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When driving through the beautiful mountains and valleys of Sedona, it is impossible to miss the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It is predominantly displayed just east of the 179. While there are countless reasons to visit this one of a kind area, the amazing architecture and unique design of the Sedona chapel are an amazing sight to behold. Here is a brief summary of the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the reasons you will not want to miss out on your next visit.

About the Chapel of The Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross has been a fixture of the Sedona community since its completion in 1956. It landed in the buttes of Sedona after its intended place in Budapest, Hungary was not a practical place for construction after World War II. 20 years of planning and design work lead to this incredible feature becoming a part of the Sedona landscape. The Sedona chapel seamlessly flows with the surrounding area, rising out of the red rocks just like a prominent peak. You can find this amazing attraction on the south side of Sedona just east of the 159. You are sure not to miss it.

Why Make a Visit

A visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a valuable experience for people of all interests. Obviously, those who love architecture will appreciate the amazing design of the building, especially in how it flows with the surrounding environment. For those that enjoy natural beauty, this is an amazing place to view the abundant wilderness that is Sedona. It is also in the area of one of Sedona’s famous vortices, making it a special place for people looking for a spiritual place. And of course, if you are enthusiastic about religion, this is one of the most unique centers of religion that you will find anywhere. Above all, it is simply a beautiful structure nestled in a beautiful place. It is for these reasons that Arizonans voted it as one of the 7 man-made wonders of Arizona.

If you have ever been to Sedona, then you know that it is a place of amazing beauty that cannot quite be compared to any other place. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is just one example of some of the wonders that you can find here, both natural and man-made. Make sure your next trip is a trip to Sedona, and check out this one of a kind chapel in Sedona.

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