Top 5 Sedona Breweries

Sedona is a beautiful, relatively small town just thirty miles south of Flagstaff, and makes for a great jumping point to desirable locations all over Arizona. With plenty of nearby nature sites to visit within Coconino national forest, and an increasing number of annual events being hosted in town, however, more places to get a meal and some drinks have come around. For a considerable amount of time, the town only had one local brewery, but these days there are a few more, including a couple in nearby towns that are absolutely worth the visit. With that in mind, here are five Sedona breweries you should absolutely go see when coming to Sedona for a visit.


Squid Ink Brewing

New to the brewery scene, Squid Ink Brewing officially came to Sedona in the summer of 2019. They made their first batch of home brewed beer back in 2016, and took the opportunity to move to Portland, where they expanded their brewing knowledge and officially established what would later become their brand.

Primarily, Squid Ink focuses on small batch brews with bold, sometimes experimental recipes. Earl the Gray Whale Ale, for example, is a highly rated Amber infused with earl grey tea. If you plan on visiting, be sure to check out their beer of the month.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Squid Ink Brewing also takes part in a bottle recycling initiative where they clean and reuse beer bottles from people who contact them for exchange. Enjoy a beer while helping to keep Sedona green!


THAT Brewery

A short drive away, over in Cottonwood, THAT Brewery has been open since 2012, and has since expanded their distribution to the point that their beers can be found in stores throughout the state, especially in the greater Phoenix area. The owners of the business both come from science backgrounds with Honeywell Aerospace. They eventually wound up converting Rimside Grill & Cabins, a business they’d owned and operated for eight years in Pine, AZ, into what’s now THAT Brewery & Pub.

Their location in Cottonwood is their production facility, where you’re welcome to stop by and enjoy their offerings in a casual taproom setting. With a strong core selection, THAT Brewing is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. They tick all the important boxes when it comes to key offerings, with blondes, ambers, IPAs, and stouts. They also have their Strawberry Blonde, with subtle hints of strawberry and a clean finish. If you’re curious about a very lightly fruited beer, this is a must try as it isn’t an overpowering, excessively fruity experience.

THAT Brewery in Cottonwood doesn’t have a kitchen, but you’re more than welcome, and encouraged to, bring your own food along from any of the local restaurants in Cottonwood to enjoy while visiting the taproom. They even have a link to a listing of local businesses on their website if you want to plan ahead.


Verde Brewing Co.

Starting out as a result of two successful crowdfunding campaigns, Verde Brewing opened up in 2013, and is a similarly short, if slightly longer, drive from Sedona as the town of Cottonwood. A farm-to-mug brewery in Sedona AZ, they pride themselves on sourcing local ingredients grown in the Verde Valley to craft all of their beers.

Verde Brewing does an impressive job of adding interesting twists to some tried and true styles without compromising the flavor of the original. Their Gold Buckle Blond, for example, uses local honey as one of its ingredients, incorporating a subtly sweet lemony profile to the beer. Their two hazy IPAs, appropriately named Spring and Winter, have a touch of seasonal fruit flavors that invoke the season they’re named after. Don’t be intimidated, though, as they have offerings for the less adventurous, with west coast IPA and light lager offerings.

They’re also equipped with a full kitchen and dine in experience. Enjoy a variety of BBQ style foods, nachos, and hot dogs during your visit, and check out their menu online to see what suits you.


Sedona Beer Company

Another relative newcomer to the brewing scene in Sedona, Sedona Beer Company was founded in 2018. A point of pride for the company is being a Silver Level sustainable business, utilizing locally sourced ingredients, recycling their spent grains as feed for farms, and using Squarrels in place of traditional barrels in order to save wood and water.

Their commitment to sustainability practices also shines through in their devotion to their brewing, where they might have as many as twelve taps available for purchase at any given time. Like with many breweries, you’re sure to find a range of different IPAs to sample, but Sedona Beer Company also offers some unique stylings. Apple Sauce’d, for example, is a high ABV fruit beer, sitting at 7.4%, but is so loaded up with apple flavor that it doesn’t even feel like you’re drinking a beer. Their menu is updated online, so be sure to check out what rotating specials they have on tap.

Sliders, snacks, sandwiches, and salads are all offered on their food menu, including vegan and vegetarian options with some substitutions. Try their specialty fries when you visit, they’ve got all sorts of add-ons for them like truffle, garlic & herb, and even different meats and cheeses.


Oak Creek Brewery and Grill

Oak Creek is the oldest standing Sedona brewery in town, having been open since 1995. One of their founding members, Fred Kraus, originally learned how to brew in a German brewery known as Horseshoe Brewing, and he decided to take that knowledge to the town of Sedona in order to open a business of his own. Fast forward to today, where Oak Creek Brewing is still going strong, and is a stopping point for locals and tourists alike.

Several of their beers have one won awards on a state and national level, including their Oak Creek Amber, Oak Creek Nut Brown, Oak Creek IPA, and Oak Creek Hefeweizen. With a wide range of styles all taking awards, they’ve certainly proven themselves as skilled brewers, and you can be sure that they’ve got a style that you’ll enjoy ready to go.

Enjoy their full kitchen when you visit, which offers a wide array of different foods from snacks to full meals. You might also find yourself enjoying live music in their beer garden, which comes through five times a week, so if you’re curious about what might be playing that night, check out their events calendar online. Learn more when you contact us today!

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