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There is no shortage of incredible things to see in the beautiful desert of Sedona, Arizona. Between the towering canyon walls and the charming streets of the town, you will not encounter a dull moment. Hiking, fishing, and simply taking in the sights are great ways to spend your time in this amazing area. There are countless amazing things to see; one of those things is the Bell Rock formation.

About Bell Rock in Sedona

Full disclosure, Bell Rock of Arizona is not an actual bell. It is a formation of rock that resembles a massive bell, nestled in a valley surrounded by massive red rock canyon walls for which the area has become so famous. Bell Rock, too, consists of this red rock, which forms into spires atop the formation. This incredible feature extends 500 feet into the air, making it one of the most astounding sights in the area. The amazing shades of brown and red contrast the rich greens that surround, creating a picturesque scene that is perfect for hikes, picnics and everything in between. You are sure to have never seen anything like this before.

How to Take Advantage

The Bell Rock formation is found in southern Sedona just to the east of Highway 179. Enjoying the formation from the road while on a scenic drive is a great way to experience it, but you can also get up close and personal by going for a hike amidst all of the incredible beauty of this area. The Bell Rock Trail begins at the Bell Rock Pathway and continues to the north of the formation for a leisurely 0.75 miles. At the base of the formation, some people choose to hike up Bell Rock. This requires a great deal of experience because it is a dangerous path. But do not worry, it is still an amazing experience to enjoy it from the safety of the ground.

You could spend days exploring the rich area that is Sedona and still not sees the depth of its beauty. This particular feature is amazing but it only represents a small part of what makes this place so wonderful. But spending part of your day enjoying the Bell Rock formation is a great way to start your journey here. Make sure you spend some time amidst this incredible beauty during your next trip to this beautiful land.

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