30-Day Journey for a Sedona Vacation

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Not all vacation getaways are just for the weekend. Sedona is the kind of place where many travelers wish to stay for a month or more. If you are planning for a lengthy stay such as this, you should be prepared for your journey. Here are a few ways to make the most of a 30-day Sedona vacation:

Stock Up for the Journey

Bringing food and necessary products from home on your extended stay to Sedona AZ can be difficult if you do not have much room in the car; this is especially true for those flying to reach Sedona. Instead, find all of your necessary produce and food from local markets. The Sedona Community Farmers Market is a popular option for those wanting to shop local and purchase freshly grown produce. You will also be able to find additional locally made products to help support the Sedona community. Additional options to shop at include Interdependence Natural Foods and Verde Valley Farmers Market.

Explore the Area

Spending so much time in Sedona for a 30-day journey calls for plenty of activities to enjoy outside. Make sure you visit the Red Rock National Forest for a variety of hiking trails. Most of these trails are dog friendly and allow biking. For incredible views make sure to visit the Devils Bridge Trail. Oak Creek is also nearby offering a vibrant ecological environment. You can find plenty of spots to fish at along with spending the afternoon in a kayak.

Find Health and Wellness in the Area

Many visit Sedona for the natural healing qualities the area provides. Make sure to pamper yourself with the many spas in the area with your own extended stay in Sedona AZ. You can enjoy wellness services such as massage therapy and yoga to help you feel better.

Try Out the Culinary Delights

Sedona is also known for an incredible community of locally-owned restaurants. These restaurants feature award-winning chefs and some of the best food you have ever experienced. Try out Mexican or southwestern cuisine for an authentic meal or enjoy some delicious comfort food. Local wineries and breweries also provide a delicious way to enjoy yourself for the month.

The Right Sedona Vacation Rental for Your Journey

Having the perfect Sedona vacation rental for your 30-day stay is the most important aspect when preparing for your journey. We offer a variety of vacation rentals that will keep you comfortable all month long. Simply give us a call and we will have the perfect rental waiting for you.

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