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As one of the premier gateways to many of the unspoiled parts of Arizona, Sedona is a desirable spot for fine dining and scenic views. Many of the town’s upscale restaurants can be found close to Oak Creek, where much of the town is built, and for good reason. Picturesque scenery, both inside and out, helps contribute to the refined feeling that goes hand in hand with fine dining. Treat yourself to an incredible meal at any of the following locations that are sure to impress. It’s recommended that you make a reservation at any of the following fancy restaurants in Sedona, as dining experiences can take quite some time and seating is limited.



With five separate, private dining areas, Steakhouse89 is designed for a range of small parties and all the way up to a 300-person gathering. Each of the five areas is designed with a different event in mind, offering a host of different atmospheres to choose from if you’re looking to set up that perfect night out.

Though not without other options, Steakhouse89 focuses primarily on all manner of steaks, all cooked over a live wood fire grill and served with roasted peppers and shallots. Steaks come as small as the 6oz Petite Filet, and as large as the 40oz Tomahawk, and there’s a selection of six different sauces for you to choose from to best compliment your steak. For those that don’t want steak, there are vegetarian, pork, chicken, and lamb options as well.

Cocktails and wine are both front and center on the drink list, boasting an impressive list of house favorite concoctions and wines by the varietal. Certain wines can be purchased by the glass, but all can be purchased by the bottle.

Reservations can be made through the website with at least a 24-hour notice.


The Vault Uptown

A Sedona fancy restaurant with another immaculate view of the countryside, The Vault openly states that they knew they had a perfect view, so they made it their mission to craft a restaurant that was on par with it. Indoor seating is offered the view through rows of large windows, and the outside is a 1000 square foot patio with an abundance of seating with an unfettered view of some of the best red rock formations in the world.

Food here runs the spectrum of lunch to dinner, many sandwiches and wraps exclusively being available only from 11:00am – 3:00pm, but appetizers, salads, and entrees are available for purchase at any time during business hours. There are plenty of steak and seafood offerings here, as well as chicken breast and butternut squash enchiladas for a vegetarian friendly diet.

Cocktails and wine are both prominently on display on The Vault’s menu, featuring all manner of drinks from bitter and challenging to sweet and decadent. On hand staff are sure to be able to make an expert recommendation in line with your tastes. Walk-ins are accepted, but it is still heavily recommended you make a reservation, which is possible through their website without having to make a call.


Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill

A stunningly crafted building with floor to ceiling windows and a wonderful view of the countryside, Mariposa offers South American-inspired cuisine that is otherwise unheard of in Sedona. Outdoor and indoor seating are both available, and don’t worry, even if you choose to sit inside, you’ll still be treated to the wonderful view through the massive walls of windows.

Much of the food here is grilled or roasted, harkening to the region of origin that inspired the menu here. All manner of meats and veggies are offered here. Chicken, steak, lamb, fish, and distinctly crafted vegetarian dishes are sure to impress. Their fish selection rotates as part of their sustainability efforts, so be sure to inquire and see what’s waiting for you.

Wines from South America make up the largest portion of offerings, but American, French, Italian, and Spanish varietals are also stocked. With a list of over 135 wines, you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your meal.

Check online for the dress code, as the main dining hall has some restrictions. Reservations are not optional, so remember to call ahead!


Rene Restaurant

Awarded as a Distinguished Restaurant of North America, Rene is a French themed fine dining fancy restaurant in Sedona. A serene, open courtyard is available for seating, with the gentle sound of running water coming from the fountains, and if indoor seating is more to your liking, the interior of Rene is classically decorated with upholstered wooden chairs, archways, and soft, yellow lighting.

Lunch and dinner menus are both offered at Rene. If you decide to go for lunch, expect lighter but exquisite fare as opposed to a several course meal. You may find some of the dishes to be familiar, but if you aren’t acquainted with French dining, there are some unique offerings that warrant your attention. Escargots, beignets, and crepes are all part of the lunch selection, but there are plenty of other soups, salads, and sandwiches available.

Dinner is, of course, of a heavier fare, and the dinner menu isn’t abundant with choices. This is by no means a bad thing, as a focused menu helps to ensure that the chef has a selection of dishes that he’s mastered and will absolutely impress you with. Filet mignon, roast duck, roasted mahi-mahi, and more are all available and come with suggested wine pairings to enhance your fine dining experience.

Lunch runs from 11:30am – 2:30/3:00pm depending on the day, and dinner runs 5:30pm-8:30/9:00pm, so plan accordingly and make that reservation.


Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante

Open for 25 years and counting, Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante is the single most awarded fine dining restaurant in Sedona. Their interior is immaculately decorated, including coordinated hanging lights and tapestries accentuated by soft mood lighting. To one side is a grand piano and standing bass, as the restaurant has live smooth jazz playing to help create a refined fine dining experience.

As the name might suggest, this Sedona fancy restaurant focuses on Italian dishes, typical with tasteful spins on classic meals. Pasta dishes comprise most of the menu, with a variety of different styles to be paired with specific meats and sauces. There are grilled options as well, such as lamb chops, filet mignon, salmon, and a vegetarian portobello option as well.

Their award-winning wine selection has won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for fifteen consecutive years, so even if you aren’t sure what sort of wine would best match your meal, there will undoubtedly be someone on hand who can expertly pair you with the right wine.

Be sure to check online for their dress code, which isn’t particularly strict but is absolutely enforced. Walk-ins are not an option here, so be sure to make your reservation! And while you are at it, reserve one of our excellent vacation homes when you contact us today!

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