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Sedona is known for its abundance of outdoor activities that will keep you busy for days to come. Anglers will have just as much fun as they get to explore the thriving rivers and fishing in Sedona AZ areas we have. There are some amazing places to fish in Sedona. Take a look at how you can enjoy fishing when vacationing to Sedona:

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Places to Fish in Sedona – Oak Creek

Perhaps the most popular river and fishing destination in Sedona would have to be Oak Creek. Many local businesses take their name from this lush river, and for good reason. Oak Creek is known for being one of Arizona’s most beautiful rivers. Anglers will be happy to know that Oak Creek is stocked throughout the year with rainbow trout. In addition, many carryover fish from the early 1900s such as brown trout and Zane Grey can also still be fished up to this day. Oak Creek is best enjoyed with fly fishing due to the current. The scenery is gorgeous with the canyon gorge and lush vegetation. If you can only stop at one spot for fishing in Sedona AZ, we highly recommend Oak Creek.

Oak Creek is a lengthy stream providing plenty of locations where you can try to reel in a big catch. Perhaps the most popular spot for fly fishing in Sedona can be found in Page Springs. This area of Oak Creek is easy to get to just off Highway 89 down Forest Road #119. Expect to find plenty of space to fish, though as mentioned it can get busy during the summer. Grasshopper point is another popular spot for fly fishing which is also a swimming area. Instead of fishing here, head about half a mile past this spot where you will find Caner Canyon Trail that leads to a secluded Sedona fishing pool.

Lake Fishing at Its Finest

Oak Creek is a fly fisherman’s dream, but it’s not the only fishing option in the area. For those who would love for nothing more than to pack a cooler and go perch on the dock with a fishing pole, you’re in luck. A short drive away, 17 miles to be exact, is a place called Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Largemouth bass, rainbow trout, channel catfish, bluegill, green sunfish, and an occasional crappie are the main species you’ll find dwelling within the cattail lined lagoons at the park. Seasonally, the Arizona Game and Fish Department restock the lagoons to ensure everyone has a good time (and a good catch) at this absolutely gorgeous destination.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park has three fishing spots to choose from. There are two lagoons as well as access points to the Verde River on the south end of the park. The Arizona Game and Fish Department stock the lagoons at Dead Horse Ranch throughout the winter and spring months, so your chances of catching something are pretty good.

Sedona’s Rainbow Trout Farm

If you want a guaranteed catch during your fish trip, make sure to stop by Sedona’s Rainbow Trout Farm. This fishing pond is perfectly maintained and kept clean all year. There are plenty of rainbow trout to be fished up too. Visitors claim to see all the fish swimming around by simply watching from the shoreline. Staff on hand will help you get set up with everything you need to have a successful trip. You will even be provided with a pole, line, hook and bait so you do not have to bring anything with you. Unlike Oak Creek, you can toss your line into the water and relax as you wait for your next bite.

What also makes Sedona’s Rainbow Trout Farm great is the peaceful scenery. They have plenty of picnic tables and BBQ grills set up so you can cook what you catch. Sedona’s Rainbow Trout Farm can be found at 3500 N State Rte 89A and is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and weekends from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Gear Up and Get Outside

If you are missing some critical gear for fly fishing in Sedona, make sure to stop at The Hookup Outfitters for everything you need. Expect to find rental gear and all other purchasable gear you need for a successful trip. Not only that, but their friendly staff will be happy to point you in the right direction for the season you visit. With a local knowledge of varying weather patterns, it never hurts to ask where you’ll have the best luck.

More to Do in Sedona

Fishing is just one of the many different activities you can enjoy in Sedona. Make your stay absolutely incredible by reserving one of our privately owned vacation homes. Each home comes with everything you need to stay comfortable and is just minutes away from all the attractions in the area. Contact us today, or learn more about us! Book one of our Seven Canyons rentals or today, or visit during the holidays! The area is particularly fun around the 4th of July!

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