Sedona St. Patrick’s Day

For one day every year, Sedona’s favorite color turns from red to green, locals start talking with a brogue, and everyone in our red rock town becomes Irish for 24 hours. That day, of course, is St. Patrick’s Day and if engaging in a bit of Irish shenanigans sounds appealing, perhaps March 17th is the perfect time to escape the winter drudgery of your home state and fly to Sedona for a day of wearing green and a week or more of savoring the luxury of our holiday hideaways. This guide to the fun, the comfort, and the excitement of a Sedona St. Patrick’s Day that is in store for you will help you start the anticipation in a grand fashion!

We Love a Parade!

With a few notable exceptions, such as at Disney and on Thanksgiving Day, parades are just not as in fashion as they once were. Even small towns have given up on their annual promenades through their city streets, no longer providing the chance to see decorated floats, beauty queens and dignitaries riding on the back seat of a convertible, and horses marching with beauty and dignity. But in Sedona on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, we allow visitors to see all of the above, in a Sedona St. Patrick’s Day parade that has been an uptown tradition for over 50 years. Start time is around 10:30 AM and its route, starting at the Sedona Heritage Museum and roaming along Jordan Road to Mesquite Avenue, has remained unchanged for all its decades of existence. The end of the parade, however, does not reflect the end of your celebrating, as there are many more things to do in Sedona on this most green day of the year.

Traditional Irish Food

Under normal circumstances this is where we would be encouraging you to check out our selections of Mexican restaurants, inviting you to experience a world of flavor that will become your new obsession, and yes, there will be time enough for that on March 18. Today we want to introduce you to the flavors of the old country, with a visit to Mooney’s Irish Pub & Burger Bar. Located at 671 AZ-179 and offering a menu filled with traditional Irish favorites including bangers and mash and shepherd pie, this wonderful establishment has been a favorite of travelers and residents alike and will add an authentic vibe to your holiday antics.

But What About the Green Beer?

Mooney’s is the only Irish Pub in town, so of COURSE, it is going to offer green beer, and chances are, after your meal of Irish fish & chips has been completed, chances are you will want to stay and continue celebrating with all your new Irish for the day friends. Offering live entertainment, perfect pours of Guinness, and all the green beer you can drink, pub may be your home away from home during this late winter celebration of Ireland’s most noted saints.

Shopping in Sedona

The Uptown Sedona area is known for a lot of things, but it is its shops, galleries, and boutiques that just begged to be explored every day of the year, so why not celebrate with a shopping spree while you’re here? Sedona Wonder Gallery & Gifts, in the Original Uptown Mall Plaza, offers a fantastic selection of souvenirs, art, and gifts, much of which you won’t be able to leave without purchasing, and while you’re there, you can check out all the shops offered in this unique shopping mall. The Shops at Pinon Point, 101 N State Route 89A, also offers a plethora of non-chain stores that you will not be able to stop yourself from exploring!

A Visit to the Vortexes

The Irish are known for their fancifulness and although you won’t find any leprechauns or pots of gold in town, a visit to our vortexes will provide a mystical experience not soon forgotten. These energy vortexes are located in areas where the earth’s power is the strongest, offering up a vibration that can be felt and an energy that can change your life and Sedona is home to many of the most powerful in the world, including the Bell Rock Vortex. You may have noticed the red rock formation as you drove in and around town, shaped like a giant bell and may be surprised to discover that it is more than just a pretty rock. It is the site of one of Sedona’s strongest vortexes, providing an uplifting energy that can be beneficial to travelers whose energy levels may be ebbing after all of the Sedona St. Patrick’s Day celebrating they have been doing.

The Holiday Hideaways of Sedona.Org

Your best adventures may be the ones you enjoy in our Sedona.Org holiday havens of peace, comfort, luxury, and style. Reserve your favorite escape today and discover the power of the green and the joy of experiencing red rock country in such wonderful surrounds!

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