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One of the most popular reasons travelers come up to Sedona is to experience some of the natural healing for which Northern Arizona is known. This has caused Sedona to become host to some of the best spas and wellness centers in the entire state. There are a variety of ways for you to host your own health and wellness retreat to Sedona. Here are some great ways to do just that:

Find Spiritual Wellness at the Chapel of the Holy Cross

For those looking for spiritual or religious healing in Sedona, there is no better spot to visit than the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This religious landmark can easily be seen along the Red Rock National Forest among horizon. The dramatic architecture of the building is gorgeous to see in person which you can do by completing a short hike. Feel free to take in the spiritual experience from outdoors or venture inside this religious building.

Work Your Body on the Trails

Sedona is also popular for the various hiking trails found in the Red Rock National Forest and Oak Creek Canyon. The beautiful mountains created from colliding tectonic plates spring to life the gorgeous canyons and valleys you can traverse for a Sedona health retreat. Popular trails to explore include the Devils Bridge Trail with the largest sandstone bridge in Northern Arizona. Taking in the outdoors is a wellness experience for some and Sedona is a great place to experience this.

Experience Acupuncture

A great way to promote your body’s own natural healing is by experiencing acupuncture from a trusted source. For those unaware acupuncture as a treatment that stimulates acupoints in the body. This procedure is known to promote natural healing and improve functioning in the body. Local wellness retreats in Sedona such as True Nature Health & Wellness can do this procedure safely so your body can begin to feel better.

A Spa Experience

Of course, the easiest way to help your body feel great is with a quick trip to the spa. Sedona is full of wonderful spas offering luxury services such as facials, massage therapy, yoga, and other therapeutic services. Some of our favorites include L’Apothecary Spa in Sedona and Mii amo.

More to Your Sedona Health Retreat and Wellness Journey

Get ready to experience a Sedona health retreat and wellness journey like no other when you visit Sedona. These are just a few of the activities visitors can expect to find here. Enjoy your journey by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in Sedona.

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