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When you visit Sedona, you will want to explore the outdoors in our beautiful northern Arizona home. Sedona offers many different outdoor activities, with one popular option being horseback riding. There are multiple ways to enjoy horseback riding. Here are some of our favorite ways to go horseback riding in Sedona:

Ride Horses in Sedona – M Diamond Ranch LLC

Find an authentic western horseback riding experience when you trust the professionals at M Diamond Ranch LLC. This Sedona company makes every guest feel like they are out in the Wild West. They offer a variety of horseback riding in Sedona activities for you to enjoy. The 1 Hour Trail Ride is exactly as the name suggests, including 60 minutes of horseback riding through the area. The Evening Ranch Rendezvous includes the one-hour horseback ride along with a wagon ride, steak dinner, and live entertainment. Last but not least is the Sunset Ride, a romantic offering that is perfect for couples. Contact M Diamond Ranch LLC by calling 928-300-6466 to reserve your horseback rides.

Wild Western Horseback Adventures

Another local company that ensures you will have a wild western time is Wild Western Horseback Adventures. These horseback rides are found over at Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona. Each horseback ride is one hour in length and will include a guide to show you the way and help you out with the ride. Since you will be riding at Out of Africa, you can expect to see many exotic animals including zebras, Watusi, and maybe even a giraffe. You can reserve your rides by calling Wild Western Horseback Adventures at 928-285-2076.

Bryson Ranch Horsin’ Around

For the ultimate trail riding experience, look no further than Bryson Ranch Horsin’ Around. Professional trail guides will show you around the heart of Sedona. Bryson Ranch is a family-owned business that raises their horses from birth and even rehabilitates injured horses as well. Their Sedona ride is the closest to our city, making it easy to reach. If you are ready for a ride with Bryson Ranch Horsin’ Around, give them a call today at 1-800-403-1690. Be sure to ride horses in Sedona during your vacation!

Explore Sedona Today

Seeing the natural beauty in person on a horseback ride is a thrilling experience everyone should enjoy. Make the most of your trip to Sedona by reserving one of our vacation homes in the area. Each rental is privately owned and offers everything you need to enjoy your stay in Sedona. Contact us today! The holidays are a particularly fun time to enjoy this activity, especially during the 4th of July!

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