Vacations are probably one of your most costly purchases, as you pay for flights, housing, food, entertainment, and on the return flight, quite possibly extra bag fees, as you generally tend to purchase way more souvenirs than your suitcases can handle! Of course, the rest and relaxation added with the educational and entertainment value of your much-needed getaway ensure that every penny you spend will be worth it, but isn’t it nice when you can find ways to gently lower the costs without lessening any of the fun? Especially when you are traveling at Thanksgiving and you know that a Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant is super expensive! Your upcoming Thanksgiving expedition to Sedona and your stay in one of our Sedona.Org vacation escapes is destined to be everything you dreamed it could be, because our fully equipped kitchens allow you to enjoy a Sedona Thanksgiving feast that you have prepared yourself in our holiday hideaways, where you know the best kitchens exist!


What’s Your Dream for a Sedona Thanksgiving?

Even the simplest kitchens can get the job done. Remember the ones your grandmother managed to perform miracles from? Chances are those amazing Thanksgiving feasts were created in spaces that didn’t have much counter space, had tiny ovens, and probably didn’t have a dishwasher for quick clean-up after! But none of those issues will be yours when you travel to Arizona, because you took your time and searched for a kitchen that could have come out of your dreams! A home with a pool, smart televisions, and stunning views is a wonderful thing to enjoy, but because you are traveling at Thanksgiving, you explored the kitchens of our Sedona.Org sanctuaries with a little extra attention.

Space is important, after all you are on vacation, and you don’t want to do all the work yourself. You need the room for your smaller sous chefs to help with the peeling, mashing, and rolling out on counters made of stone so it’s easy to do and easy to clean after! A large center island can work as the food station as well as the place where your helpers can sit and talk about their dreams as they help you make the meal. Something you may not always think about when looking at all the pictures of fabulous kitchens, however, is the individual items you may need for your prep work. Plates, silverware, and glasses are guaranteed, but if you are staying in a home with 4 bedrooms, does the kitchen you choose have more than a set of four place settings? We pay attention to the details, and if your home is designed to handle room for 8 guests, there will be 8 place settings for sure! Wine and bottle openers will be in the drawers, but more importantly, you can choose a kitchen that offers shelves for bottles of wine you picked up at one of our local wineries and a wine chiller that chills ALL refreshments.

You’ll find gas ranges with multiple burners, double ovens and a handy microwave, and large refrigerators that can hold all the leftovers that will be devoured in the middle of the night more than likely! Best of all, when the last piece of pumpkin pie has been eaten, and your last sip of wine has been enjoyed, super-sized dishwashers will be waiting to help make clean up easy and fast. Your dream kitchen comes true in our Sedona holiday escapes!


A House Is More Than a Kitchen

If all we offered for your Thanksgiving holiday was a large kitchen brimming with luxury accessories, it would still be worth renting, but of course, Sedona.Org offers much more than that! Our dining rooms will be the spaces in which you devour the family feast, but their comfortable chairs and inviting ambience will make you want to stay a while longer, talking, laughing, even playing the board games you loved in your youth. Comfortable sofas facing state-of-the-art televisions will be where football games are screamed over and the Thanksgiving Day parade will march on! Large patios and decks offer breathtaking views and more places to dine, and hot tubs will help to soothe muscles that ache after long hikes through the red rocks. At night, guests sleep deep and dream happily in cloud soft beds and spacious and spa-like baths will spoil all who utilize them; especially the ones with soaking tubs sitting beneath windows that look out over the Sedona landscape!

Every minute of your Thanksgiving getaway to Arizona will be your favorite when you choose any of our Sedona.Org escapes for your holiday hideaway, but the ones with the gourmet kitchens will steal your hearts! Reserve your favorite today and start a new holiday tradition in 2022!