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Moms provide a special kind of magic to their families, offering the right words at the right time, the comforting hugs we seek, and the ability to understand teen speak and toddler babble simultaneously and when Mother’s Day appears on the calendar once again, the magic of a Sedona vacation is perhaps the only gift you will want to give her. Showing her that even as you might not always say the words, you recognize all she has done for you and the magical gift of a stay in our Sedona.Org holiday hideaways is yet another way of doing so. This guide to an enchanting Sedona Mother’s Day spent in the warm embrace of our serene sanctuaries also provides hints and tips as to what you can do while you’re here.

Your Mom’s Support Gives You Wings

Even as mom has always been a soft place to land, she is also the mama bird, helping her kiddos out of the nest, giving them the wings they need to soar high and you too can help your mom soar with a helicopter or airplane tour of the area. Sedona Air Tours offers a variety of air tours that will fly high above the most beautiful sites in the state, and their $99 Canyon Panorama offers a stunning experience that takes guests from the Red Rocks of Sycamore Canyon and over the historic mining town of Jerome, giving her ideas on some places she may want to examine in more detail.

Road Trip to Jerome

Speaking of Jerome, this small art community located just minutes away from your Sedona sanctuary offers a tour of art, history, and delicious foods that will haunt your dreams in the best of ways. Once on the verge of becoming a ghost town, today Jerome has become a haven for artists and history buffs, something your mom will love. The House of Joy is an artist gift shop, housed in a brick building that used to be a local bordello and is one of our favorite places to shop, while the Mine Museum located at 200 Main Street provides a fascinating peek into the lifestyle of the miners that once worked and lived in the town. When hunger pangs strike during Mother’s Day in Sedona, the Haunted Hamburger offers an adventurous menu and a patio that looks over the town, providing a sensory delight she will never forget.

Spoiling Mom

The magic of Sedona becomes even more magical when mom is being spoiled and pampered in one of our wonderful day spas, including A Spa for You, Sedona Day Spa, located at 30 Kayenta Court. In business or over 15 years, A Spa for You will leave your mom glowing and feeling like a new person when her treatments have completed and their massage services promises to help ease any aches and pains she might have experienced in her travels from home to Arizona.

A Feast to Remember

We are guessing that your mom would appreciate any meal prepared, served, and cleared away by anyone else, but she deserves a little something extra on this day designed just for her and although most restaurants in town will provide little somethings, maybe a special brunch, a flower for her to carry back to her sanctuary, or a sweet dessert that has no calories on a holiday such as that, a meal at Creekside American Bistro is one she will never want to end. Outdoor seating and a special dog menu allow her to stay outside and enjoy the beauty of Sedona (as well as enjoying the opportunity to pet a few pooches, including your own if you are staying in our pet friendly escapes!) while devouring a flavorful and delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Sweets for the Sweetest

Although mom may have limited your intake of sweets as you were growing up, on this holiday where we pay homage to the sweetest of our family members, she deserves a little something extra, and the Sedona Fudge Company, located at 257 N State Route 89A, will give her everything she has ever dreamed of in the sugar department! Offering handmade fudge, candies, and apples dipped in a variety of melted toppings, this is the first place we go when we want to spoil anyone in our families!

All the Magic of Sedona

The one gift mom always wants, however, is the gift of your time and as you and when you step inside our Sedona Mother’s Day sanctuaries for the first time, you may realize that you want to spend a lot of time here at home, just hanging out with mom. Offering game rooms, theater rooms, and properties with more than one primary suite (giving mom her own space), the furnishings promise to be the most comfortable in the state and if you rent a property with a pool, we can pretty much guarantee mom will stake a claim on her favorite lounger for the duration of her stay. Reserve mom’s favorite holiday hideaway today!

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