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There’s nothing quite like taking to the hiking trails of Sedona. A vast and varied network of paths make this city one of the most intriguing destinations around for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re in the mood for towering views of incredible rock formations, trails that take you through stunning desert scenery or paths that pave the wave to wildlife, there’s something for everyone seeking outdoor adventure. When you’re in the process of crafting that must-try trail list, be sure to add Fay Canyon Trail for a truly spectacular experience.

Family Fun

Fay Canyon Trail in Sedona is a well-loved trek by families who are looking for a path perfect for hikers of all ages and abilities. This well-worn path covers 2.6 miles of ground and is covered in loose, red powder. This trail is usually a popular destination, making it great for those who like to get out and get into nature with a bit of socializing on the side. The trail takes around an hour to complete in its entirety and gifts hikers with amazing views of rock formations and wildflowers along the way. The highlight of taking to this trail is the opportunity to come face to face with a stunning waterfall! Those in the mood for a little off-road adventure will want to keep their eyes open for a side trail that shoots off the main path at the half-way marker. This leads to an off-the-beaten-path rock arch formation that will make it feel like you’ve discovered a world all your own.

Fay Canyon Trail is also popular with photographers who take advantage of the open, smooth and relatively flat path to capture just the right angle. Similarly, bird watchers find Fay Canyon Trail to offer up some spectacular opportunities for skyward gazing. The trailhead can be accessed by taking Dry Creek Road west before turning north towards the Boynton Canyon. Parking is available approximately half a mile from the intersection. Because the trail is popular with hikers, it’s advisable to show up early in the day to avoid the heat of the midday sun and also take in the sights without having to maneuver through a larger crowd.

Explore Outdoors but Stay in Style

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