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Every holiday can be made more special by spending it in one of our Sedona.Org holiday hideaways, and as Memorial Day rolls around, you will immediately understand why this is true. The long weekend is the perfect time to experience Sedona for the first time, falling in love with the red rocks, staring up at the fluffy white clouds as they float against a clear blue sky. And although you may spend your days exploring the landscape, shops, and restaurants that make our hometown one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, we realize that Memorial Day is more than just the kickoff to summer; it is a day set aside to honor those brave Americans that sacrificed everything so we can continue to live in freedom! Set your sights on Sedona and discover why celebrating Sedona Memorial Day here is destined to give you a holiday you will never forget.


80 Flags on 89A

It’s difficult not to get teary-eyed with pride when driving through a forest of American flags (89 in total!) planted alongside Highway 89A. The Sedona Area Veteran & Community Outreach (SAVCO) volunteers work together eight times a year to ensure the flags fly freely, and Memorial Day is one of those days. For almost two weeks out of Sedona in May, (In 2022, the display lasted from May 19 through May 31) the state’s most famous highway is lined with American flags, and in the last year, the display has expanded to uptown Sedona, ensuring that you can’t go anywhere in our town without witnessing Old Glory! Also displaying Military Prisoner of War/ Missing in Action and First Responder Flags, the American spirit is strong in our red rock town. Sedona’s Military Service Park, located at 25 Northview Road, also provides a special ceremony on Memorial Day, ensuring that our brave heroes are never forgotten!


Hike the Soldier Pass Trail

Named after General Crooks Army Scouts who lived in the area during the late 1800s, the Soldier Pass Trail takes hikers through some of Sedona’s most breathtaking landscape. A short and scenic trail, it also leads you to the Seven Sacred Pools, (some of which or all of which will actually be holding water!) heads passed the Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole, and ends at Soldier Pass Cave, ensuring that your Memorial Day hike will be a well-traveled one! The trail is approximately 4.5 miles long and experiences an 800-foot rise in elevation; once you reach the cave, it offers breathtaking views!


The City of Sedona Military Service Park

If you can’t make it to the Military Service Park on Seodna Memorial Day proper, it is still worthy of a visit, especially over the long weekend. Dedicated to all our Sedona residents who have served in the military, this beautiful park pays homage to all five branches of the military and offers granite walls inscribed with the names of locals who have served their country honorably. Walk along the path, reading the names and maybe take a few quiet moments to relax on the provided benches and remember your own family heroes!


Golden Goose American Grill, 2545 W State Route 89A

All of this patriotism is making us hungry, and there’s no better place to enjoy an all-American meal than at the Golden Goose American Grill! Offering meatloaf, steaks, and porterhouse pork chops along with a large selection of other delicious meals, this special restaurant will provide the perfect ending to another beautiful day in paradise. And because no meal is complete without something sweet that tells your stomach the meal has reached its natural conclusion, the desert menu at the Golden Goose never fails to impress; seriously, if you leave without trying their triple chocolate cake you will forever regret it!


Sedona Memorial Day Arts & Craft Show, Sedona Vista Village

Held May 27th through May 20th in 2022, this arts and craft show represents the best work of our Sedona artisans, and that is saying a lot! Talented people from all over the world somehow find their way to a permanent move to Sedona, and on this holiday weekend, you will find yourself wishing you had packed even less so as to have more room for all the wonderful arts and crafts pieces on display at the show!


Make Memories in our Sedona.Org Holiday Hideaways

There’s no place like your vacation home when you choose Sedona.Org to your vacation escape to Sedona in May, especially when celebrating this special holiday! Sleep in late in cloud soft beds and spend the bonus day off swimming in private or community pools, barbecuing on provided grills, and devouring the burgers and hot dogs al fresco on decks and patios that overlook the red rocks. Reserve your favorite Sedona.Org escape today!

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