Enjoy the Grasshopper Point in Sedona

Hop Over to Grasshopper Point for a Hike or Swim!

Grasshopper Point, just two miles north of Sedona, is a large, picturesque swimming hole nestled at the base of Oak Creek Canyon. Rust-hued, iron-rich rocks form the red cliffs and mountains that gave Sedona its reputation for an unimaginably beautiful visual paradise. A popular site for picnicking, photography, swimming, fishing, observing wildlife, and hiking, Grasshopper Point offers respite from the heat of summer in its cool shade. While cliff diving and jumping are both discouraged for safety reasons, visitors can still swim in the refreshing natural pool here and take in the stunning panorama of the Coconino National Forest. This serene, tranquil desert forest locale has three trails of varying intensity by which visitors can go sightseeing: Allen’s Bend, Casner Canyon Trail, and Huckaby Trail.

Allen’s Bend acts as a link between Casner Canyon Trail and Huckaby Trail, with Casner Canyon lying at the north end of Allen’s Bend and Huckaby trail located at the south end. Allen’s Bend is an easy and pleasant one-mile trail named for Charles R. Allen, an avid photographer and former homesteader of what is now the Junipine Cabins.

Casner Canyon is a more difficult trail, in which hikers wade through Oak Creek, traverse through a portion of the floor of Casner Canyon, and take a steep climb to the canyon rim through scenic rock formations. There’s not a lot of shade on this trail, so the climb can be hot and difficult on a sunny day; bring lots of water! You’ll also want to bring your camera to capture images of the scenery, which is truly one of a kind.

Huckaby Trail is another moderately difficult trail and mostly non-shaded trail, descending across Bear Wallow Wash, then ascending over the next half of a mile. The ridge view here has nice views of Oak Creek and Uptown Sedona. One mile into the trail, the path curves around Mitten Ridge, with visibility of Steamboat Rock, Midgley Bridge, and Wilson Mountain. At the two-mile mark, the trail crosses two part of the creek; hikers will need to wade through or hop over boulders, but only if the water isn’t too high. After the creek, the trail climbs up over switchbacks, passing beneath Midgley Bridge and ending at the north parking lot under the bridge. Again, you’ll want to bring an ample supply of water, as the trail is hot and lacks shade.

For a relaxing break between hiking and swimming, you can have a picnic with family and friends at one of the park’s eight tables and grills available. Public restrooms are also available.
There aren’t any drinking fountains on-site, so be sure to bring plenty of water—especially during the summer, which is the busiest season. Grasshopper Point is open year-round, with the best season to visit taking place from spring to fall.

Hours: 8:00am to Dusk Daily
Price Range: $2 – $8

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