Little Horse Trail

Throughout Sedona, you can find more natural beauty and wilderness than you can anywhere else. Since the incredible red rocks, winding streams, and dense forest are loved by so many people, the community has established many ways that you can access this beauty and experience it up close and personal. Hiking is one of the most common ways of exploring this beauty. The area is home to hundreds upon hundreds of miles of trails, taking you through every type of landscape Sedona has to offer. Little Horse Trail in Sedona AZ is one of the most frequented trails, and for good reason.

About the Trail

The Little Horse Trail in Sedona takes you about 2 miles into the Sedona wilderness for a complete roundtrip of about 3.5 miles. The trail offers a little bit of everything that you can find in Sedona. You will encounter winding streams, deep canyons, and towering formations consisting of the red rocks for which the area has become so famous. One of the things that pleasantly surprises people taking on the challenge of Little Horse Trail are the expansive fields of wildflowers that take over this area. It is amazing to find these fields of vibrant flowers among canyons and rocky terrain. Exploring into the wilderness is the only way to access this beauty.

Take Advantage of This Amazing Trail

This is a fun trail because it offers easy hiking with a couple of stretches where a bit more effort is required. It is a fun way to get out and enjoy the day for hikers of all levels, from the most serious of adventurers to those who do not get out for a hike as much as they would like. It is also the perfect way to spend a day with your dog, as your furry friends are admitted onto the trail as long as they are on a leash. You can access the Little Horse Trail through the trailhead that is just east of Highway 179. Travel down the highway about 3.6 miles south of 89A, Highway 179 junction.

The wonderful thing about Sedona is you can take a trail out of the city center for a few hundred yards and enjoy complete seclusion. The beauty and wonder of the natural landscape flows with the city itself. There are not too many places like this left on the planet. Make sure you seize your next opportunity to come here and check out the Little Horse Trail in Sedona AZ.