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Just forty minutes southwest outside of Sedona, the Jerome State Historic Park holds one of the state’s most interesting museums: The Douglas Museum for Mining. More than just a museum dedicated to the early efforts of miners in the city of Jerome, or “the Wickedest Town in the West,” the museum has evolved into a monument to the people who made Jerome what it is today—people from all over the world, who did incredible things in what was once the fourth largest city in the Arizona Territory and sought their fortunes in the billion-dollar mining industry.

Inside the museum, you’ll find artifacts like Marshall Johnny Hudgens’ Colt pistol (used to take down three vigilantes on Jerome’s Main Street, old-fashioned mining equipment that includes drills and ore carts, examples of vintage household goods like milk bottles and newspapers, an original laundry machine, authentic gambling paraphernalia, a recreated saloon display, and more.

The gift shop also has souvenirs that you can take home as reminders of your time in Jerome and the Sedona area. The funds from purchases made in the gift shop goes to the Jerome Historical Society, which continues to preserve and restore historic buildings in Jerome.

The Douglas Mining Museum is located across from the Connor Hotel and the Spirit Room. The museum is open daily, from 9:00am until 6:00pm. Admission costs as little as two dollars for adults and one dollar for seniors, while admission is free for children ages twelve years and younger.

The city of Jerome might not be as popular as it was in its heyday, with a population of nearly fifteen thousand. However, it’s truly a town that allows you to step back in time and appreciate the struggles of the pioneers who shaped the face of modern Arizona.


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