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Sedona, Arizona brings travelers from near and far into contact with a natural beauty that is at the same time rugged, rustic and elegant. Following in these natural footsteps, the team at Cucina Rustica has forged a path through the city’s ever-growing culinary scene staying true to these features while providing some of the most authentic Italian fares around. Known for its beautiful take on Mediterranean décor, Cucina Rustica offers up an opportunity for guests to dine in sophisticated style while savoring flavors crafted in an authentic fashion.

Style and Flavor at Cucina Rustica

Easily identifiable by its salmon-pink stone façade, Cucina Rustica in Sedona blends color, flavor, and class beautifully at this well-loved establishment. Once inside, a journey into the romantic and exceptional continues. Guests will be delighted by the towering dining room ceilings adorned with candle chandeliers and sparling star sconces to set a glow and a mood. Stone fountains, colorful café plaster, textured brick, and exposed beams promote a romantic Mediterranean vibe that gets you ready to indulge in the flavor to come.

Making the Most of the Menu

Fresh ingredients, local produce and a dedication to flavor infusion make each and every dish at Cucina Rustica in Sedona a treat for the taste buds. The vast menu on hand offers up options that include pan-seared chicken topped with garden-fresh vegetables, shrimp and calamari-based dishes that satisfy the seafood lover as well as a wide variety of pasta plates that explore the many tastes Italy offers. While the main dishes are delicious, no meal at Cucina Rustica is complete without being perfectly paired with a glass of wine. Knowledgeable and friendly servers are ready and waiting to help you pick the label that leaves a lasting impression when you’re here to make the most of the menu. Once dinner is done, dessert is a much-appreciated tradition that shouldn’t be skipped. Delighting guests with tiramisu, mouth-watering chocolate cake and a wide variety of gelato makes the space-saving well worth it when you spend an evening at Cucina Rustica.

A Satisfying Stay in Sedona

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