Sedona Veterans Day

Although Veterans Day doesn’t always fall on a weekend, this bonus day off is still a great time to travel to Sedona, discovering its magic and all the ways we honor our veterans. Enjoy discounted meals, special ceremonies, and all the comforts of home when you choose our holiday hideaways for your vacation accommodations. This guide to Sedona Veterans Day in red rock country will give you more than a few ways to fill in the moments of a vacation you will never be able to forget.

Sedona Heritage Museum Veterans Day Tribute, 735 Jordan Road, November 11 (Every Year)

It doesn’t matter what day of the week November 11 falls on, the Sedona Heritage Museum will still hold their annual Veterans Day ceremony on that date, starting at 11 AM (11/11 at 11!) Beginning with a flag ceremony, there will also be veteran dignitaries speaking, a tribute to all veterans, and because what’s a ceremony without entertainment, live music to enjoy. After the official ceremony, food will be served and more thank yous handed out, all costing absolutely nothing for those attending.

Discounts for Our Veterans

As you have probably already discovered in your own hometown, veterans can make out like bandits on Veterans Day in Arizona, with many restaurants and businesses offering discounted or free goodies and meals, some of which we have listed below.

  • A Day in the West Jeep Tours, 2900 W State Route 89A – Taking a jeep tour of Sedona is a time-honored vacation tradition, offering an in-depth peek into the beauty of our countryside and the history that it contains, and the good news is that A Day in the West Jeep Tours offers a 50% discount for active-duty military and a 25% discount for retired military. The even better news? You don’t have to wait until Veterans Day to receive that discount, it is available year-round.
  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park, 3505 W Camp Verde Bridgeport Highway in Camp Verde – Camp Verde is a small town located just under 30 miles away and is also the site of one of our favorite family friendly adventures, Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Offering a discount for veterans and active-duty personnel year-round, the veteran in your life can expect to save about $6 on tickets. The park has been in Arizona since 1988, offering an up close and personal glimpse into the wildlife that inhabit its land, and although it costs about 5$ extra, their feed the tigers activity will give travelers a story they can tell for years to come.

Sedona Food Truck Festival, Posse Grounds Park

Now, there are definitely going to be a lot of restaurants offering discounts and free meals to veterans on the holiday, but if you are visiting Sedona the Saturday before November 11th, the Sedona Food Truck Festival is worth checking out. Offering a taste of Sedona that will make your taste buds stand up and cheer. Sedona Food Truck, offering mouthwatering burgers and delicious sides, the all-American treats offered at this food truck remind you what is great about this type of cuisine. Visitors can also expect to enjoy an authentic taste of the southwest, with Mexican and Native American foods, ensuring that there will be a taste that will appeal to everyone in your travel party.

No Red Rock Pass Necessary

In some areas of Sedona, the purchase of a Red Rock Pass may be necessary, but Sedona Veterans Day for the National Park Service is a fee-free day saving you and your family $5, money that can be better used buying something wonderful from Living Chocolate, located at 2055 AZ-89A, offering a full in store menu as well as an online shop that will help you continue with your new chocolate obsessions. Their Cocoa Sampler Platter, filled with cacao beans, Chef’s Choice of Paste with a honey kiss may be exactly what the doctor ordered, costing only $3.50 and leaving your veteran with an extra 1.50 for a tip!

Sedona.Org Wants to Thank You for Your Service

There is no one that appreciates our men and women in the military more than we do at Sedona.Org, and the luxuries and comforts found in our holiday hideaways are just one way we have of showing that appreciation. Hang out in game rooms, playing pool, foosball, or any combination therein, binge watch your favorite television shows or movies on state of the art televisions, or take a nap on plush sofas, comfy lounge chairs, or on premium beds that will also serve as a haven of rest and relaxation and the place where the happiest of dreams will occur. Reserve your favorite holiday sanctuary today and discover everything that makes Sedona special for the veterans we honor and respect.

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