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One of the advantages of living in a town as special as Sedona is the ability to experience the many attractions featured here on a daily basis. Every morning, we get in our cars still groggy from our deep sleep the night before and drive by those majestic red rocks where we hiked over the weekend. Our days off are spent shopping at eclectic shopping centers filled with works of art you just can’t find anywhere else, or viewing the exhibits at our amazing Animal Parks. Our evenings are spent out on our patios watching the sun set over the horizon. You may not get to live here, but when you spend your vacation in a Sedona Vacation Rentals home, for a brief moment in time, you get to experience the same joy and wonder that we do every day!


Home to the ancient Sinagua people who settled in the area starting in 1130, these ancient cliff dwellings are a sight to behold. Ancient pictographs, some dating back to 2000 B.C., give an insight to life during the different eras. In each era, the people that inhabited the Sedona at the time added their own pictures to the rocks surrounding the dwellings without marking over the pictures already there. The last inhabitants were the Yavapai and the Apache peoples, living there from about 1400 to 1875. Located in the Coconino Forest about 15 miles west of Sedona.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Surrounded by stucco walls that appear to have been around since the time of the Sinaguas (although it was only built 40 years ago), this eclectic and lovely shopping and art spot is the jewel of Sedona. With 45 shops featuring cultural art, clothing, jewelry, and home décor, Tlaquepaque has a charm that today’s malls are sadly lacking. Sedonans take their art seriously, and no place exemplifies that dedication to the art world more than this Arts & Crafts Village located at 336 State Route 179 in Sedona.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

It’s difficult to get much closer to the heavens than this unique Catholic church located in the buttes high above Sedona. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was built in 1956 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was voted one of seven manmade wonders in Arizona by Arizonans in 2007. Also considered to be a vortex site, the sight of this construction rising out of the red rocks of Sedona never fails to amaze us.

Sedona Vacation Rentals

Your vacation in Sedona promises to be a unique one that can only be made more special by staying in one of our luxury Sedona Vacation Rentals vacation properties. Book yours today and prepare to fall in love with the mystical and magical town that is Sedona.

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