eve celebrations tend to be low key, but that’s ok, it just gives travelers more time to enjoy the comfortable and luxurious amenities of our Sedona.Org seasonal sanctuaries!

Those Moments “At Home”

When the fun has tired you out and the sun has fallen behind the red rocks a new type of magic will begin, simply by walking through the doors of our Sedona.Org vacation havens. Reflecting the beauty of Sedona while combining modern conveniences with all the comforts of home, the moments you spend at home will create memories that you will remember forever. Cuddle with your favorite traveling partner in front of a roaring fireplace, watch all the Hallmark holiday movies on state of the art televisions, and sleep deep, dreaming happy dreams, in bedrooms designed to bring peace and tranquility to all who inhabit them. Reserve your favorite winter wonderland today!

We talk about the magic of Sedona often, and when we do, we are generally speaking about the power of the red rocks and the vortexes hidden within, but there is a certain time of year when the magic sparkles brighter and involves more ordinary events. During the time frame of the holidays, when all of Sedona is decked out in its most festive décor, the strength of our red rock town’s magic grows exponentially, making it the most idyllic time of year to consider a vacation journey to our doorstep! Cooler at night, but rarely truly cold and if snow does happen, it will be just enough to dust those red rocks with a sparkly shimmer and will be melted by noon, ensuring that you won’t have to tromp around in the wet and muck of a snowy day. Spend your days exploring holiday-related activities, many of which we will be listing here, and when your arms are overladen with gifts and your feet can handle walking another step, coming home to our Sedona.Org holiday hideaways will provide even more ways to feel festive and cheerful. Our ultimate guide to the holidays in Sedona will help put you in the spirit a little sooner than normal!

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Ready, Set, GO for Christmas!

The celebration of Christmas seems to begin earlier every year, and even as your stores may be offering a Happy HalloThanksChristmas shopping adventure in October, this tour of the holidays in Sedona will begin with your Thanksgiving events! Many of the local restaurants will be open for Thanksgiving, giving our Sedona.Org guests something to really be thankful for as they can enjoy a delicious feast prepared, served, and cleared away by someone other than themselves! If you don’t want to spend your holiday cooking and cleaning, be sure to check out the Thanksgiving menu offered by Rene at Tlaquepaque, offering a French accent to your typical American feast or fly closer to the clouds with an equally delicious meal at the Mesa Grill, located at the Sedona Airport. Offering a downhome flair to a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s, you may just feel like you have stepped inside your southern grandmother’s home in Georgia! The only question being, “Will their Christmas decorations be up yet?” We vote yes, but as normal, only time will tell! In any case, almost before you devour the last crumbs of pumpkin pie, the coffee at the side of your plate may be replaced with eggnog and it will be, at last, time to turn on the Christmas magic.


Black Friday Fun

As the retail world tries to show its appreciation for their employees by NOT opening for Black Friday events at midnight after Thanksgiving, you won’t mind skipping the tradition as you sit “at home” exploring the comforts offered by our Sedona.Org holiday havens! Starting the day out with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade marching across the screen of state-of-the-art televisions, intertwining refreshing naps with more watching of television as your favorite football teams duke it out where Snoopy was just flying over earlier, and ending the night with leftovers from your meal at the restaurants listed above, or by enjoying the dishes you did take the time to prepare. All of these activities will help create a Black Friday experience you may want to make a new tradition; Cyber Monday is just a couple of days away, who needs to fight the crowds with visits to brick and mortar stores anyway?

Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Lights!

As you cross off the days that lead up to Christmas, one of your favorite ways of getting in the spirit may be taking part in tree lighting ceremonies and just because you are traveling, doesn’t mean you have to skip the tradition! Every year, the wonderful arts village of Tlaquepaque helps us all feel cheerful and excited, offering a traditional tree lighting ceremony at the beginning of December, and because less is never more at Christmas, approximately a week later the village offers its traditional lighting of 6000 luminaria takes place. In Hispanic culture, the lighting of the luminaria is meant to represent a way of lighting the path that Mary and Joseph took all those centuries ago and by lighting 6000 of them, the night will bright indeed! Also offering refreshments, entertainment, and a visit from the jolliest old elf himself, the magic is strong at this holiday event, and if you manage to squeeze in a little Christmas shopping in between cider drinking and carol singing, all the better. Of course, the Christmas lights won’t be limited to the shops and businesses in Tlaquepaque this holiday season and if you really want to up the spirit levels, visit the uptown area of Sedona and see how the businesses here outdo themselves! And finally, local neighborhoods will add a little pop, sparkle, and shine to the homes that dot their street, so go ahead, take a detour one evening and fall in love with Christmas all over again!


Verde Canyon Railroad Christmas Train

Starting the day after Thanksgiving and ending on Christmas Eve, the most magical journey of all can be taken aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad Christmas Train! Heading to the North Pole from the Clarkdale Depot, the one-hour trip will help you rediscover the magic of believing, as you travel with kids in their jammies, drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols, and meeting Santa himself for pictures and more, this night of your life will create a memory you will never want to forget! Luminarias and Christmas lights decorate the depot and the opportunity to meet Flurry the bald eagle, the subject of a Christmas tale being told during the journey, will take the night into the stratosphere of perfection!

Sedona Farmers Market, Sundays

When you arrive in town for the first time you will realize there is no end to your shopping opportunities as the landscape is crammed full of shops and boutiques all decked out for the holidays and eager to provide the gifts you seek but be sure to check out the Sedona Community Farmers Market, located in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot and open on Sundays. Always offering something wonderful and tasty, at the holidays their focus turns to Christmas, becoming a fantastic place to pick up homemade treats and crafty gifts for those you love the most!

Straight Out of a Hallmark Movie

There is something about an outdoor ice skating rink at Christmas time that makes you think about the smell of pine trees, the shine of lights, and the warmth of a new romance and Enchantment Resort provides an outdoor rink that combines all of the above! Also providing Dicken’s Carolers, Storytime with Mrs. Claus, and a variety of other Christmas activities that you can enjoy while staying in our Sedona.Org escapes, your celebrations will be jolly, and your kids will not judge you for choosing to travel during the holidays in Sedona!


And All the Adventures in Between

However you spend your days and evenings during your Sedona Christmas journey, coming home to the peace, quiet, and rich comforts of our holiday escapes will offer adventures of the most wonderful kind. Reserve your favorite Sedona sanctuary today!

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Real life can be stressful and chaotic, but during vacation life, we all want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and spoiled. We want the soft beds, the plush sofas that we can sink into and feel at home, and we want the little luxuries that may not be found in our own homes. Sedona.Org understands those wants and needs and if your vacation journey is bringing you to our red rock town in the near future, our Sedona Luxury Escape is waiting to give you everything you need and more! Offering four serene bedrooms, four spa-like baths, and a warmth and welcoming that many other vacation companies try to replicate and often fail at miserably. Nine guests can live in this stunning home located in the shadows of the red rocks, ensuring a getaway that will never be forgotten. Today, we want to take travelers on a little tour of a home that will make you fall in love, reminding you once again that only Sedona.Org offers the homes you wish could be your own.


Can Those Views Be Real from Sedona Luxury Escape?

If you have never visited Sedona before, you may wonder if those views could actually be real, and Sedona Luxury Escape will prove to you that, yes, they are real, and no, you won’t have to pinch yourself to believe it! Step inside a home that springs from the red rocks, looking as if it has stood on this land for centuries but providing the modern conveniences that travelers love. Vaulted ceilings bring your eyes up to a ceiling with tongue and groove planks crisscrossed by sturdy beams, but the windows that stretch from floor to ceiling will bring your eyes back down again.

Multiple living areas invite guests to explore all the different ways to relax, with one providing two sofas, a couple of reading chairs, and a large stone fireplace that makes it the perfect conversation or reading area. For those traditionalists in our groups, the ones who can’t imagine a home without a television, the second living area may be your spot to chill as the 60-inch television hangs over the mantel of the fireplace that is shared with the first living area! Peek through the flames (from a safe distance, of course) and wave at your fellow traveling companions that may be chatting and reading in the other space. A third room, a fully equipped game room featuring a pool, shuffleboard, and foosball table, with another fireplace and another television hanging over the mantel, ensures that everyone will have more than enough tv and entertainment time!

The large dining room table surrounded by cushioned chairs is the ideal spot to play games, eat meals, and daydream over a cup of coffee as you stare out onto the Sedona landscape, again wondering how this much beauty can be real. The kitchen of Sedona Luxury Escape will be the star attraction for those who love to cook, providing gourmet quality appliances in stainless steel, a coffee station that will help ensure all guests stay properly caffeinated, and stone countertops that drape over the 10-foot center island with a waterfall effect. Even those who don’t like to cook may feel tempted to give the gas stovetop a try; the second island provides four cushioned barstools that will make the perfect spot for morning meals. And throughout all of these spaces, the Arizona sunlight will be streaming through windows that reach for the stars, offering views that will burrow their way into your heart.


Get Closer

A large wood deck takes up the entirety of the back of this luxury home, providing multiple areas to sit, dine, and get closer to the views of the red rocks. A hot tub on one corner of the deck will provide a haven of peace, and as you soak in its hot bubbling depths, watching the steam float into the sky, you’ll notice that the stars are incredible and plentiful in this Dark Sky Community that understands that light pollution has no place in paradise!


We Love the Nightlife

Your daylight adventures will be filled with hikes, shopping trips, and dining at exclusive restaurants, but our idea of nightlife doesn’t involve a bar, loud music, or a dance floor! Our bedrooms provide all the comforts of home, including the premium beds, the softest sheets, and televisions that help ease the transition into happy dreams. Each room has something that makes it stand out. A seating area and private access to the deck, en suite baths, a cedar closet, even a private desk area where hard working travelers can attend virtual meetings in luxury and comfort. (Much to the envy of their coworkers stuck at the office!) All of these wonderful amenities bring your vacation experience in Sedona Luxury Escape to the next level of perfection. Reserve this beautiful home and contact us today!