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Travelers with a passion for getting outdoors and making the most of the natural world have long loved Sedona for its dynamic desert landscapes, towering rock formations and endless maze of scenic trails. When planning a trip to Sedona in the name of outdoor adventure, it can be hard to narrow down the hiking options with so many to choose from. When you’re putting together your outdoor itinerary, be sure to add Devil’s Bridge Trail in Arizona to the list. This incredible trek makes for unforgettable sights, scenery and of course, memories too.

Inspiring Heights

While all of Sedona is packed with rock formations that inspire the senses, a trek along Devil’s Bridge Trail brings hikers face to face with the most massive sandstone arch of them all. Devil’s Bridge is the highlight of a hike up Devil’s Bridge Trail in Arizona and is incredibly impressive to witness up close. Rising 50 feet into the air, this arch is just as beautiful to witness from below as it is from above. Fortunately, the Devil Bridge Trail can accommodate hikers who are interested in both vantage points. The trail was originally designed for vehicles so hiking either path works out well for those seeking a moderately difficult journey.

Getting to the Devil’s Bridge Trail

In total, the Devil’s Bridge Trail runs over four miles and is incorporated into the layout of the Coconino National Forest. The trail begins at a paved parking lot near Vultee Arch with easy to find signs indicating the start of the path. The incline of the trail is minimal and along the way, hikers are often pleased with the cactus and wildflowers that line the path making for a beautiful scene. Just before reaching the one-mile mark, the trail divides and hikers have an option to head for the observation area below the arch for an upwards view or continue on towards the top with options to actually cross the bridge itself. Choose one or make a day of it and do both! Either way, you’ll be privy to one of the most stunning natural wonders in Sedona and it’s sure to be a thrill. This trail is open year-round but is highly recommended during spring and summer for optimal viewing opportunities.

The Adventure Continues

Devil’s Bridge Trail is an unforgettable experience, but the awe and wonder doesn’t have to stop there. Sedona is bursting with opportunities to maximize every experience you have. For example, just up the street from the trailhead is the Local Juicery, offering an original take on organic, nutrient-packed, cold-pressed goodness that’s sure to fuel your hike to Devil’s Bridge. If you need something with a little more sustenance to start the day, pop into the Coffee Pot Restaurant, the self-proclaimed “home of 101 omelettes,” where you’re sure to find an entree that will satisfy.

Once you’ve got a taste of what the red rocks of Sedona have to offer, there’s little doubt that you’ll be craving more adventures, so keep reading. For another popular hike, check out our guide for Soldier’s Pass, a fantastic hike that features the Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole as well as the Seven Sacred Pools for your viewing pleasure. When you’re ready to get your feet wet, venture to the West Fork Trail. For the novice hiker, there is a well-maintained 3-mile path that guides you along the creek, requiring you to cross in multiple spots so you’ll have to decide if you’re going to play leapfrog across the stepping stones or simply cool your toes off in the water.

Speaking of cooling off, one of the reasons Sedona is such a popular destination is the Oak Creek that runs through it. Famous for its swimming opportunities, you simply have to choose what sort of adventure you’d like to have. If it’s views you crave, head to Red Rock Crossing, where you can easily find a spot to lay out and admire the view of Cathedral Rock. To get a taste of the natural slide rocks, head to Slick Rock State Park, where you can make your way down the creek in the cool white water. For a shady spot to layout and some varying levels of red rocks cliffs to jump off of, make your way to Grasshopper Point. If cliff jumping isn’t your thing, there are also some great pockets for deep swimming holes in the clear blue waters. Finally, if you’re looking for a party vibe with like-minded people, pack your cooler and head to Midgely Bridge. Here you’ll find an abundance of a large red rock “beaches” to lay out in the sun.

Unforgettable Sedona

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