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There’s a magic in Sedona, a feeling that anything could happen, and we can’t help but think there is no better place to spend the last night of the old year and greet the first day of the new one, a year that spreads out before us like a blanket of untouched snow. The mystical charms of red rock country give an added promise of excitement to the celebrations you are enjoying and the comfortable charms of our Sedona.Org holiday hideaways add luxury and style to the mix. Every adventure is guaranteed to be the best one as you play, explore, and send off the old year with a night you will never forget. This guide to Sedona New Year’s Eve provides everything you need to make this New Year’s Eve one you almost wish would never end!


A Hike to Remember

The best way to start a new year is by ending the old one with healthy habits, and although a hike through the enchanting red rocks that have made Sedona famous is definitely a good and healthy adventure, the stunning beauty of your surroundings will make it seem less like work and more like an experience that will soothe your soul! Follow the Bell Rock Trail to its namesake and take a few minutes to feel the energy that vibrates here at this vortex. The vortexes of Sedona—there are seven in total—bring happiness and cheer to those who are sensitive to their charms and even after a hike, you will feel their presence. The panoramic views from Bell Rock are stunning but the real beauty will be the peace and serenity you feel, sensations that you will bring into the new year!


A Family Style Celebration with Verde Canyon Railroad

If you have spent any amount of time exploring Sedona activities, you may have recognized that in addition to the vortexes that dot our landscape, many special (and ordinary!) events revolve around the Verde Canyon Railroad, and technically it isn’t even a Sedona site. Located in nearby Clarkdale, a charming wine-centric town found that is approximately 20 short miles from Sedona’s borders, the Verde Canyon Railroad celebrates the idyllic countryside of the region and adds to the excitement of nearly every holiday with themed adventures and of course, Seodna New Year’s Eve is one of their special events. Taking place from 1-4 PM on December 31st, a time frame that ensures even the youngest travelers will be able to participate in the merriment, the party offers a delicious lunch for purchase, party hats, and even a champagne or sparkling cider toast to the new year! A full bar can help revelers start their New Year’s celebration early and the views of the Verde Valley will be as intoxicating as the beverages you are sipping!


Blazing M Ranch

The Wild West is still apparent in our Sedona surroundings, and there is no place wilder than the Blazing M Ranch on Sedona New Year’s Eve! Located in nearby Cottonwood (19 miles from Sedona) and offering a special Prime Rib Menu, a New Year’s themed wild west show, and two champagne toasts to commemorate the upcoming 12 months, a night at the Blazing M Ranch promises to be THE event of the season! Dance the night away with your favorite traveling companions (children are welcome!) and live it up in the old west for an experience unlike any other.


Cliff Castle Casino

The revelry in the small towns and villages that surround our red rock town continues, this time offering a more sophisticated adieu to the old year! Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde offers a New Year’s Eve party that includes champagne toasts, live entertainment, and of course, a chance to win big at slots or blackjack! The entertainment may differ every year, but we can promise the music will be amazing, the dancing will be fun, and the night will be magical.


At Home with Sedona.Org

Every Sedona adventure is destined to be the best one, but if you are not one that is willing to be out on the roads after midnight, why not keep the party at home with us? Ring in the Sedona new year with sparkly jammies and sparkling drinks, watch the ball drop over Times Square on televisions that are large enough to make you feel that you are literally in New York City, (except for much cleaner, warmer, and comfortable surroundings!) and toast that new year that spreads that promises everything just because you started it right here in our Southwestern Red Rock Village. Reserve your favorite escape filled with all the amenities that just make life special (fireplaces, hot tubs, and those breathtaking views) today and welcome the next year with magic, charm, and luxury!

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