Sedona, Arizona is known for its magnificent canyons and mountains composed of brilliantly-hued red rock, rich with iron that continues rust into the striking desert landscape. These red rocks have drawn visitors to the area for centuries, and are even said to have restorative energy that calms and rejuvenates the soul. They are one of Sedona’s most defining features, and often the one that visitors want to share with their friends and family back home.

Read on to find out how you can take home a keepsake from your time amongst the red rocks of Sedona in the form of the famous “Red Rock Dirt T-Shirt!”


Where to Get the Famous Red Rock Dirt T-Shirt

There are several retailers in Sedona that sell red dirt t-shirts. We’ve compiled a list of just a few of the businesses that can provide you with these souvenirs.

Original Red Rock Dirt Shirts

Located near the Sedona Trolley station, Original Red Rock Dirt Shirts claims to be the first supplier of these unique shirts, which are dyed using dirt from the local Sedona red rock. The shirts here feature witty quips, funny jokes, Southwestern imagery, and Native American designs. Prices here generally range from $25 to $30.

Cheers of Sedona

This family-owned and operated local Sedona store also offers shirts in that same red rock hue, for the price of $22 for adult shirts and $17 for children’s shirts. They also offer other types of shirts and souvenirs, if you’re so inclined.

Cactus Carlos

Cactus Carlos is a locally-owned shop that features American-made merchandise produced by local craftsmen and artisans in Sedona. The shop is located within the same plaza as Sedona Crystal Vortex and Sabrina’s Ice Cream, so after you pick up your red rock shirt, you can check out the mysterious crystals and grab an ice cream cone!


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