Outlaw Grille

Bite into delicious hamburgers and barbecue sandwiches piled high with fresh, flavorful ingredients at Outlaw Grille in Sedona. This casual, down-to-earth spot serves tender beef brisket sandwiches, smoked ribs, and hefty burgers all cooked to perfection. The quick and attentive service, generous food, and tantalizing smoky flavors make Outlaw Grille one of the best restaurants in Sedona for your barbecue cravings.

Outlaw Grille Starters & Salads

Come hungry to enjoy the tasty starters at Outlaw Grille, or pair your meal with one of the fresh salads on the menu. Start with the Piggy Wings, two fall-of-the-bone pork shanks served with Outlaw Grille’s signature BBQ sauce, or enjoy a dozen or half dozen boneless hot wings served in your choice of sauce. The salads come packed with fresh ingredients and surprising flavors. The Anti-Pasta salad is a house favorite, loaded with provolone cheese, salami, prosciutto, and beans on a bed of fresh, mixed greens. The Cajun Chicken Caesar salad is also a popular hit, made with a Southern twist to the classic Caesar.

Mouthwatering Burgers

Outlaw Grille slings delicious half-pound burgers to satisfy all appetites. From the classic hamburger to bold, mouthwatering specialties, you’ll find your perfect burger on the menu. If it’s early in the day, go for the Morning After burger made with a fried egg, crispy bacon, cheese, and fresh jalapenos for a little kick. The South of the Border burger brings a burst of flavor with roasted green chilies, pepper jack cheese, and avocado, only bested by the Gunslinger burger featuring Arizona Gunslinger hot sauce. For more voracious appetites, give the Cowboy Up burger a shot, piled high with two half-pound patties, grilled onions, mushrooms, and an onion ring.

Barbecue and Sandwiches

If you’re craving barbecue, look no further than the sandwiches at Outlaw Grille. The sliced beef brisket sandwich, topped with homemade barbecue sauce absolutely melts in your mouth. Another favorite is the pulled pork sandwich, made with tender and juicy pulled pork topped with barbecue sauce. You’ll also find a tasty Reuben sandwich on the menu, topped with sauerkraut and cheese. However, the specialty at Outlaw Grille is the award-winning baby back pork ribs, slow roasted with a signature rub and finished to perfection on the grill. After one bite, you’ll dream of these fall-off-the-bone ribs for days to come.

Location and Hours

Outlaw Grille Sedona is located at 250 Jordan Rd in Sedona and is open daily from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Make sure you visit while staying in one of our Sedona vacation rentalscontact us to book today!

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