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A trip to Sedona, Arizona can be crafted into a delicious journey through flavors and spices. When you’re in the area and craving a place that speaks to a love for breakfast food and southwestern-style lunch, look no further than Red Rock Café. This Sedona hot spot is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as it’s known for its comfortable style, creative take on southern favorites as well as a convenient location at 100 Verde Valley School Road.

A Savory Taste of the Southwest

Cozy booths and comfortable tables perfect for family-style dining make Red Rock Café in Sedona a wonderful restaurant for diners of all ages and taste preferences. Walls painted in red and interior archways remind guests of the gorgeous natural wonders that sit right outside the front door. Chalkboards remind visitors of the ever-changing list of daily specials while a full wall mural depicting the stunning landscape of the Southwest frames the interior. No matter where you choose to sit to enjoy breakfast or lunch, you’re sure to be satisfied with the view.

A Menu Made for Everyone at Red Rock Café

Well-loved for its generous portion sizes, Red Rock Café is an amazing locale for those days when you’re looking to fill up on something truly delicious. Eggs, omelets, biscuits, and gravy alongside giant cinnamon rolls make breakfast at Red Rock Café unforgettable. Belgian waffles and French toast are readily available for those looking to start their day in the sweetest way possible. Top it all off with a cup of delicious coffee to truly indulge in the best Red Rock Café has to offer. If you stop by for lunch, you’ll be able to choose between a variety of menu items including fried steak, a Greek turkey burger, a red rock patty melt or a wild west Reuben. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more creative go the route of building your very own, customized burrito. Red Rock Café keeps it traditional on the dessert-front with guests loving the hot fudge sundae or root beer float that comes their way when the main meal comes to a close. While herbal tea, juice, and milk are always on the menu for a family-friendly experience, those looking to add a bit of a kick to their breakfast or lunch will want to try the Red Rock Café Sedona mimosa or Bloody Mary, both of which come highly recommended.

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