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Calling lovers of all things cosmic and magical! The annual Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference will be held this year from April 24th-25th and will be filled with three days of mystical wonders, including energy workshops, hidden history of Sedona, aliens, guest speakers, and more! Prepare to have your chakras aligned, and make sure you reserve a spot at this enchanting three-day party of enlightenment!


Spell-Binding Workshops and Otherworldly Delights at Our Sedona Conferences

The Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference holds many alluring workshops and activities to open your mind and excite your sense of perception. There are many to choose from, but they can feature workshops such as Devara Thunderbeat’s 22 DNA Activation—designed to repair 12 strands of DNA and activate 12 strands of DNA, this enlightening experience will help you remember who you are, the knowledge you have forgotten, while boosting creativity and the immune system. This is just one of many cosmic workshops you can attend as a participant! When it comes to the divine and mystical things that lie in the star-studded skies above us, you’ll find plenty to engage you, whether it’s ancient aliens or a group UFO sighting tour. This year, Michael MacPherson of Sedona UFO Tour Guide will be hosting a group UFO sighting with a huge video screen set up while Michael finds UFOs above you in real-time! Afterwards a Q&A will follow, and you can pick Michael’s brain for all his extraterrestrial stories from years of professionally UFO hunting. Other unique features include things like the Egypt in Sedona Drive Tour, where you take a lovely excursion out to find Egyptian figures hidden in Sedona’s magnificent red rocks.


Expert Guest Speakers

The Cosmic Awakening Sedona Conferences also invites a distinguished panel of expert guest speakers each year, so whichever subject you’re yearning to learn more about, there will be someone with extensive knowledge to help you learn and grow in that area! This year’s speaker lineup includes: Captain Randy Cramer, Devara Thunderbeat, Rion De’Rouen, Alexander Mazzone, Sonja Grace, Clifford Mahooty, Isabella Greene, Lightstar, Sandra Walter, StandsWithBear, Suzanne Ross, Michael Macpherson, Grant Cameron, Lisa Barnett, and Jason Stiles.


Have a Mystical and Magical Vacation with Us in Sedona!

We know that if you’re here attending the Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference that you’ll want a soothing and relaxing place with just the right energy to rest your head at night. From cozy condos that will feel just like home, to spacious and bright homes, we have something perfect waiting for you! Browse our pet-friendly properties, as well as our special Sedona Thunder Mountain Cottage! Be sure to also learn more about us.

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