There’s a week set aside in March honoring procrastinators, but we at Sedona.Org offer other ways to honor the people who often put off things until the last minute, especially when that thing you are delaying is a Sedona vacation. There are a million reasons you may have waited to plan this getaway on short notice and there are many more reasons why your first action should be to check out our Arizona accommodations, the details of which we will get into further down this page. Our houses become homes when you and your family reside within and planning a stay with us will be the best decision you make this year, whether you have been planning for months or you are just getting started today!

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No Worries, No Judgment

If you are a constant procrastinator, you are probably used to being judged for your on-the-fly lifestyle, and you may often suffer the consequences such as missing out on upcoming events or paying more. But when you wait until the last minute to plan your Sedona getaway, it is possible that you will actually get rewarded. Our goal is to make sure all our homes are rented, and to that end, there may actually be discounts offered, enticing procrastinators to make Sedona their vacation destination and Sedona.Org their vacation accommodations. Helping our guests save money helps us accomplish our goals and the way we see it, it leads to a win-win situation.

No Sacrifices in Comfort, Style, or Luxury

Everyone has been in the situation of having to rent a hotel room at the last minute, being forced to accept what is left over and those rooms are rarely their best ones. Some offering views of the dumpsters, others located near ice machines or elevators, they do in a pinch, but are definitely not something you would choose to stay in if something else was available. With our Sedona escapes however, every property is our best property, there are no bad locations and there are definitely no bad views, ensuring that your stay will be comfortable, luxurious, and everything you dreamed a vacation property could be. Spacious, bright, warm, and welcoming, your last minute vacation to Sedona will offer a lot of things, but not a single sacrifice will need to be made.

Booking Direct Offers Another Way to Save

Now this next tip is a good one whether you have been planning for months or you just booked your trip yesterday: We invite you to visit our Sedona.Org website directly to find your dream vacation home. The well-known vacation rental sites don’t just charge those who are renting from them, they also charge the companies that post their rentals on their site, and because no one wants to pay those extra fees, we offer the same properties on our page for a lower cost. Call it a bribe, call it good business sense, but if we can save money we would love to share our good will with our favorite people, the guests who choose our homes for their vacation escapes.

Sedona Adventures

Unlike a trip to New York, where a last-minute arrival can mean you won’t get tickets to the best show in town, our casual vibe and laidback attitude ensures that you won’t miss out on a single adventure. And because you planned this trip at the last minute, you may not know all there is to do in town, so we have listed a few of the top tourist activities below, helping you fil in the blank spaces on your vacation itinerary.

Take a Pottery Class at Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road

Souvenir shopping is guaranteed to be a part of your vacation experience, but when you want something unique, why not consider making something that will forever remind you of the fantastic adventures you had during your stay? The Sedona Arts Center offers a variety of classes, including pottery, painting, and cold wax painting, and the creations you make will surely bring you joy. Also serving as an art gallery, be sure to check out the works of other artists, maybe finding that masterpiece you have been looking for to hang on the wall behind your desk at work!

Sample an Arizona Wine at Winery 1912, 320 AZ 89A #3

Arizona wines are beginning to give Napa Valley wines a run for their money and Winery 1912 offers examples of the best sips in the state. Featuring grapes grown in Willcox and offering live music on Saturday evenings, this beautiful winery also offers stunning views of the Sedona landscape, appealing to all your senses. A small bites menu will enhance your wine tasting experience and if you find yourself loving the wines and the experience, download a Verde Valley Wine Trail Passport at the site listed here, and extend your adventures to all the wineries in the region.

Test Your Luck at Cliff Castle Casino, 555 W Middle Verde Road in Camp Verde

Camp Verde is a small Arizona town located about 20 miles from Sedona, making it a short drive for anyone who wants to test their lucks at the tables. Gambling is legal in Arizona at the reservations, and although it isn’t as glitzy as the ones in Vegas. Cliff Castle Casino offers shows, buffets, and a gambling experience that will be memorable and fun, without having to plan another trip to Las Vegas, where you would probably spend a whole lot more money.

Naturally Beautiful

The indoor activities listed above will surely keep you engaged and entertained, but a Sedona vacation spent staying inside can’t really be considered an authentic Southwest experience. The beauty of our landscape, the moderate temperatures, and the peace and serenity of our countryside deserves to be explored as well and we have listed a few of our favorite outdoor activities below.

Walk Through History in Uptown Sedona

A walk anywhere in Sedona is destined to be filled with many ooh and ahh moments, but Sedona’s History Walk (more commonly known as a Walk through Time) adds a fascinating educational tone to your outdoor activity. This fascinating walk explores the vast history of the area, offering 22 plaques that explore the area you are exploring in depth, educating enquiring walkers on the age of the red rocks (350 million years), the movies that were filmed here (Sedona was paradise for the Westerns from the golden years of Hollywood), and a peek into the magic that Sedona is famed for. This walk is self-guided, so it can be taken at any time and a map can be found here.

Bird Watching at the Sedona Wetlands Preserve, 7500 AZ-89A

Although our state is more famed for its deserts and mountains than its waterways, Sedona offers a different vibe with the bubbling waters of Oak Creek meandering through and the Sedona Wetlands Preserve. Offering approximately 27 acres of wetland that encompasses six basins, this beautiful area is perfect for watching the birds or other wildlife that make the wetlands their home.

Drop a Line in Oak Creek or Verde River

Sticking with the water theme, fishing in Oak Creek has long been a local tradition, and whether you simply set up “shop” at the part of the creek that is closest to your Sedona.Org sanctuary or travel a little further to the Verde River, your catch of the day will be a delicious addition to your evening meal. Grilling fish for dinner is always a good idea and most of our homes will feature a shiny grill on the back deck, as well as tables for enjoying al fresco meals.

A Taste of Sedona

The best vacations often are the ones with the best dining options, and Sedona is a foodie paradise, offering an authentic taste of the Southwest, the comfort foods that seem to make all your troubles just disappear, and some fine dining options that compare favorably with larger cities. We have listed a few of our favorite restaurants below, but we encourage you to not stop there; if you see a restaurant that looks fascinating and you are hungry, we can pretty much guarantee you will appreciate every bite!

Enjoy Breakfast with a View at Mesa Grill, 1185 Airport Road

Generally, restaurants near airports aren’t known for their exceptional culinary treats, but Mesa Grill is not your ordinary restaurant. Offering both breakfast and brunch, the menu is filled with a blend of all-American favorites and regional tastes that will blow your mind. Breakfast tacos make us happy but if something sweet is more in line with what you have been dreaming about, their Lemon-Ricotta French Toast will haunt your dreams in the best of ways for years to come. And although nothing can top their meals, the views from this restaurant never ceases to amaze and awe.

Lunch Will Be Wonderful at the Hideaway House, 231 AZ-179

Offering an Italian menu filled with delicious pizzas, the Hideaway House perches in the trees, making its patio the most popular spot in the restaurant. Panoramic views will make the meals you enjoy at this spot and be sure to come back for dinner to catch the sunset from the patio, some of the most memorable ones you have ever enjoyed. If you can save room for dessert, we encourage you to do so, as their dessert menu is an extensive one and their Limoncello Berry Mascarpone Cake is worth every extra calory.

Dinners on at Butterfly Burger, 6657 AZ-179 Suite B1

There is a plethora of fine dining restaurants in Sedona, but sometimes all you want is a thick and juicy burger and when that urge arises, Butterfly Burger is the first place we recommend. Closed on Wednesdays, their burgers are divine, their sides are next level wonderful (try the street tots, made with queso-chorizo fundido sauce, Pico de Gallo, and cotija cheese) and their prices are supremely reasonable, ensuring that a meal here will easily fit into most vacation budgets.

Choose Sedona.Org

The homes we offer will enhance your Sedona vacation experience, offering comfort, style, and luxury for everyone who resides within. The list of amenities found in each of our Sedona sanctuaries is a long one including the items we have listed below.

We’ve spent far too many vacations telling ourselves that the places we have stayed at “are just a place to rest our heads,” but Sedona.Org wants to be more. We want you to want to hang out “at home,” napping on comfortable couches, watching television in bed before going to sleep, and lingering at the dinner table for a second helping or to play another game. Sofas will be topped with high-end materials, including butter soft leather and chenille, dining chairs may be cushioned for the comfort of your seat, and linens will be high thread count ones that will help make the transition from wide awake to sound asleep an easy one.

High-speed internet allows hard working travelers to work from our homes in between Arizona adventures, state of the art televisions are often Smart ones, enabling guests to stream their favorite series, and although you won’t want to spend a lot of time doing kitchen chores, high-end dishwashers will help you make short work of clearing up after dinner.

We at Sedona.Org do not subscribe to the belief that less is more, and the fun times you can have inside and out our homes are all the proof you need. Game rooms, fitness centers, even theater rooms may be inside or at the very least a part of the community amenities, and pools, hot tubs, firepits, even the occasional television, tucked away under the eaves of the back porch may be found outside.

Waiting Until the Last Minute Can Be a Good Thing

There’s no need to worry about missing out on anything just because you waited until the last minute to plan your Arizona getaway. Reserve your favorite escape today, and check out our Sedona last-minute deals!

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