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Arizona natives understand that some of the best hiking can be found up in Sedona, our majestic home in the northern part of the state. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, you have picked the perfect vacation destination. Sedona is nearby the Red Rock National Forest and Oak Creek Canyon, both featuring an abundance of Sedona hiking trails you need to experience in person.

Devils Bridge Trail

The most popular and well-known trail in Sedona is easily Devils Bridge Trail. Do not let the ominous name trick you into avoiding this highly trafficked trail. This moderately difficult trail is visited by thousands of visitors a year for good reason. The bridge itself is the largest sandstone bridge in the area. Expect panoramic views from the bridge and the perfect spot for your new social media profile pictures! The trail itself is approximately 4.2 miles in length with an elevation gain of 564 feet. Make sure to bring plenty of water as there is no shade but your dog friends on a leash are allowed to join the journey.

Cathedral Rock Trail

A shorter but more difficult trail to enjoy is Cathedral Rock Trail. This beautiful trail features gorgeous wildflowers along the way. It is available year-round for both hiking in Sedona and mountain biking with everyone sharing the path in peace. While the trail is only 1.2 miles in length, it makes up for it with a steeper incline. Cathedral Rock Trail can be accessed from Back O’ Beyond Road; due to the popularity of this trail parking will fill up quickly, so make sure to enjoy this trail earlier in the morning.

Boynton Canyon Trail

If you want to avoid local bikers while seeing the beautiful red rocks that Sedona is known for do not pass up a hike to Boynton Canyon Trail. This popular trail is accessed just outside of Sedona with plenty of wildlife to be seen. While there is a small parking fee of $5, you will be able to access this trail year-round. This vortex point is known for its natural healing and incredible outdoor adventures.

More to Enjoy with Hiking in Sedona

These are just a few of the Sedona hiking trails to lead you on your outdoor journey into the area. Let our vacation rentals keep you comfortable in between your trail experiences for a comfortable stay like no other. Call our agents and start planning for your Sedona experience.

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