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You work hard on a daily basis and Labor Day is in place to recognize those efforts with a well-deserved weekend of fun and relaxation! When you’re hunting for the perfect place to call your own during Labor Day, head towards Sedona in the name of fun, stunning scenery and endless activities that take you through landscapes you’ll never forget. Instead of barbeques and picnics this year, try towering red rocks and endless vistas that beckon you to come and be a part of the adventure during Labor Day in Sedona.


Pink Jeep® Tour

As visitors flock into Sedona from near and far over Sedona Labor Day weekend, booking a Pink Jeep® tour well in advance of your arrival is a wonderful way to guarantee you’ll get to see some amazing sights far from the crowds. Easily identifiable by their bright pink facades, Pink Jeep® Tours invite guests to hop in for an off-road adventure led by a knowledgeable and highly-experienced guide. Make your way through stunning destinations like Lower Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend or Broken Arrow as you maneuver through brilliant rock formations. If you’re looking for a trip with a more romantic touch, consider booking a sunset tour that takes you by the same amazing sights with the added benefit of a sky full of fading colors.


Oak Creek Canyon Drive

Hitting the road around Sedona and soaking up the sights is one of the highlights of a Sedona Labor Day visit. Take a drive towards Oak Creek Canyon for some truly spectacular views and perfect photo opportunities. This gorge comes complete with waterfalls and streams and spans 16 miles, making it as impressive in size as it is in beauty.


Casa Sedona

This Horizon Drive establishment is well-loved in the city by locals and visitors alike for its beautiful setting, amazing outdoor patio and southwestern fare that can’t be beaten. Less than a mile from Oak Creek Canyon, Casa Sedona is unique in that it is a restaurant exclusive to breakfast and is open from 7:00 am until 10:00 am daily. Integrated into an Inn, Casa Sedona requires a reservation before offering up a savory menu of indulgent breakfast items ready to enjoy!


Enjoy a Sedona Labor Day Getaway

Taking time to make the most of the Labor Day in Sedona weekend is bound to be a beautiful experience. Let the team at Sedona.Org make your stay even more memorable by helping you book an incredible vacation rental home while you’re here. Our vast portfolio of properties means you’ll enjoy a place that brings the luxury, comfort, and convenience you deserve. Contact us today to begin planning! Be sure to browse through our peaceful vacation homes in Sedona, especially our beautiful Sedona Painted Sky vacation rental.